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QCan't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology?

I've been searching online and I see a lot of links to Criminal Psychology but then they end up being about FORENSIC Psychology. I'm planning on going back to school for a BS in Psychology with the ultimate intent of focusing on Criminal Psychology but I can't really find any information about going about getting a PhD in it.

Are there any sources that I should look into?

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#1aileenAnswered at 2012-11-18 03:25:27
There is no such branch of psychology . I'm not sure what you mean by this , but if you are looking to become a criminal and wants to understand people so you can do better , no branch of psychology that officially trains you for this. If you want , for example , work with a police department to profile or something , forensic psychology or abnormal psychology seems to be your best bet.
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Can't find any information on a PhD in Criminal Psychology?

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