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QMaster's or not master's degree ?

I have a degree in psychology from a Spanish speaking country . My dream is to have a master's degree in counseling , but that would take me three years and a lot of money, and I worry that I would not be able to get good grades at such a high level of education ( English and lack of experience ).
Something more practical would be to get an associate degree in human resources (as I am bilingual , I think it would open many doors ) . That would take me like two years , the money , but at that level I think I can handle the pressure .

Help me , I do not know what to do .
Serious answers please, I'm so confused and desperate .
Maybe someone who already has a Master counsellig can tell me how hard it is .

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#1English as my second languageAnswered at 2012-10-13 06:27:37
I would suggest that you work towards obtaining a Master's degree in Social Work ( MSW ) from one accredited university. These advisory positions are usually covered by health plans, making them more lucrative than give some job security / career for the long term. Jobs human resources are a dime a dozen and many companies cut these positions for the first time when downsizing because not believed to be of crucial importance . In addition , many companies are outsourcing these functions to subcontractors and agencies that are less expensive in the long run to have them in place and staff as permanent employees . Hope this helps .
#2MelanieAnswered at 2013-04-13 19:28:37
First, your English is very good , at least written English . they seem to lack confidence especially surprising since he had done or psychology . Go ahead and do what u want to do - masters in counseling . or obtain student loans and how do u start ur - masters scholarships , teaching assistantships and assignments.will all come ur way . u also have plenty of free time to do odd jobs. Do not hesitate to do what ur heart wants to at least u would have failed (one in a million chance ) doing ur dreams . and is only a master's in counseling and not at the end of the rainbow that you want . u can do it and I am sure u will
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Master's or not master's degree ?

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