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QCo-op programs in university.?

I live in Canada, for the record. Here, you have the option of enrolling into a co-op program as opposed to a regular university program (you would need higher grades, though). It seems like a great opportunity and I have heard fantastic things about co-op programs. Basically you go to school for a semester and then co-op the next, for four years. At the end of the four years you receive a Bachelor's (Honours) degree. You also get paid quite a bit for co-op, depending on where you work (usually $12,000-$17,000/semester).

I plan on obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology and then going on to pursue graduate studies in either Psychology or attend Law School. If I end up going to graduate school for Psychology, will the fact that I really only had two full years in a class room and the other two years in the workplace hinder me in any way?


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#1mikeAnswered at 2012-12-07 01:09:54
only slightly
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Co-op programs in university.?

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