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QWhat is a good minor for a Psychology major?

I am a college psychology . I have not decided on a minor, or if I want / need . I want to be a counselor , but I do not know what area ( prison, school , industrial , etc.) .

I like to have a child , but do not know what would be best. I speak a little Spanish and I love the language . I am very interested in art (perhaps art therapy ? ) And I love writing . But I can still use any of these skills to my career in counseling ?

What are some common children that go well with a Psychology major with the intention of being a director?

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#1alpacaAnswered at 2012-10-04 18:57:25
Depending on where you live , but in the U.S. , you need to have a master's advice for your degree is just preparing for that. A minor will not help out . If you are considering a minor, not many more classes to get a double major ( usually about two classes , 6 credits ) . So if you're into things like Spanish or art , you have to prove you're an "expert " in these areas , minor will not do this . This allows you to use those skills without licensing issues or people say they are making false statements about your skills . As others have said , a lot of psychology students end up going to do a lot of research . This is how they are known. If this is something that might even be interested in , all kinds of writing that you can. Being published is difficult , not only to do good research , but write well . A child does not affect where you go . It's called a minor, as no matter much . Remember , you are not locked at all. A degree can help you, but you 're the one who really decides where to end . An option of a minor shall not affect that, most of the places of time does not even care what their significance was , even asking. Good Luck !
#2shaunAnswered at 2012-10-07 12:20:30
I really do not think it takes a minor either. But if you need the classes or just want to take them, this is what I suggest ( because you might be able to fill the elective requirement and get the lowest without losing money ) - Sign Language / Audiology / Speech impairment ( for hearing impaired) , a minor in business management is always useful or just nice to have . Perhaps a major in journalism so you can write articles for a magazine of psychology ?
#3JoannaAnswered at 2012-10-08 23:28:38
I think writing is actually a good skill to have a counselor . You will find yourself in the midst of a lot of opportunities to write many pages of descriptions and ideas on certain topics . Spanish would be great to have , since whites are a minority in the United States! Art is often incorporated into talk therapy , and you can have the client sit down with a piece of paper and some crayons / pens and ask them to let you have the drawing at the end of the session . The detail and texture of the picture gives you a better understanding of the person . Also, if you are someone advice with a multiple personality disorder , their " children " often have to call and explain what happened . Or clay to create a scenario . Philosophy and Sociology also be good , if you are interested , but I would say that is well equipped if you follow your interests! Good Luck ! : D
#4tashawnaAnswered at 2014-03-25 10:50:08
First of all, you don't need a minor. 99% of the time, it is a complete waste of time and money.

Second, if you're going to do a minor, only do it in something specific to what you want to do in life. I believe Cal State Northridge has a Sex Therapy minor, specifically intended for people who want to become sex therapists. If your school has something like that for whatever you intend to counsel, go for it. Otherwise, save your cash and go for a Master's instead.
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What is a good minor for a Psychology major?

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