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What are the downsides to going to CC and then transferring? related questions

  • 1What are the downsides to going to CC and then transferring?

    Long story short , I'm in grade 10 and I go to a very academic HS . It's the kind you have to work your butt off just to earn a C in the class. But you're actually learning something , instead of other schools where you sit there and get an easy A. All students / staff that is really our HS CC hardest and most CSU ! In the near future , I'll probably be accepted to college, but only a few Cal States I graduated from a UC ( or at least a very high rating CSU ) . So, I'm thinking of going to CC for 2 years, then transfer . What are the disadvantages of this? The only thing I can think of is not being able to party and live in a dorm. Some additional data : - When I graduate , I will be exactly 17 1/2 . - I live in California - ( ? ) Do not know what I want to major , but probably along the lines of psychology - After obtaining a degree I have really wanted to read a master . ruin this is CC ? Thank you !

  • 2Transferring after only one semester?

    Is it hard to get into other schools if you've only been going to college for one semester ? It's a long story , but basically I did not apply to any school that I could afford last year, and now I'm stuck going to a local community college and I hate it . Hate my area and the city , and I have to get out of here . Call me dramatic if you will, but I'm literally going crazy . I have no idea how I got here . Anyway , I can have a chance to even get into a school if I apply for the spring 2011 semester ? I know that schools would have to show my high school transcripts / SAT ' s , but I think they are quite acceptable for schools that I am applying to . I really want to do this to get the heck out of here , but I've heard that schools are much more selective when selecting applicants for transfer. What do you think ? Should I apply ? And probably help you answer my question if you know what I plan on asking schools . If you happen to know anything about these schools and their selectivity , please include that in your response . My plan is applicable to these schools and psychology : SUNY - Purchase - SUNY Fredonia - SUNY Oneonta - SUNY Stony Brook . And maybe Suny Albany , SUNY Plattsburgh and or Syracuse .

  • 3College/Transferring help. PLEASE?

    I attend Queens College and am a freshman . I have not yet significant . My GPA is a 3.868 . I live in Queens , so my college is not far from me. I kind of want to experience "dorm " college life . My areas of interest are the social sciences (history , sociology , psychology , etc. ) and I was thinking of going to law school later ( maybe) . I was also considering the type of business as well .. Obviously I'm very confused about my career and career goals right now. But I think I know for sure I will not do anything medical .. I do not like science (biology , chemistry, physics , etc . ) I was thinking of staying not too far from home , so I thought of Rutgers and Stony Brook so far .. but I think Stony Brook is a science , so I'm kind of a cross that off my list. Schools in other states that could enjoy dorming which is also close to home ... it might be something important and good for anything important to choose ? Can anyone give me like .. a list or something ? And also like to know if and how I can get scholarships for schools. Thank you very much .

  • 4Classes to take before transferring help!!?

    Hi all . ok so my plan is to transfer to a 4 year university to go for nutrition

  • 5Transferring schools help?

    I'm transferring schools and need to write an essay that talks about why I would attend that school. If you could give me some advice that would be very grateful, thanks sosososo much! :) Western Canada High School Essay Transfer Western Canada High School is a high school that is known to thrive for the excellence of its students and propel them toward their goals and aspirations. By attending a school like Western Canada, I'm sure I'll be able to succeed because of the courses, clubs and equipment offered at this campus, and the fact that teachers are actually recognized by care students and hope that each and every one of them will accomplish something. I'm sure I'll have a sense of pride coming to this school every day and I'll be proud to represent a school of virtuosos as Western Canada. During the first year, I have been able to maintain Honors and has not received a score below 80. I have excelled through my courses, receiving an average of 86 in the first half of grade 9. Being able to understand the concepts learned in class helped me a lot, but I feel that attending a school like Western Canada, help me improve myself further. The school I am currently attending does not give me the opportunity to be part of the Honor Society, which we hope to be part of in western Canada. I also appreciate the fact that the Experience program is offered at this school. I'm working full time starting this summer and the program will help me learn not only about the day to day responsibilities of a job, but I also help you get credits. Another thing about western Canada I treasure is that the school has courses and clubs that my school does not offer. I feel I can not contribute my talent because I have no deep interest in the clubs and teams in FFCA, the school they currently attend. Although FFCA is an excellent place to go, I do not have the courses you would like to follow in the future. Western Canada provides Journalism, Psychology, Banda, and Spanish as courses, and these are examples of electives would enjoy taking. While attending Western Canada, I also deal with a couple of the many teams and clubs offered at the school, such as the Yearbook Committee, Peer Tutoring, and Youth in Action. Being part of the field hockey team or cross country is something I like to participate in as well. Ultimately, it comes to Western Canada would give me the opportunity to advance in the future, which is one of the main reasons I would like to transfer to this school. Finally, I believe that Western Canada is a school that I will enjoy and I can in. Although I am doing well academically in FFCA, I am unhappy to attend school because they feel disconnected from the student body. I had a friend who went to western Canada and said she loved the fact that everyone gets along and the teachers and staff really wants you to succeed and help every step of the way. She said she really loved her years in Western Canada and would recommend anyone to go there. By coming to western Canada, I know I can excel academically and have fun while doing it. Western Canada High School is well rounded school with academic excellence, sports and fine arts. Coming to a school like this would give me a huge amount of opportunities, and I will try my best to succeed and continue to use what I learned at this school long after my high school years. If I have the opportunity to come here, I will contribute what I can and make the best of the three years he will be attending Western Canada High School. Thanks for your consideration!

