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  • Anyone know how much college courses/classes cost at san jacinto college?

    I graduated high school and I feel that if I do not start college soon I'll never get to it , and I know I need. I decided to go to San Jacinto com . I know that college is recognized i school and I just do not have the money to go to a large university and a university ... I would go to earn a degree in business ownership / entrepreneur , psychology or accounting havent decided just yet ... but I just wanted to go ahead and get my basic studies and once done , and I was wondering if anyone knew how much the classes / courses cost , I've been working two jobs so that I will be able to pay for college but I'm trying to figure out how I can look to spend, thanks for all your time and input ...

  • What looks better for psych grad school?

    I'm trying to figure out what looks best in graduate school . Im in psychology by the way! Graduating from a large university with low gpa or graduate from a state university with an amazing gpa ?

  • Psychology Major... What are my options?

    I 'm a psych major , currently a junior at CSUN . I was doing research for an MSc as counseling and school psychology . After doing some research on these occupations , I found that they do not have a great perspective . I heard that you can use your psychology degree to pursue careers in the business, such as Human Resource Management and Industrial -Organizational Psychology . I was also looking in Criminal Psychology and Engineering Psychology , RN nursing , medical assistant , and a Masters in Business Administration ( these only require prequisties for you to enter the program ) . I have to choose either a minor or make the best of my elective units which took prequistes for any of these master's programs . I was wondering what is the best field to enter , and what the children should have, ( no lower in computer science , minor in human resource management , minor in engineering , and so on).

  • Environmental science careers with a I/O psych degree?

    In May , I will have a degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology but I am very interested in environmental science . Since I'm graduating in a few months , I will not change my main LOL ! Is there anything I can do with environmental science with a grade I / O asylum? I had no intention of going to graduate school and I will not consider because of other things going on in my life in the years to come ! Thank you !

  • Psychology or biology major to get into med school?

    I want to be a child psychiatrist. My university offers a Psychology major with a specialization in Child Behavior, but in order to take all of the pre-requisites for med school I would have no credits left to complete a minor in anything without taking more time to graduate. I'd be a board certified behavior analyst and have clinical field experience in Psychology, though. Whereas, if I became a Biology major, I would fulfill the pre-requisites and research and have credit space for a double minor (I'm thinking I'd pick psychology and philosophy). I'm sort of obsessed with Psychology and it's probably slightly easier to get a higher GPA in it, but the Biology major would have more room for well-roundedness. I have no problem with majoring in Biology as I love the subject too. Which would do better in admissions/on the MCAT? Thank you!

  • Can i get into grad school?

    Im about to graduate with a bachelor's degree , majoring in psychology and never really thougth to go to graduate school . Now I know that I love but do not think my grades are good enough to apply to graduate school and I have not done anything to help me get What I want to do after graduation is to get a job with my degree and then apply for graduate school . Is that realistic ? Do people do this often ? I'm the first in my family to earn a college degree and I'm lost .

  • Will being a research assistant look good in your college application?

    to apply for a graduate school ? How to increase my chances of getting into a good graduate school for psychology if I am an investigation

  • Can I get into Med School?

    I'm about to graduate with a degree in psychology . My GPA is 3.0 What are my chances of getting into medical school ?

  • What can I do with a double major and double minor in my fields of choice?

    I want to double major and double minor in college next year. I am still not sure which college I am going to yet because I got accepted into so many. I want to major in Psychology and Business and eventually go on to graduate's school. I want to minor in French and Spanish in my undergraduate years. I also would like to study abroad sometime throughout my undergraduate years. I love traveling and helping people. I want to be my own boss that is why I chose a business degree. I would love to make an non-profit organization. I have always wanted to learn multiple languages and I am currently taking French in high school and want to continue that. Can you help me figure out what I can do in my fields of choice? I really just want to do something that makes me happy. That is why when I thought about the two things that made me happy it was travelling and helping people. I want to know if you can help me figure out what the best possible route to take while completing these degrees and what do career wise. Please help me ? And how long would the Undergrad degree take if I do this? :) ******** PLEASE ANSWER!!! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME I AM POSTING THIS!!!!******* :D

  • Criminology major vs psychology major?

