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QCollege is just a waste of time?

To me i think its a waste of time... At the end of the day you do all this work just for a sheet of paper that i can create on a word file myself and print it off telling myself i have a "bachelors degree" in blah blah blahh... You put all this effort into studying for a simple sheet of paper that i can easily rip up and still say i graduated? Call me crazy but in H.S i didnt care if i graduated or not because right when i entered my first day of school in 9th grade i knew i was gonna graduate (if that makes sense to you, it makes sense to me). lol i just see threw things easily, a piece of paper isnt really a big deal to me, once you step in your gonna graduate as long as u do "some" work, "some effort" so why am i here? I know some people really have to go to college to get into there so called "careers" i understand that and i know some people look at a degree as "you were able to put in work and stand by it" compared to someone who just has a H.S diploma who might be lazy. I dont like going to school but i do it because my parents want me to, currently im not at the school of my choice but im trying to transfer there. Although im going to school just because, im also not going for a job like i see most people, there are some subjects in school i like and think are interesting such as "psychology, biology etc" but the careers they lead to i have no interest in. what makes me mad is the fact that you have to take side subjects/ b.s classes such as "English &Math" lord how mercy. These 2 subjects are the main reason i think schools a waste. In english im being taught to be a slave, im being taught to write the way you want me to write on subjects i could careless about and im being taught to structure it YOUR WAY, not MY WAY. Seriously i can careless. School teaches society to be work slaves &yes men, why do i have to write about "Sarah Palin"? I can careless about Sarah Palin. I think the crazy thing is that i have a 6 page paper due soon, i havent started yet because i dont like the topic, but i can sit here and rant all day about how college is a waste. Life is crazy right? Im more eager to write about something i care about then something that i careless about. Currently what your reading write now is.... what.. like 1 page double spaced in like 10mins? and currently right now i cant even get my mind right to make this 6 page paper because im being forced to right your structured way. And math, you learn all this math in college when none of it is relevant to your life, your career, or anything specific. Im learning how to graph when none of that stuff matters, Im learning business when i can go buy 5 books on it and learn what you learn in 3 months compared to your 4 year degree. its just a big waste.. Back to what i said in the beginning; a piece of paper is a piece of paper at the end of the day, i can burn it and still feel the same effect of when i first received it because it didnt mean anything to me in the first place

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#1RaykymAnswered at 2012-11-20 16:13:29
good luck getting a job without a college degree. What will you do? all I can do is work in a place like McDonalds or in a grocery store . you could be a writer , but you probably can not write very well . virtually every other job requires a degree in something or other . school is doing this for their practice. not just a piece of paper , a piece of paper that says you can do this job and deserve this money . I know, and I have 14 . Already delayed.
#26th GraderAnswered at 2014-04-13 15:37:34
This whole rant is true if you plan to make minimum wage for the rest of your life. Yes, a Bachelor's is just a piece of paper. But the thing is that when people are looking to hire, they will choose the most qualified person, and if you only have a H.S. diploma, you're automatically out. By not going to college you deprive yourself of the opportunity to make the big bucks. If you don't have at least a Bachelor's, forget it. You will end up living paycheck to paycheck. But if you like living like that, then please, quit and be uneducated. You won't feel the benefits of the Bachelor's. You will feel the consequences of NOT having one.
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College is just a waste of time?

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