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QWhy is self medicating depression symptoms with narcotic painkillers seen as a bad idea?

Please someone can read? I desperately need help. Sorry for the length: (

A little background ....

I am a 15 year old who feels particularly overwhelmed by depression as a result of being bullied and later developed self-esteem issues. I dont enjoy life and I can not live my life the way I want, and it is not considered socially acceptable. I am gay, enjoy "acting" like a baby (wearing diapers and all that) and have an eating disorder, so I have tried to reach an agreement with this, and, as I mentioned before, it is very overwhelming. I have no friends and there is literally no one who can help me or cares about me

Anyway, when I go to my grandfather who is a chronic pain problem, sometimes it takes me a little of his Vicodin. I tried it with a first time, and it was amazing. I think I would have made more because I weighed only 90 pounds. Then I tried 2 and then 3. I felt this overwhelming sense of warmth overtake my body, and I felt like everything was fine and there was not a care in the world. I took other narcotic analgesics whenever I can find, as I had a few bottles of Tylenol w / codeine left over at home and sometimes I wish I had some of them. I do not understand why people say it's bad t do this, since I have a support network and literally no other way I can feel happy. I can not go see a doctor and get prescribed antidepressants because my parents inevitably would know and I would be stigmatized and feel even more like a failure and the cost of antidepressants would make me feel even worse because we have good insurance and which can cost $ 100 a month ....

Sorry ... this is me rambling. I guess to sum this up, I just wanted to ask the question, given my situation, how self medicate the symptoms of depression with narcotic analgesics bad? I have not felt any negative effects as a result, not a withdrawal, so I appreciate any help I can get.

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#1TiyanaAnswered at 2012-10-25 19:26:28
It's bad because you can get off the top of it and you can get addicted to it . Being addicted to something is bad , too much of anything is too bad and too
#2SariahAnswered at 2012-11-17 09:11:13
The correct answer is the opinion of society , because the use of drugs not prescribed by a man in a white coat as immoral and / or dangerous . Also the government always knows what is best for you , as a civilian who has no say in what we are allowed to put into your body. Sarcasm aside I only see three problems with this scenario . 1. If this is something you decide to do a regular regimen , reaching its own supply of pills is obviously essential . Without regular income and a provider that supplies are pretty much stuck with other people , meanwhile , which in itself could be reasonably considered as wrong. 2. The acetaminophen in vicodin is worse for your body (especially in time) that hydrocodone is, if you do this for any period of time, will have to continue with the cold water extraction every time. 3. Addiction aside extended regular use of opiates you will develop a tolerance to them , which will inevitably lead to need more to get the same effects . You'll have to find some kind of balance in which the desired effect without throwing your tolerance through the roof. Long story short , while there may be better ways to handle these issues (especially at his age ) , there are far worse measures you can take . Anyone who tells you the drug use is inherently wrong or bad has never done drugs or
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Why is self medicating depression symptoms with narcotic painkillers seen as a bad idea?

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