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QWhere can I get a job with a bachelor's degree in psychology?

I'm graduating on May 16 and do not know where to get a job. Can you help ?

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#1ValerieAnswered at 2012-10-26 07:59:10
Starbucks .
#2braindeath by economicsAnswered at 2012-10-26 21:37:34
I can not believe you're about to graduate and have not been informed about the basics. Let me explain. There are different emphases in psychology should be specialized in one of them. Here is a list of the most common focus and where you can get the job: - Industrial (emphasis added) - Corporations, Business, Human Resources Offices, Social Institutes. An employee supervises mainly industrial psychologists, psychometric tests run, advises and tutors work managers or human resources department. - Clinic - Nursing Homes, Clinics. A clinical psychologist is dedicated to the treatment of mental illness and counseling clients. - Research Psychology - Specialist research and experimentation in research . - Forensic psychologists - these guys work in court and verify if the accused was / is in a good state of mind or not as this will heavily affect the judgment. They also give their word in deciding the fate of criminals psychologically unstable. - Educational Psychologists - Provide advice to schools and universities, but these institutions also screened for signs of abnormal behavior, but can also teach. They are not allowed to treat patients only clinical psychologists can do that. With all due respect to what has been said before, but you can get a job with a BA or BS (depending on whether your country / university considered as a science or an art) in psychology, you also get the title of psychologist. Make me give my own case as an example. When I graduate I will get the title of an industrial psychologist, after finishing my master's degree with emphasis metric I'll get the title psychometrist. If ever I have a Ph.D. I will be addressed as Doctor (not a medical doctor). Everyone who earns a BA or BS in any field of psychology can be addressed as a psychologist and not someone who has a PhD.
#3anne geleenAnswered at 2012-11-18 20:13:56
A psychology degree will get you a job , you need a master's in psychology to be a counselor, a doctor of psychology as a psychologist .
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Where can I get a job with a bachelor's degree in psychology?

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