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QCan I pursue a master's in environmental engineering with a undergraduate degree in psychology?

I am a senior in college finishing up my last semester and now have a desire to switch professions to engineering, specifically environmental engineering. I am preparing to take my GRE also. Will a graduate program accept me with no background in engineering, in order to create one? Do any graduate schools have transitioning programs for non-engineering degree holders? Need some advice on what I should do. I have no extensive background in science being my major is psychology and social work minor, but am willing to make a switch and learn.

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#1ValerieAnswered at 2012-11-29 18:40:17
Huh ? I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering . I can follow ? Masters in Psychology ? I have no experience in social work or psychology . I can expect to be taken seriously as a psychologist , even after doing all the necessary fund invests ?
#2TanichaAnswered at 2013-01-01 12:07:51
It is highly unlikely that you find a graduate engineering program permitted to enroll in their program without a bachelor technique . The reasons for this are fairly obvious . Engineering undergraduate degrees require a lot of math , which most other large do not ( excluding physics and mathematics ) . Almost all undergraduate courses require a higher level of computing knowledge , especially with graduate level courses . In addition to becoming a professional engineer who has to pass the test engineering fundementals is tested in all courses required for undergraduate engineering programs . This test is quite difficult for people who have taken all kinds of engineering , would be very , very, very difficult for someone with no knowledge of these issues . This link shows what faith you tested on. ... < / A>
You should contact the engineering department of the University of foresight and see if you can get some pre -req 's degree . courses that allow the program . Otherwise , you could get a degree in civil or environmental engineering . Environmental engineering is a subset of civil engineering and earning a degree in civil engineering still allow you to get a job as an environmental engineer . Not a lot of universities offer undergraduate degrees in environmental engineering . Also most of the engineering graduate schools do not require the GRE .
#3klnAnswered at 2014-04-15 00:28:36
It's not as if environmentalists actually know anything....
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Can I pursue a master's in environmental engineering with a undergraduate degree in psychology?

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