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QMarijuana usage causes: insomnia, depression, depersonalization and derealization how to deal?

I've been smoking kush 2g myself every 3-4 days ( make cubes and lungs ) .

Insomnia : Since I left (4 days ago) I slept three hours the first night , the second 6 hours and hours to zero over the next two days . I slept nine hours over 4 nights ! And yesterday night I was writhing on the bed , which is the reaction of my body to the THC in my system yet .

Depression : My best friend always tells me to be its high or low her lol . Trust me , the depression becomes pretty bad especially when I can not sleep , I felt like a knife in the stomach with a knife .

Depersonalization / derealization : Basically nothing seems real, and you feel as if you're dead or an outside observer . It's pretty scary . ( Look up for more information ) .

It also causes loss of appetite , anxiety and nightmares ( dream once again) .

Conclusion : Do not start , and if you have good to be prepared for this when you quit. Tho I think that will only experience these symptoms if you smoke a lot and if you have smoked for a while . Never had this until four days ago , and I have quit smoking within 6 months before and never experienced this. So it's something we can expect in the long run , I guess.

I just want to inform you guys , and tips on how to deal would be greeat .

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#1Thomas S.Answered at 2012-11-28 08:24:35
Here is some information for you . Insomnia. My guess is that toking before bed , right? So what I did was classically conditioned to use the effects of marijuana as a sign of normal sleep rather than behavioral cues such as time of day and the routine of bedtime . To solve your sleep problem , you need to recondition signs of normal sleep behavior. Getting up and going to bed at the same time every day . Turn off lights . Do not do anything other than sleep and wanted sex sleeping space . Dont turn on the TV to sleep . Have a routine bedtime low key things like a shower bed signal , the change in pjs , etc. Do something that relaxes you , like yoga or a hot shower or massage before bed . His depression alevieted once again sleep . Of course , nothing seems real when you arent sleeping . Your brain is not working 100 % . Read on classical and operant conditioning . Mairjuana not chemically addictive , this is literally all a result of conditioning and maintaining a habit . Once you understand what you are trying , much easier to resolve .
#2BorAnswered at 2012-12-21 12:38:37
look at the man , but in reality is becoming weed through my life , without it things would not be so great and in a perfect way , which is where I and my family are due to weeds
#3Smiley (I NEED MS.SUE OR WREITEACHER!!) HELP!!Answered at 2013-04-29 03:59:42
Wow, you are the first user of weed I've seen that is actually against. That's assuming you are not lying. I think you're just going through withdrawal though, just give it time.
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Marijuana usage causes: insomnia, depression, depersonalization and derealization how to deal?

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