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I attend Queens College and am a freshman . I have not yet significant . My GPA is a 3.868 . I live in Queens , so my college is not far from me. I kind of want to experience "dorm " college life . My areas of interest are the social sciences (history , sociology , psychology , etc. ) and I was thinking of going to law school later ( maybe) . I was also considering the type of business as well .. Obviously I'm very confused about my career and career goals right now. But I think I know for sure I will not do anything medical .. I do not like science (biology , chemistry, physics , etc . ) I was thinking of staying not too far from home , so I thought of Rutgers and Stony Brook so far .. but I think Stony Brook is a science , so I'm kind of a cross that off my list. Schools in other states that could enjoy dorming which is also close to home ... it might be something important and good for anything important to choose ? Can anyone give me like .. a list or something ? And also like to know if and how I can get scholarships for schools. Thank you very much .

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#1lil mamaAnswered at 2012-11-24 02:17:32
Have you thought about SUNY Birmingham .. I heard its very good business school and a lot of law schools will respect you more to come from there . I heard he has a good life and your bedroom a great city ...
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College/Transferring help. PLEASE?

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