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QGetting into a phd program from undergrad with a poor GRE score?

I am a graduate student with an average of 3.75 , research experience , good advice , and have worked full time supporting me throughout school. I'm trying to get a good program directly in School Psychology Ph.D. , and although I am taking preparation courses , my tests are between 1000-1100 .

What are my chances of getting into a PhD program quality with this deficiency ? The deadlines are coming soon , so I have no time for further study and retake ... and I'm in a preparation course expensive now worries me is not enough to help even though I'm studying diligently .

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#1Moo Haha Answered at 2014-02-26 22:29:33
Can you re-take the GRE? You could, of course, apply to the doctoral program now just to see what happens. Could you accept going to a smaller master's program in psych and then getting into the prestigious doctoral program thereafter?
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Getting into a phd program from undergrad with a poor GRE score?

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