    I want to make a specialty that can give me a greater chance of finding a job after finishing my degree . I really do not want to get into graduate school and get into more debt than I'm in. I wonder which one will give me a better chance of getting a job with just a degree . I like both equally. Now I have to look at the labor market to decide . Also, for additional information , I live in Vancouver and plan to find work there. Thank you.

  • Should I attend USC or UCLA?

    I got accepted at USC and UCLA for biology degree program . You can also change possibly major to psychology . I have a focus premedication and research opportunities and practices are very important . Both seem fine as schools located in Los Angeles , so it is difficult to decide which to attend. Which school is better in your opinion and why ? Advantages of each: UCLA Better Neighborhood Cheaper cost to attend campus feel better imo International prestige USC Work better connections Less budget cuts UCLA Best student teacher Easier to get the classes, which makes it easier for 4 years graduating

  • Should I major in Psychology?

    I've been interested in becoming a clinical psychologist for a while , but I'm afraid I will not be able to afford college . Especially with all student loans I have to pay it back. However, I've heard it's possible to get a scholarship and actually get paid to go to college . The thing is that I do not want to set my hopes on the small chance that I can get a scholarship . I do not know what else I can see myself doing . What do you think ? Should I risk it and specialize in the field that interests me , but I could end up losing money to parents with a title that I can not use because graduate school is so expensive Dang ?

  • What Associate degree would be more benefical or advancing?

    I am a college student and I have taken a lot of classes and of course I'm hoping to get my AA degree and then my BA degree and then graduate school . I have the hope of obtaining joint degrees in MBA / JD , I want to be a lawyer . My question is that with the classes that I obtained so far , you can get an AA , either in the Social and Behavioral Sciences or history. I asked for their opinions boys would be better. Social and Behavioral Sciences is a section of different classes (ie , business, economics , history, geography , sociology , psychology, political science , administration of justice class , geology , etc. ) History is only history classes with a some economic and political science there. Not much more to do with a A.A. History except sub teach and be a paralegal assistant , that's all I've seen . What degree would be better. I will transfer to a 4-year university . Any help is greatly appreciated thanks !

  • What would be a smarter choice, getting a bfa or a masters in counseling psych?

    I am going back to school and has been accepted into a prestigious school of design product design of the study , but I'm also thinking of getting my master's in counseling psychology to become a therapist ..... design and psychology are my two passions , but I 'm trying to consider what degree would be more useful ... any audio input or advice ? If it helps any , I am an INFP ....

  • Can someone help me find a college in Red Deer, Alberta?

    Hey , I'm soon to be a high school graduate . I'm looking for a school in Red Deer that could offer any of the following : East Asian languages ​​, journalism , psychology , travel and any animed computer art courses . I know I'm asking a lot . It would be great if someone could help me find a school there with at least some of these courses .

  • I need serious advice about college?

    I have 20 years old and a college student at a community college . I want to transfer to a university and get into the social work program . I took sociology , psychology , anthropology and I take this semester. I'm trying to get my medical records , medical forms when I get into a university . I live on campus , and I have a friend who is transferred to a university in the fall . I was accepted in a group at my university this year , and most students have already transferred to the autumn . I feel out of place . I heard live on campus , you can make a lot of friends . Making friends is the # 1 thing I suck at . So deffinetly want to live on campus . My academic advisor not want to tranfer to college until I graduate from community college . But I want to transfer after this year . This year will be my third yeard in college . ( My mom does not want me to live on campus . ) I do not know why . Another thing . When transferring to a univeristy , I want to try -out for the football team . I could not play when I was in high school , because my parents forced me to play another sport outside school . Please do not laugh at me, I tried to get my parents left me quite the sport so he could get into the game , but still would not let me . How easy it is to enter a team in college football ? - I work in the gym all the time , and I'm a little muscular. Advice is very necessary .

  • What are the college requirements for a trauma therapist?

    I live in Tennessee and am about to graduate from high school . I'm thinking of going to college to study clinical psychology . What credits I need to qualify as a trauma therapist ? In Tennessee .

  • What are the downsides to going to CC and then transferring?