  • 6College/Transferring help please?

    I attend Queens College and am a freshman . I have not yet significant . My GPA is a 3.868 . I live in Queens , so my college is not far from me. I kind of want to experience

  • 7Transferring Colleges: Need Some Help?

    Recently retired from a small 4 year college in PA . I was in the honors program , and my GPA was 3.85 at the end of the second year . I decided to transfer at the beginning of my second year , but I had some financial problems and have to start school again this upcoming fall semester . I want to study psychology and anthropology , and would love to study in a very good school . My reasons for the transfer are good : the school was studying in not having a decent program and offered no program Psych Anthro , classes were not challenging , and the Honors program was almost a joke . The schools I'm considering are : University of Massachusetts Amherst , TCNJ , University of DE, UVA , and UPENN . I've been accepted to the University of Massachusetts Amherst , but I'm a little nervous and unsure about UPENN and some of the others (especially since UPENN has an acceptance rate of 17% of transfers) . What do you think are my chances with an average of 3.85 ( 4.0, and have never been less than 3.63) ? , Letters really good recommendations , and as a member of the honors program at my school last Thanks for your help !

  • 8Transferring disciplines - PhD (US schools)?

    So I have a bit of a dilemma ... I just finished my first year as a doctoral student in psychology. As a student I was actually a double major in psychology and international relations, which I really loved. Reallllllllly I wanted to go to graduate school because I love being in school and at the time of applying my thought would be happier with psychology as well as having a better chance to get because research in the Past / volunteer experiences. However, since I've been in this program I have lost the passion I used to have. It is not difficult to work or class or something, I honestly think I just made the wrong decision and should have applied IR (international relations) programs all the time! I know it sounds terrible, because if you are going to apply for a PhD should be darn sure that's what you want with your future ... But I loved them both equally and I had to choose. Unfortunately, I seem to have chosen wrong, but hindsight is 20/20 of course. Well, I'm sure you still want to go for a PhD because learning opportunities are much more appealing to me, as well as research that may be conducted under this program. I'm terrified but if I try to transfer will be horrible, because I made in my original program. I read some forums about people who change schools within the discipline and apparently is deeply despised by schools seeking to implement. In my case, however, my current institution does not really have a PhD program in IR, or political science, or anything like that, but only have a master. I understand that it makes my transfer more justifiable. Even so, how I can show and explain to my potential schools I know for sure without a doubt that change is the right decision and I'm just insecure? Also, what are my chances of being accepted'm considering reapplying after only my first year of study? I know it was stupid of me, but I honestly believe that if I stay in this program will have a very unhappy four years and will lose out to do something I want to do so badly. It was a mistake, but I do not want to think that the situation is irreversible and the damage is done permanently. Does anyone have any advice / suggestions / personal experience with a similar situation?

  • 9Question about college transferring?

    Is it pointless to get an associates degree in liberal arts when I plan on continuing to get a bachelor's degree in psychology immediately after graduating with the AA? I'm trying to decide whether or not to wait 'till next fall to transfer or just skip the AA and transfer in the spring. here's a little background: I am currently at a community college and will graduate in the spring 2013 with an AA. My original plan was to go to a university in the fall 2013 to get my bachelors. but I no longer see the point in waiting for the AA when the bachelors is what I really want anyways. Eventually i'll even end up going for my masters.

  • 10Is it worth transferring to a different college?

    I go to a state university right now. Not a bad school, I personally like , but I want to transfer to Kean University. See who travel two hours by train every day , back and forth and I have classes five days a week . In fact it is one way train pain because for some reason the train puts me to sleep and I am very , very lazy and gives me headaches. College is a lot like going to high school and the students seem very vague for a reason. Some students actually sleep in rooms travelers and college is not as . Shows pure laziness. The college I'm going to seem boring and lacks higher education . They do not seem to take seriously the education there. They think it's a joke . I want to major in psychology , but go for my masters in it. One of the students thought it was silly to make a suggestion in this essay and actually called me stupid and retarded. Its horrible in my opinion , and that's not what college is about . I am not a good speaker but I 'm practicing little effort to little.I think Kean is best for me anyway because the trip is only 15 minutes and I think it's better for me to pursue my career and graduate . Student life total is probably much better and the classes are smaller . I think it would be better there as it is a private school .

  • 11I'm transferring schools and terrified...?

    I'm transferring to a university and as of this fall . You graduated from a business school with my associates in accounting. I will be double majoring in accounting and management , with a major in psychology or Spanish . I will be living on campus because the school I will be attending is about an hour and a half from my house . But I'm so incredibly nervous ! There are millions of different things that run through my head .. what to buy ? what not to buy ? What do I need to bring? What classes do I need to take my first period ? I adjust ? how to get involved on campus? what living in the dorm like ? ( Ahhhhhh ) Is it difficult to adjust to a new school as an exchange student ? I could use some advice or experience to relax maybe my head! Thank you very much in advance!

  • 12Transferring o a Philippine College?

    I might be moving to the Philippines this June and graduated from college there. I'm thinking of getting one of the following titles : Associate of Science in Computer Science / Information Technology or Certification Bachelor of Marketing Psychology Degree I wanted to know the following ... 1. What universities are recommended in the area of ​​Urdaneta and San Fabian ? 2. If I go to college in the Philippines , will my credits from a university in the U.S. transfer ? 3. If I get a degree in the Philippines and return to the U.S. Will I have a good chance to get a job with a degree from an international university ?