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QWhat can you tell me about Behaviourism approach and Cognitive approach to education?

in a way how can these two methods of psychology can help education ?

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#1EkankiAnswered at 2012-10-04 01:43:45
When I was in 6th grade my holy teacher, Mr. Gunn ( Gunner / Gunny called him ) had a good teaching method - if you played in class to get chalk thrown at you and told him to shut up , if you've played get new black board duster thrown at you , strike three was being dragged in front of the class and hit with a meter rule . The above scenario was also the same format for incorrect answers. It must work because I do not need a calculator to know what is 8 times 9! ! !
#2MATRIXAnswered at 2012-10-04 16:55:05
Conditioning (the process that explains behaviorism / is interested) is a very simple but incredibly powerful in that behavior modification.
There are two main branches of the theory. Classical conditioning (CC) and operant conditioning (OC) CC was first described by Pavlov in the twentieth century and his work is perhaps the best example to explain CC. Pavlov found, unsurprisingly, that when a dog sees his food dish begins to salivate (like you or me). No air that has been done to achieve this result, so that the food bowl is called the unconditioned stimulus and unconditioned response of salivation.
What was surprising however was that Pavlov's dogs were salivating before the food actually seen! We found that, in fact, the dogs were salivating when the bell rang Pavlov was ordering aides to give the dogs their food. Dogs, therefore, the sound associated with the food stamp! The ringing sound is called the conditioned response (because no intrisict related quality food) and salivation in this context, the conditioned response. This is an incredibly powerful force and explains much of the behavior.
OC is slightly different and is associated with BF Skinner (among others). In OC behavior is paired with an answer, and this leads to a different response in prevelance of behavior. There are two types of response, those behaviors that increase (reinforcement) and decrease behaviors that (punishment). Each of these come in positive (give back) and negative (taking something away) forms. I'll give an example of each: Positive reinforcement: offered an ice cream if you finish your vegitables (a good thing that is offered and this leads to an increase in plant food)
Negative Reinforcement: You have to eat cabbage if you eat your carrots (a negative stimulus is removed (a good thing) if you eat your carrots, increased eating carrots)
Positive Punishment: If not stop mourn'll beat (a negative response (being beaten) is added, and this leads to a decrease in behavior (crying)) Negative Punishment: If you do not stop mourn I will not let you play outside (a positive stimulus is removed (playing) and this leads to a decrease in behavior (crying)) Hope this helps as you can easily see how it can be applied to education! As for the "cognitive psychology", that label is too broad to be of much use. Can you specify a bit?
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What can you tell me about Behaviourism approach and Cognitive approach to education?

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