    Long story short , I'm in grade 10 and I go to a very academic HS . It's the kind you have to work your butt off just to earn a C in the class. But you're actually learning something , instead of other schools where you sit there and get an easy A. All students / staff that is really our HS CC hardest and most CSU ! In the near future , I'll probably be accepted to college, but only a few Cal States I graduated from a UC ( or at least a very high rating CSU ) . So, I'm thinking of going to CC for 2 years, then transfer . What are the disadvantages of this? The only thing I can think of is not being able to party and live in a dorm. Some additional data : - When I graduate , I will be exactly 17 1/2 . - I live in California - ( ? ) Do not know what I want to major , but probably along the lines of psychology - After obtaining a degree I have really wanted to read a master . ruin this is CC ? Thank you !

  • 10 pts!! Is my personal statement good? (interesting I promise)?

    There are people who find their interests quickly and those who take time to figure out what they want to do with their lives. My parents created an easy route by building a base where I was able to learn and adapt to changes quickly. They lived their lives for their future generation, so that I can live a better life than them. They run businesses that have failed and succeeded. Being a keen observer of the daily stresses and discovering solutions for their businesses has made me learn a lot about how people function in the workplace. Helping businesses my parents at an early age has changed my work ethic of an employee of the perspective of a manager. I learned that a company will survive if employees give priority to the objective of the organization while managers listen and offer feedback to move the union. If each employee were to imagine the life of a business, they will recognize the challenges and risks involved. Starting a business requires awareness of responsibility and asks a person to maintain the asset. Given that, a company can easily collapse if there is a lack of a shared vision. Taking this into account at an early age, has led me to be internally motivated to succeed by my parents' earnings and, in turn, made me feel motivated to succeed in all aspects of my work, including school . Now, I look for that intrinsic motivation in others, hoping that no quality is reflected in his personality. My passion for the field of Industrial Organizational Psychology comes from my introspection and has inspired me to want to help improve the companies to find the best fit of personnel because I strongly believe strategies of recruitment and retention of people, building a solid foundation for a company . Create a future for me to become a Human Resources Manager, I am currently a double major in communications and psychology as a basis for understanding the underlying meaning of what inspires people. Ideas start at a micro, mini and becomes a community project that aims to eventually reach the global goal. To continue with my passion in people, started volunteering at the Center for Recruitment and Retention of Students, a student-run organization that strives to recruit students of color in higher education and retention. In student recruitment and retention center, there are 9 components that have specifically chosen an internship at the Graduate Program Academic Achievement Advocacy for recruiting students who wish to continue their education while retaining graduate students at the University of California in Davis. There is a program on campus that goes to the Graduate School and I believe that many students, including myself, would benefit from a program that is geared specifically toward higher education. Together, my team administers surveys to meet student needs and quickly find strategies to meet them. Many college students, including myself sought a mentor for assistance in the process of applying to college. Quickly, our team organized a mixer mentor / apprentice where college students can choose specifically which graduate students were more compatible. Our main reason was to build a community of interest and network for graduate students and undergrads to connect because over time, students in the same field with collgueaes become. Also, another request was to have research classes, where students would be able to carry out their own research interest in the community, find results, and apply the results to our community environment. I think I'm doing what I do on a micro level in my community. My enthusiasm for helping others to overcome barriers that globally defines me. With respect to employment, I will find a suitable person for a job and finding the right person means to retain them. I hope to learn all the strategies and all aspects of industrial organization to meet organizational objectives within a company. In college, I hope to understand conceptually how work can improve and use what I've learned and apply it to clinical practice. I think I have the passion and the certain knowledge of how and why people behave. Be postgraduate studies will give me a solid foundation to continue my career. I worked with Professor Grimm as his research assistant and am familiar with the use of SAS and R. I have a specific interest in cultural studies and would love to work with Sharon Glazer as part of my trip. I want to know if people are enabled to be motivated in the same way. From my introspection, I have seen that people are more motivated ended up being happier and more successful. I wanted to know what conditi

  • Recommendation letters?

    I have the intention to attend graduate school in cognitive psychology . can have two letters of recommendation from the same lab ? Its been two years since I graduated . I also worked in the laboratory for four months ... Is it worth asking for a letter of recommendation , if you are like 3/4 of page