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QWhat are the downsides to going to CC and then transferring?

Long story short , I'm in grade 10 and I go to a very academic HS . It's the kind you have to work your butt off just to earn a C in the class. But you're actually learning something , instead of other schools where you sit there and get an easy A. All students / staff that is really our HS CC hardest and most CSU !
In the near future , I'll probably be accepted to college, but only a few Cal States I graduated from a UC ( or at least a very high rating CSU ) . So, I'm thinking of going to CC for 2 years, then transfer .

What are the disadvantages of this?
The only thing I can think of is not being able to party and live in a dorm.

Some additional data :

- When I graduate , I will be exactly 17 1/2 .
- I live in California
- ( ? ) Do not know what I want to major , but probably along the lines of psychology
- After obtaining a degree I have really wanted to read a master . ruin this is CC ?

Thank you !

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#1Elie-mayAnswered at 2012-11-21 05:47:34
There are other disadvantages of going to DC and then transfer . You probably know the good side : . Lower tuition, guaranteed acceptance - at least in Florida , he enrolled at multiple CC while Also consider CLEP , a program that awards college credit Knowlege . You pay $ 50-75 to take a test and are awarded 3 credit hours without taking the class. If the HS is as good as you say , then you may be able to complete CC in one year instead of two , and save a lot of money . CC will not affect your acceptance into the master's program .
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What are the downsides to going to CC and then transferring?

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