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QInfo on studying abroad in the USA?! .. o.o?

Hello , I know this may be a little too soon , but I have 15 years old , soon to be 10 degrees (we have one month left of school ) girl, living in Asia . I'm going to an international school , and I'm from South Korea .

However, because I grew up in another country , I am fluent in English , but not as fluent in Korean ( I can speak and write things , but I 'm not the average Korean student ) .
So I want to go to the U.S. or the UK or Canada .

In three years , I will graduate , and I have already started thinking about colleges and universities . I want to major in psychology and become a psychologist in the future with a PHD .

I talked to my mother about this, and she said it was not a good idea because if I'm not American , it is difficult to find a job there after graduation . Besides tuition fees are extremely expensive . ( for us , but we know that there will be no changes in my father's salary +)
Also, I have the intention of obtaining a student visa , but if I go back to Korea after graduation , I will not have the opportunity to obtain employment because .. (long story ) So my parents told me to go to a university in Korea , so I can get a job and live there .

Anyway , I'm worried about this because I do not want to go to Korea to study psychology .. I'm not sure if I even be accepted .

My question is - is very difficult to find a job ? I mean the recession and all, it could be difficult, but ... ?

- Tuition fees are the same in 2012 ?

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#1sidlordAnswered at 2012-11-29 05:00:54
You are talking many many many years ahead and unfortunately none of us can predict the future . You ask about employment opportunities once you have your Ph.D. in hand , which is at least eleven years of education , the three years remaining in high school , so a total of 14 years. That is a period of time we can not predict with regard to the numbers of jobs and opportunities . As for tuition fees , are never the same . Each year , costs increase 4-8% .
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Info on studying abroad in the USA?! .. o.o?

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