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QWhy will Nobody tell (most) College Students that MOST of what they are doing is a WASTE of TIME?

I ask this question because the sentiment is true. Our educational process is seriously defunct in so many ways. It is pathetic. We have reduced education to be some ridiculous silly little game. Students KNOW this but are not supposed to admit that they know it. ALL education should have true and direct value and benefit to the student and to their ultimate goals ...otherwise it is time wasted. Valuable time.

I hate the fact that 2nd grade teachers wasted my time teaching me French which I had/have NO use for. 12th grade biology teachers wasted an entire semester teaching me about plants and another teaching about atoms and the molecular structure. I completely memorized the atomic chart ...Completely useless stuff ...for ME.

I've taught myself Computer Programming; Graphic Arts; Corporate Law; Speed Reading; Web Design; Book Publishing; Audio Production; Spanish; Forex Trading; Psychology of Combat; Commodities Investing; etc. I am very successful today as a direct result of my independent research and self-education so yes... I believe in education. It is fundamental to life success but our educational system is inadequate and ...again, WASTES a lot of precious time in both elementary school, high school AND college because it subjects students to rote memory expectations rather than truly challenges them with relevant and applicable knowledge.

I say ask yourself this simple question about every aspect of your education: HOW will this knowledge ...once I fully grasp it actually BENEFIT me in my life? ...and... WHAT will be the negative consequence on my life if I don't get it or forget it after I've passed the class (as most students will).

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#1infamous rj Answered at 2012-12-27 22:10:20
I agree in the aspect that the school in the last two years must allow students to explore areas of interest to dig more things they do not like . The first two years may be exposure to different areas of science , literature , mathematics , history , etc before anything though. Honestly , not pre- teen who know what they want . Most will say things like typical astronaut or doctor. After getting exposure , they decide what they want with a better perspective . In college , I agree to some extent . As I 'm taking some engineering courses my taste , as digital systems , and I will not use it. I think because they are paying , students should be allowed to decide on the general education requirements . They will be more narrow-minded , by definition , not taking courses outside their major , as its focus is narrow . However, college students should be given the freedom to choose the most part . Now you can not jump to a 400 or 500 level course in engineering or science without first complying with the prerequisite knowledge , which I think should be done well taking those classes or through a placement test thoroughly. The education system is shot in the primary school in terms of depth of knowledge. People in Ukraine are doing in seventh grade math people here in the States do in the 10th grade . Much has to do with our country in general anti - intellectual stance . The other main problem with college outside of what I have described are the tuition fees and the government's ability to pour half of the defense budget , but a fraction of that in education and research.
#2michmanAnswered at 2013-01-05 11:59:30
Because no matter how many times you post this diatribe , most of college is not a waste of time . Some people waste their time ? Sure . Are most of us? Nope . College sounds like a waste of time for you personally . This does not apply to everyone . And self - study in most subjects will not get you a job. You need some proof that you really learned something . Only about self - study of medicine or astrophysics and see where it takes you.
#3BrigidAnswered at 2013-02-17 14:43:28
Amen sister
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Why will Nobody tell (most) College Students that MOST of what they are doing is a WASTE of TIME?

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