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QMultinodular goiter with normal thyroid levels cause thyroid symptoms?????????

ok so for months I have had a lot of thyroid symptoms and have had many many thyroid tests done through blood tests . and always come back normal. I recently had an ultrasound and my thyroid is enlarged and multinodular really . had tested and was not cancerous . doctors are recommending it for me to have my thyroid removed , but I guarantee that my symtoms go away because I do not know if it is caused by the thyroid or not. My symptoms are anxiety attacks , depression , palpitations , fatigue , pain in the arm , sometimes fingertips are numb , dizziness , feeling off balance , more painful periods , and lots of other things . the only thing I do not understand is how can my thyroid enlarges while doctors say his Hude with nodules in it and function normally ? ? ? ? I do not know if I should go ahead with the surgery or not ? please if anyone has information or has seen something like this i really appreciate your help . i keep asking the doctors and they just seem not to know what is going on .

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#1ravinAnswered at 2013-01-07 04:37:22
You need to get copies of your labs and get a second opinion too. Once you have your thyroid removed no turning back . I have a thyroid nodule multiple and has been for 12 years . Ask your doctor to test all thyroid antibodies that may have hashimoto and / or Graves . Symptoms are declaring a mixture of both diseases . You also need to make sure your doctor is testing not only your TSH ( the only thing that most doctors are concerned ) , but also their free T3 and free T4 . Many symptoms can come from not enough or too much T3 or T4 and TSH can still look normal. Another thing is to check your iron and ferritin because iron or ferritin can mimic symptoms of low thyroid . If you have your thyroid removed your symptoms get worse before they get better. You will need to take thyroid hormone replacements , and you will not have your thyroid to make them on your own. My opinion is that if your thyroid is working and you do not have breathing problems swallowing and let your thyroid nodules are not cancerous independent so much less , and monitor if they get bigger and become bothersome then consider eliminating nodules. Once removed you may have more problems and more symptoms to doage hormone is right and which for many can be a real battle .
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Multinodular goiter with normal thyroid levels cause thyroid symptoms?????????

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