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QHow to overcome apathy? Do I have depression and not know it?

I have apathy and am trying to work on it and get rid of it , I can not really be much of a really positive person , if I do not care , and I do not know how to overcome it . Honestly I do not get why I have this this has been going on for some time now I can not remember when it started all I know is that I felt this way all year last year . There were times when I was a little happy , but that's it .

I heard that apathy and not a lot of emotional activity is a sign of depression . However , I have ADHD - inattentive type so idk if it has something to do with that I do not know

I have to admit that even might have to do with how I grew up, my parents are Jehovah's Witnesses , and I was and still am today not a religious person , so throughout my teenage years I was always in my room and not go anywhere not to mention I'm gay , and so do not think it helped

So this year I'm going to go to school this spring to Los Angeles and this year I plan to fix
mentally and emotionally with my self-esteem , to address my symptoms of ADD , self-confidence and my social skills .

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#1bharatAnswered at 2012-10-27 04:15:58
Tyler , I'm so happy for you . You are doing a lot of positive changes this year . Apathy is experiencing certainly could be a symptom of depression . Provided they do not get worse , why not wait until you have made the changes. If you still feel the same way , go see a doctor .
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How to overcome apathy? Do I have depression and not know it?

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