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QAnyone else suffer from psychotic depression? Has medication helped?

I suffer from PD and am on zoloft and abilify. The abilify helps 60% of the time and I just started the zoloft. Right now I have situational depression but my mood is on the lowside when I'm off my AD. I don't like the side effects from the medication(akathisia, feeling numb) but I'd rather experience that than the crappy mood. What else has helped you get through the rough times? What do you do when you experience psychotic symptoms?

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#1hailieAnswered at 2012-12-07 20:31:23
I should preface this by saying that my diagnosis is psychotic depression , although I have experienced psychosis and depression . Therapy can really help depressive aspects . CBT is really good . Learn some DBT skills can also be very useful . Just look at DBT and you will find a lot of resources . There are plenty of tips on how to deal with a low mood . Talking things out with a professional is also very good for situational depression . As for drugs , you may want to switch to a different one. Transition can be rough , but not those who could be more effective with fewer side effects . Akithisia Abilify gave me bad and numbness , but I really liked seroquel . When I have psychotic moments , I try to calm myself doing breathing exercises or exercises . Music really helps too. It is important to keep busy in your life and do things . Strive to do activities or hobbies , even if I do not want ... that stimulates the parts of your brain and can actually make things start feeling again ( not numb) Good Luck .
#2NeedHelpAnswered at 2013-01-14 16:14:06
Prohibition of sugar . The crash after the high hypoglycemia created and is so hard on the body , can cause suicidal thoughts and even psychosis . Prohibition of white bread , potatoes , biscuits ... all ... Excess salt. Drugs and cofee too. alchool . Use your inner nice lil voice for common sense and reassure himself talking with his inner child . I mourn hysterically every time I eat cake , I'm happy whenever I like cream cheese , carrots , broccoli , chicken and mushrooms . It can not be a coincidence . There are books about them . Even if I'm wrong and it's all in your head , taking care of your body and poisons as preservatives ban will do wonders and can give you the extra energy needed to cope best mental problems . Or make them disappear ... Did you know that mineral deficiencies cause depression ? A true story . Look it up. Drink milk ...
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Anyone else suffer from psychotic depression? Has medication helped?

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