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QWhat are some good online classes for substitute teacher qualification?

A good friend I have asked this question several times . She wants to know about some reliable online college courses for qualifying substitute teacher , medical billing or psychology . She found this website called " universal class " online that retails for $ 20.00 , but she wonders if it is reliable or not. What are some online college courses that I can recommend to her?

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#1VickieAnswered at 2013-05-11 22:59:45
I would not recommend wasting your time or money is generic online universities have no accreditation. There are many accredited universities that can offer classes through distance education to students who can not attend traditional classes . Not sure what that offer classes , but the following do :

University of Alicante Oklahoma University of Alicante Maryland Central Texas College , hotels University of Phoenix Ball State

Probably Missouri University also offers distance education classes , which would make it easier for you.
#2salassiaAnswered at 2014-03-27 18:38:33
That depends what the qualifications are in you state.

In Missouri all you need is 60 hours of any college classes and to pass an FBI background check. I would check with your state or district to see if they require any specific classes. Most are so desperate for subs, they do not.
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What are some good online classes for substitute teacher qualification?

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