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Anyone else suffer from psychotic depression? Has medication helped? related questions

  • 1Anyone else suffer from psychotic depression? Has medication helped?

    I suffer from PD and am on zoloft and abilify. The abilify helps 60% of the time and I just started the zoloft. Right now I have situational depression but my mood is on the lowside when I'm off my AD. I don't like the side effects from the medication(akathisia, feeling numb) but I'd rather experience that than the crappy mood. What else has helped you get through the rough times? What do you do when you experience psychotic symptoms?

  • 2RE: DEPRESSION &lack of response to medication OR short lived responses... HI.. i suffer from depression &?

    sought advice for a person ( me) who suffer from depression

  • 3Does anyone suffer bouts of depression do you deal with it without medication?

    if so how many bouts a year do you get how long do they last what do you do to help what are the symptoms

  • 4How are psychotic disorders [such as psychotic depression] diagnosed? do people have to be put inpatient?

    i know about the DSM . I just wanted to know that is a matter of psychiatrist [ or who] asking questions of patients about symptoms , etc ? Is there any follow-up hospital ? are kind of analysis?

  • 5How can I control this paranoia without psychotic medication?

    I have been told by two MD's and three Shrinks that I have Severe Paranoid Schizophrenic Psychosis and Severe Depression and the following personality disorders; Schizoid, Schizo-typal, Schizo-affective, Narcissism, Anti-Social, Advoidant, Borderline, Dependent, and Obsessive/Compulsive. They all say I need to be heavily medicated and/or institutionalized. Personally, I think they are full of crap. Anyway, I know no one is trying to kill me, or at least I don't think so. However, I have to force myself to even open the front door to check the mail more or less go outside. I'm petrified to go outside. If I step out on my porch, I go into a major panic attack. I absolutely refuse to go on psychotic medication. There is no way I'm letting the government gain control of my mind and/or brainwash me. I need to know what I can do to calm this obscenely strong paranoia I'm feeling without the use of psychotic medication. If you know of something, please let me know. BTW, don't tell me to turn to God. God is my number one enemy. We hate each others guts. Also, don't tell me God loves me. I do believe God loves all of his children. However, I am not one of his children.

  • 6Anyone else have depression or anxiety and helped by caffeine?

    I have either schizo-affective (schizophrenia with depression) or major depressive disorder, and then social anxiety disorder. Most of the time I feel unmotivated and severely negative and pessimistic. A lot of the times when I drink caffeine I'll feel less socially anxious and suddenly very positive, cheerful, confident and ambitious. I thought it was the other way around. Someone suggested I might have ADHD, which apparently is helped by caffeine.

  • 7How can someone be helped to overcome depression without medications?

    My dearest friend has been dealing with bouts of depression. He is unsure of what they are caused by. He will have a perfectly great moment then suddenly without any outside trigger he plummets into a depression that could last a couple of hours of up to a week, then he will be fine again for a couple of days. He doesnt know why this occurs and when it does I find it that not irritating him with questions and allowing him to snap out of it is the best course, but I want to help him overcome this bouts. Please Help.

  • 8What should be expected to happen when switching from a major depression medication to a bipolar medication?

    My boyfriend has struggled with depression for years and was diagnosed with major depression clinic. I recently returned to being diagnosed with bipolar depression , which completely changes the whole way of looking at things and trying things . So, he simply changed Effexor Lamictal and he has to work his way up to the regular dose over a period of 5 weeks. He just started taking it a few days ago and has not been feeling well . He's been dizzy and nauseous vertigo is doing that makes you throw up sometimes. He also get sweats . This sounds very similar to withdrawal symptoms . Is it just a normal phase expect when changing drugs such opposites? I am very worried about him. He has improved a bit since the first day, but I'm still very curious. Could someone who knows what they are talking about please help me !

  • 9What type of treatement helped you overcome your depression?

    I am a woman of 20 who has been battling depression for about 8 years and , frankly , is taking over my life ! I want this to be done eventually , I want an effective treatment that I can finally live and feel normal. What kind of treatment is best. I tried therapy and medication and have not helped. What I can do im considering electronic shock therapy . Anyone tried this problem , has anyone successfully major depression ?

  • 10Psychotic and non psychotic mental disorders of bipolar disorder?

    symptoms and characteristics of bipolar disorder too plz

  • 11Is this psychotic depression?

    The person in question is 12. The individual is being bullied and has a history of being bullied , they have very poor social skills . Depressive symptoms : Recurrent thoughts of suicide A suicide attempt Feelings of emptiness sadness Unable to feel happy Anger and irritability appetite Ha ' abandoned ' Very low self esteem Psychotic symptoms : Delusions of people being able to read the mind causing paranoia Trying to prevent people from reading her mind to drown the thoughts and putting objects or walls between herself and others neglecting personal hygiene Symptoms of psychosis and depression : inappropriate guilt Trouble concentrating Memory problems Besides self social isolation ( to a remarkable degree , obviously , do not talk to others much , etc ) These are all symptoms that I can think of now . Is this psychotic major depressive disorder ? If not, what precisely is a disorder ? The symptoms have been going on for a long time . You can not help this person so do not try. Please , just tell me , to the best of your knowledge , what you think is wrong . Thank you for your help.

  • 12Do I have Psychotic Depression?

    First, a little about me: I experienced mood swings throughout my life (I have 19), however, have managed to keep them under control and continue working (currently a straight A college student). I was even a few years (around 12-15 or so) without any mental problems. Around the age of 17, I experienced what I think is a major depressive episode. There were so many delusions of my life has no meaning and happiness to be an illusion. I had trouble eating and could not enjoy the activities you once loved (listening to music, hanging out with friends). There were episodes of crying and could not convince me that I would be able to continue with life. I managed to fight through that summer, and returned to my normal state after about five months of torment. I dismissed this episode as a one time thing and went on with my life. Now, a year later, he returned. I have fear that I worry that everything I thought was real is a product of my imagination and I'm alone in a world with people who are not really there (sounds silly, I know). No matter how hard I try, I can not convince myself that I'm worrying about things that do not matter. I have trouble eating again, and I've noticed myself acting very irritable (conforming to good friends for no reason, moving quickly from one place to another like I could run away from my delusions). I wake up at odd times throughout the night and fight the urge to sleep all day. Lucho suicidal thoughts and do everything possible to get my mind of my feelings, but usually without success. I started reading about the various forms of mental illness online, and have found that I have almost all the symptoms of psychotic depression. Because I've never been near a mentally ill before, I wanted your opinion before making a fool of myself to friends and family. Is there help for someone like me? Are there effective methods of treatment for this disorder, if in fact it is what I have? I'm just a hypochondriac who thinks too much? Any help is greatly appreciated. And before you ask, I'm not a regular drug user.