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  • (Oh god not another) TOP COLLEGE "chance me" question?!?

    I am a mature sophomore in high school again , however, I have been keeping college admissions in mind since I was 14. I'll get to the point . My goal for high schools. Stanford is the number 1 followed by ivy , followed by a couple of others I can upload on request. Miscellaneous information: Current GPA ( weighted ): 5.1 Current GPA (unweighted ): 3.85 I think? Around an A- average? He scored 98% on state tests in middle school Anoto 29-30 ( I forgot ) in ACT in middle school . ACT will be back in high school and Sat I am 100 % white . Irish / German . Nothing special race . The average income , probably not a lot of motivation of financial aid , but I do not think we can afford college . I'm going to New Trier High School , near Chicago . 4 Year Plan (this is necessary in my school , so it is actually on the record and not only I

  • Should I change my major?

    I'm a senior in college . I changed my career about 1000 times . Long story short I started college as a psych major

  • Is a degree from the University of Phoenix "worthy" enough for employers?

    I am currently earning my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UOP . I've done some research to see if the school is accredited . Right. So far as I know , another school will have to accept when you transfer . I'm worried about getting a good job when I graduate though. I plan to get my PhD but do not want my BS in UOP if it will not be good. That's just a waste of time and money . So, someone else / Someone else has been a student at UOP ? If so , have you had a problem getting a good job ? Tell me any information you know please ! :) Thanks !

  • Can you tell me about school psychology vs. social psychology?

    I'm very indecisive . I've been looking at masters and doctoral programs of the School of Psychology and Social Psychology . I'm really interested in both. Is there anyone out there currently going to school and graduated with a degree in either ? Do I need a teaching certificate in school psychology ? Any website would be cool to check out as well , I have found some already , but not very clear . Thank you !

  • It this the correct career for me?

    Hey , I'm doing my second year of a marketing degree as a student . I think the course is relatively easy . but in the back of my mind that worries me is like a race . I'm not really a people person , I have only a few friends and not very sociable. Your money is what attracted me to the business ( altho im not sure a businessman ) persuasion aspect that attracted me to the marketing (which fascinated me at the time) . I would be a curious person , artistic in nature. likes science and art in school and interest in psychology havean Is there a place for someone like me marketing ? Should I follow the branch level and more t my styler ? Should I start a new career in science

  • Do Graduate Schools care were you went for your Undergraduate Degree?

    I'm about to graduate from the University of Colorado , and I'm thinking of going to college for psychology . So while the application for graduate school, how do I look next to someone who had the same credentials as me, but I went to an Ivy -league , or on the other hand, was a little-known school Arts liberals ? Would it be the same with a person from one of these schools , or who have a disadvantage or an advantage , simply because he went to a different school ? Someone please fill me in nature trials of graduate school applicants on the basis of the schools they graduated from ? Moreover , does it matter where he graduated from the time that the qualifications, skills , experience and evidence are high ?

  • I need health-care experience for application to med school. any tips?

    Hello , I am a 20 year old having a degree in clinical psychology at London South Bank University . I have no science A-levels , but I'm an average of 2:1 for the first year and intend to work very hard to get that all important first year! However, I have the intention to apply for a medical graduate in a few years by Swansea University and the University of Nottingham , and also aa regular medicine degree at the University of Brighton (hopefully win a place in my grade) I understand that my degree is not specifically related to bio science (hence I applied to Kings or imperial ) , so I know it is very important for me to gain experience working doctor, who is so hard to find anything, not respond and even hospitals need any tips for getting a place or up my chances of getting an interview without me having to do a MSC in something related to medicine , such as psychopharmacology and neuroscience . Please any help or advice will be greatly appreciated on !

  • School Psychologist as a career?

    I'm considering a career in school psychology . I worry that it will be difficult to find a job in my field after graduation , because I'm not willing to move . Besides, I 'm not sure if the amount of education worth the salary. From what I've read , ranging from 45.000 to 70.000 . I'm about to graduate with a psychology degree . I can get a masters and teaching lisence in a year . In the county where I live , I would start out at nearly $ 40,000 per year , with a masters in education. School psychology would take three years . I am torn between the two races . I want to work in education , but it seems the school psychology would be a job of higher status than teaching. Is there anyone out there a psychologist or teacher who can list some pros

  • What classes do I need to take in high school to become a Pharmacist?

