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I am considering going into an MBA program. What types of career paths can I take with this degree? What does the salary look like? Is the market too saturated with this degree or will it get me somewhere? BTW, I am a psychology major. thnks :-)

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#1sakoviaAnswered at 2013-01-01 12:42:57
The conventional route is to be established in a career in an industry before obtaining his MBA . The degree aims to provide supervisors and middle managers additional exposure to management theory and materials related to the company so they can move on to senior management positions. A classic example would be a mechanical engineer who has an MBA and dates back to engineering as project manager . Another example would be a financial analyst who has an MBA and returns to the financial services industry as investment banking associate . Doing an MBA to have a career . Find your industry . Work on it for two or more years. If that means you have to get a second degree before moving on , so be it . Every industry needs managers who know your industry . An MBA is not a title that entitles you to nothing in particular. Instead , go prepares you for management in a field that you are working in.
#2TivonnaAnswered at 2014-02-01 16:31:55
You have not indicated the stream which you propose in MBA!!
The finance and marketing have good career path and plenty of opportunities galore !!
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