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Addiction therapist......? related questions

  • 1Addiction therapist......?

    I'm about to start my second year in college and I know I will get a master's degree in psychology , because my dream is to become an addiction therapist , but there are things you should be doing now to help me reach my goal , as a volunteer in certain places ?

  • 2Do occasional therapist and physical therapist work for people with ADHD?

    what do they do exactly?

  • 3What school can i go to to be a relationship therapist or sex therapist in the united states?

    I do both cuz they kind of go hand in hand I'm very interested in both , but I do not know which way to go in terms of master's or doctoral goes im a college student majoring in psychology and Spanish now .

  • 4Mental health therapist or Occupational Therapist?

    Which has better wages , better jobs, and more rewarding ! Looking to apply to one of the two master's programs , love psychology !

  • 5Becoming a Child Therapist or Family Therapist?

    I think a lot about what I do with my life . I'm a sophomore in college and am currently majoring in biology , but not going too well . I'm thinking about changing my major to Human Development and Family Studies ( HDFS ) and minoring in Psychology . Would this be a good change if you want to become a child or family therapist ?

  • 6What is the best way to help someone get over an addiction?

    I have a friend, well we're a little more than friends, but either way. He's been taking large amounts of mdma 4-6 nights a week for the past 4 months or so. Possibly longer. He's expressed that he wants to be able to stop and not be dependent on it. But I'm the only one in his life who really seems to be helping. Everyone else uses just as much as him. He has a history of depression, and so it's even harder for him to stop, because he feels like he can only be happy when he's rolling. But he needs to stop, or at least slow down. I'm doing my best to be there for him, but what else can I do? I just feel so helpless when we're laying there at night, with me holding him, while his body shakes uncontrollably, and he's so sad, and he gets terrible headaches....I just want to know if there is anything I can do to make this easier on him. Thank you.

  • 7How do I conquer my addiction?

    Just like an alcoholic I am completely addicted to food. Fast food, dounuts, chocolate, cheetos, pasta you name it. I want it to stop so badly. I literally feel like I'm starving even when I am not hungry, it's like a mental feeling of starving I can't explain. Please help me if you can. I don't know what else to do. Every morning I wake up and say, 'today is a new day and I will not overeat and I will not eat fast food.' but as soon as I pass a fast food joint or have a feeling to eat, that whole thought process goes right out the window. I tell myself that I need to just get through one day at a time, but I feel like I'm getting worse. My overeater annonymous self TAKES OVER. Please help!

  • 8Pill Addiction..........?

  • 9How would I become an Addiction Specialist?

    I want to be an addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky and not by celebrities , but because I really want halp people with addiction problems . What kind of education I have to go . Next year is my first year of college and my major is psychology.

  • 10Help with drug-addiction ?

    my dear aunt has been taking psychotropic medications without a prescription from a decade ago , his reason is depression / irritation , but the real reason is because no one in the family advised otherwise. Our family suffered a lot of health problems , so someone finally got a pill for her when she was feeling down and she was hooked ever since. I tried everything to convince her, but she ignores the conversation abruptly and continues to have them anyway . I've been taking this for myself since I was a small child . Do the math . Is it possible to remove these ? Medications are Lexotanil , Advil and Deanxit .

  • 11My bro's pot addiction and depression?

    My brother is 19 years old and a pothead . Now I do not want to hear about how good pot and you can not be addicted to it . He started at age 16 and my parents have always made ​​it clear that it was not acceptable that used to take a drug test in order to be allowed to use the car . Now go to a community college while living at home ( which is sad because he scored a 32 on the ACT and have the money to go on foot ) . He is very depressed and even said he did not care what it looks or weight , because no girl likes : . . (However , it has recently gotten into much bigger problems than smoking a few joints supposedly was a group of friends Lakehouse - that was a month ago and my family learned that actually went to Amsterdam . I do not think I ever will to understand how he lied about where he was and left the country . 've been finding suspicious objects rather than recreational pot user . had a grass crusher sent home and 2 pairs of headphones $ 300, which I found odd I did not know why because I have some needed and how he could afford . I think he stole the number from my father 's credit card . Yesterday I went to my basement and wreaked of pot- my dad are great the bong I've seen, this strange bottle of marijuana wrapped like a rope , bottles of painkillers , and other paraphernalia . threw out my father and my brother was angry and upset , was more than $ 1,000 worth . Both my brother is processed or was everything to him . The point is ... my brother has major problems. How will you change ? I'm afraid I can not, and if you do not throw my parents . He said that can not be stopped , because he needs it and it should not matter because it is legal in some places .

  • 12Aspartame addiction?

    i've heard that aspartame and splenda are really bad for you but i just can't stop drinking products sweetened by them. it's like, if i could have the 0 calorie drink or the 200 one which one do you think i'm going to choose? i drink diet coke every day. it's just so convenient when i want something sweet and low calorie. and yes, I KNOW: drink water. i DO drink water, it's just that sometimes i want somehting that actually tastes like something, you know. is this a problem?