    I want to know what classes I take . The last time I spoke w / my counselor , I chose sociology , but do not think I will like that kind so I'm thinking of switching to psychology ... Do I have to take psychology if I want to become a pharmacist ? After graduating from high school , I could attend UNLV .

  • Which elective class should I choose to take in my junior year in H.S.?

    Or peer counseling psychology , or hospital occupancy ( ROP ) ? * ROP , from what I've heard , are not counted as college creds . Does this mean that not worth it? Please , help me ^ ^ ; Peer counseling, if anyone is confused about it , is basically a class that interacts with people to help with your needs .. Similar to psychology ? And somehow connects you to Link Crew club in high school . I'm thinking of specializing in nursing ( RN ) when I graduate , and I want to choose a class that will benefit my future . Please help !

  • Should I go back to college for Engineering?

    My life so far : public school graduate with a degree in psychology . Debt free . There are no jobs for this race , but I was lucky to get a job in the company of my father as a coach who makes $ 35,000 / year. ( My father owns the company he only works there ) . So I'm debt free making $ 35,000 / year, allowing me to live independently from my parents , which is great . But I'm thinking back to the engineering school . Any Electrical / Electronic or mechanical . But still , working 40 hours / week because my company will pay for education . The thing is that I loved the lifestyle of college but not necessarily school work . I want to make sure I can make good money in my life ... but I wonder, I can really imagine starting college AGAIN? Any advice / experiences for me ? I have 23 years old by the way.

  • Psychology Graduate School?

    I will be majoring in Psychology . When I go to apply for admission to college , how will my choice of schools for my first four years of college to change your choice ? For example , if I go to Purdue , and do it well , they would be more likely to accept me if I have to UMSL and do well ?

  • Aspiring writer- what do I major in?

    Since I 'm going to 11th grade this year , I think it's time to start thinking about school , and I have to say , I'm stumped . I know what career I choose , writing novels . And if that does not work , I guess I'll write columns for magazines . Anyway , I'm not sure how important that choice . Although creative writing is the obvious choice for someone like me , some of the schools I'm thinking of applying to avoid important . I'm talking about Princeton and Harvard . I do not mean this in a cocky at all, but I honestly think I have a good chance of climbing I do not know if it would be worth going , as they are not my specialty of their choice . Have any of your other English enough runs ? Apart from these schools , I have also been thinking about SCAD ( Savannah College of Art and Design ) and Emory . Both are close to home and offer creative writing . Not sure about attending art school , though, because you might want to minor in psychology ... I'm really not sure yet . Another problem is that not really understand how the whole race and the important work! Any advice ? Surely I'd appreciate it ! :)

  • Can i take Philosophy Instead Of History For A Level. (I Want to be a lawyer)?

    I hope to be a lawyer , so I was wondering if I could take the place of philosophy in history .. I know that a law is not exactly necessary level that most colleges prefer ' traditional ' A Levels level and without a law .. I hope to do a " Graduate Diploma in Law ' ( GDL ) In BPP Law School So are the best A levels to take to become a lawyer without law ( Level ) I considered English ( Lit or Language) - undecided Psychology ( Since I 'm really interested in it ) French ( still not sure of this, a language always helps) Philosophy / History What is your opinion? Thanks, as always , is much appreciated.

  • Can someone answer a few college/degree questions for me?

    1. I'm interested in philosophy, psychology and Spanish , but I'm thinking of getting a minor in Art / Studio ( And maybe Computers ) (A ) I can take these classes without having to get a degree from them? ( B) Review the school's website , and I need about 70 credits toward a degree Art Studio. If I take such classes, what I can use the credits for a degree in art? Or just for a Philosophy / Psychology / Spanish degree ? 2. I am currently taking high school Spanish classes , and my teachers say I do very well in them . ( A) You think I should get a degree in Spanish ? ( I do not mind being a part-time translator , but I do not know. ) ( B ) Is there anything else I can do with a Spanish degree ? 3. What I can do with a bachelor Philosophy / Psychology ? ( Hey , maybe I could get one if I can do something impressive . P Besides being a therapist . ) Thank you.

  • Are there any online school counselors? I need some help choosing my career :(?

