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QOnline College Courses, waste of time or great investment?

Is it reliable, is the quality different than the traditional college scene, is it less expensive??

I want to persue a career in psychology, could I possibly recieve an online education in this field?

I am twenty years old I will be a junior in the tradational college scene, I have just completed my Associates Degree at a community college. I fear that I would be missing out on the whole "College/University Experience" if I decide online is the way to go.

Any suggestions??

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#1RenettaAnswered at 2012-12-02 22:08:03
I have been taking online classes for almost a year and I love them ! I've done all online classes and I will end my career in December I think you should investigate online schools that offer the type of program you are looking for and go from there . Online education has become so popular these days that I think is as credible as traditional classes .
#2krishaAnswered at 2013-02-04 00:23:52
Acquiring a degree online is probably a good choice , even if you want to experience the full college / university experience ! you might ask me why and that is because online universities
#3 하이픈Answered at 2013-04-05 16:41:19
There is no general answer to this question . Like the traditional college education , the online instructions has its good and bad practitioners . There is a slight disadvantage to online programs because many of them have not lived long enough to develop a reputation ( good or bad ) . But if you can get an idea of the program you are thinking of other people involved in it, that will help . Anyway , yes , an online degree in psychology is possible , and some of them have a weight to a traditional degree . I would not worry too much about losing the
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Online College Courses, waste of time or great investment?

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