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QCould these be symptoms of a thyroid problem?

* Weight gain
* Depression
* fatigue
* Stiff neck / knee hurts
* Migrains
* Hair loss / dry hair

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#1rohanAnswered at 2012-11-27 23:52:17
Yes , absolutely . The symptoms described are related to hypothyroidism, but the only way to really know if you have this or not is by getting bloodworks done in your doctor 's office . Here is a link to a website that contains more information : http://thyroid . about. com / cs / hypothyroidi ... Hope this helps you find answers soon!
#2virenAnswered at 2013-02-10 01:27:50
yes , but you really should see a doctor because these symptoms could be a lot of different things
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Could these be symptoms of a thyroid problem?

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