    Hello ! I need your help ! I was born in Pittsburgh , PA . but I have lived my life in Italy hole .. I would like advice if possible on the basis of what to study at university / college I decided to go to college in America. I've always seen myself in a suit, sitting in an office , working in one of the most important buildings of the U.S. government . I studied languages ​​in high school , I know perfect English and Italian , and I am well prepared in French and Spanish . Say I am a lover of languages ​​, and a conqueror of new knowledge . I also love psychology , but I've never studied , just read 2 or 3 books . It would be great for all the details and the meaning contained in a single thought or gesture . studying every movement of an individual to understand what his purpose was to act that way . I would say these are my passions , and I thought that having these qualities would help me have many more opportunities to go out and achieve economic stability .. What would you suggest career I followed the base of my qualities and opportunities? Perhaps there is another race that I did not know about that could be good for me . Thanks for your time !

  • Help choosing a college major and career, mine keeps changing?

    You see , I went from journalism to the Spanish teacher , to computers, to English , to accounting , to finance ... but the only things that I really like and I said I 'm better than most people are : Write Planning for the future research Learning Languages ​​ Geometry , ( not algebra , for some reason , I liked to draw shapes in geometry ) Art ( Manga style mostly, but I'm trying realists ) The study of how people act ( such as psychology ) I like helping people Dislikes Blood , needles , heights , spiders ( do not know what difference it makes haha) , and I have no dizziness . I loved teaching, but did not want to study abroad for the time teachers to teach Spanish, English too out there . I like meeting new people and working as a flight attendant now if that helps. I'd like to graduate in 3 years or so ( I'll be a sophomore this semester ) . Grad school would be nice if I can make enough money to go .

  • Could I get into graduate school with these credentials (Columbia, NYU, etc.)?

    Well, I'm a freshman now, but I have thought about graduating next year (May 2012) with a degree in psychology (do not ask how it is possible, but it will be). Anyway, I would go to college school next fall (September 2012) for advice. My top schools are Columbia and NYU. As I'm doing a masters in psychology, but in Mental Health (or orientation) does not have to take the GRE according to schools they wish to apply. The GPA hope to graduate with at least a 3.6, I have a full time job and I am also part of the psychology club at my school. I also plan to volunteer at a crisis line, either from summer or fall, but I'm a little nervous because I will not be doing the crisis line for long (only about 9 months) I I could make it difficult, but I would have done more if I were staying in college longer, but I'll just be doing my degree in two years instead of four. Anyway, some other things that might make me out is that I am the first person in my family to go to college, much less have the opportunity to enter graduate school. I too am a minority and have gone through the trauma of sexual abuse implies that I use in my personal statement because it goes through what really helped me decided he wants to become a counselor or psychologist, but in this case, a counselor or therapist. I'm also hoping to get an internship with a local psychologist for the fall semester, intern at Versace for fall or spring semester, and in practice this park for the summer. I like to get my license in time in both mental health and marriage and family therapy. Besides, you will know that I was able to get my degree in two years instead of four to help or hinder my chances? Oh, and so far I've thought about applying to: 1) Columbia University 2) NYU 3) City College CUNY I have to do a little more research elsewhere to apply, but I have those three for now. So I have a chance?

  • Are there any differences in the quality of business undergraduate/graduate programs at ECU and NC State?

    I'm slowly starting to look like my business major . Right now , I have considered East Carolina University, and even structured my course work to go to that school for psychology . The work I wanted to do with psychology was related to school , but I heard that the future looks bleak due to budget cuts , but baby- boomers retire . The transition to business, what school would be best to get an advantage when applying to college and an advantage in the work force ?

  • I want to apply for graduate studies at a University in America, Paris, or UK. WHere&How do I start?

    I am a graduate student of psychology at a university in the Philippines . I want to get away from everything here , so I'm thinking about graduate study in psychology at a university in the United States, England , Scotland and Paris . About schools , I have been sailing from one school to another . So far I have Stanford in mind. Can you suggest other good universities in those places I mentioned. Besides this , I get a scholarship to do less spending or better , zero . How I can do this ? By the way , what is the diff bet . a grant and financial aid ? Overall, I do not know where and how to begin. Should I take the GRE before anything else ?