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  • If God knew that I would become an atheist, why did he create me?

    If God knew I was going to graduate high school , get a degree in psychology , and move on to get Ph.D. in neuropsychology , and then become an atheist because I researched that religion is the result of a flood of neurotransmitters in a specific part of the brain , and that eventually would go to hell , why I believe in the first place? I mean , God knows everything , so I knew I was going to do this , however , even knowing my spirit infused my mom and dad sperm egg ( zygote ) . Why did this?

  • (Oh god not another) TOP COLLEGE "chance me" question?!?

    I am a mature sophomore in high school again , however, I have been keeping college admissions in mind since I was 14. I'll get to the point . My goal for high schools. Stanford is the number 1 followed by ivy , followed by a couple of others I can upload on request. Miscellaneous information: Current GPA ( weighted ): 5.1 Current GPA (unweighted ): 3.85 I think? Around an A- average? He scored 98% on state tests in middle school Anoto 29-30 ( I forgot ) in ACT in middle school . ACT will be back in high school and Sat I am 100 % white . Irish / German . Nothing special race . The average income , probably not a lot of motivation of financial aid , but I do not think we can afford college . I'm going to New Trier High School , near Chicago . 4 Year Plan (this is necessary in my school , so it is actually on the record and not only I

  • I'm 22 years old and don't know what I want to do with my career...?

    I have 22 years old, senior in Clinical Psychology, and I have no idea what I want to do. I dropped out of high school and earned a GED. When I arrived at the community college, my mother pushed me to do Engineering. I do not like it after a year and went to sociology. I graduated from community college with a 3.9 and a member of the International Society honors two-year colleges, Phi Theta Kappa. I admitted to the best school in the state. I went as a large international studies, because my mother said the money is important, and only offered me a place to live if I went to a program Pre-Law and Law aims. I liked the idea of ​​the law, but the new school came at me and I did not have much work readiness. I changed my major because I wanted to find something in the field of psychology, and he wanted to know why I am a failure in life. It cost me my first year, but I brought up my GPA. It is a 3.1, hopeless graduate, law or medical school yet. I will end this year and stay another year as a super-senior to get my GPA. I got a job at a clinic this summer, but was fired arbitrarily because juvenile records found since I got kicked out of my house and arrested when he was 13. I was first going to college for a Psy D. in clinical psychology, because I like the country, but now that I have a little experience I realize more and more that psychologists today do not know about people and **** the field of mental health is actually a company of hit-or-miss that focuses on vague promises of treatment for people with severe disorders. I'm thinking about medical school, but if I do, I would have to spend a year in a post-bacc program to take biology and chemistry req, and I've never taken a math course beyond Algebra I. Plus, I have fcking age 22, and when I get the degree, I will be almost 24 years. I have another job interview with another clinic, but it seems they want a model citizen and star overachiever to fill a position 10 dollar entry level hours. I asked for volunteers, waited a couple of internships under my belt, waiting experience, who am I? I have not really had many opportunities and I find it hard to juggle all sorts of things at once ... well, all for $ 10 an hour? Give me a break, you can make more money in bars and do not need half of credentials. I know people who at age 21 are in medical school. I know a friend who finished college in three years. I know friends who have 4.0 GPA and made Dean's List here every year and to mourn and contemplate suicide if they get a 98 instead of a 100. I'm just trying to live ... I do not know where I'll be in 5 years ... Is this normal? Does anyone have any advice?

  • Can you still apply to grad school if you don't meet one of the requirements?

    I feel very discouraged right now. I graduated from college in 2006 with a degree in psychology and a GPA of 2.69 . I could have done better , but I was dealing with several medical problems during those years . I started my online application for MSW ( Master of Social Work ) this morning , but then I realized the minimum average of 2.75 is applied. I have many people in line to give strong letters of recommendation , and my personal statement is very strong too. I volunteer at a senior center , speaks fluent French , and fix computers on the side , so I'm pretty well rounded . I feel discouraged , however , and I feel I should just give up. If I bother applying, or will the admissions office laugh at me? The GRE is not required, so that no balance the intake process in any way. Please help me , I feel like my body is heavy and numb with this sinking feeling .

  • Should I become an engineer if I am not proficient in math? I like technology, what career choice can i make?

    I'm struggling between deciding on a psychology or engineering. Psychology is somewhat easier than engineering ( most engineering students take a year to complete their degree ) . I do not think I can survive in my engineering classes , but I like it and want to learn more about technology . I took a computer programming class and I do not ( but withdrew so that would not affect my ) . My class CS was difficult and everyone else had previous programming experience ( high school ) . If I make a great psych 'll do a double major , so my second largest economy of the company would be . Any advice ?

  • Paralegal Diploma?A good Idea?

    I am finishing my degree in General Psychology this year .... I'm really interested in getting into law school , but it is very expensive and I do not think you can get at any of the law schools of Toronto and anyway I do not know if it's worth after all .... I'm not sure what you want to do next ... I have really wanted to continue my studies ... I have less debt in my grade ! and since I'm not sure what I want to do now want to work a bit to understand all ... A paralegal diploma is a good idea? that in no way helps me get into a law school or a graduate school ? How is it paid? and how difficult it is to get a job after graduation ?

  • I'm applying for counseling in master's degree. Is school counseling or mental health counseling better?

    I want to study in counseling psychology for my Masters . I have to decide whether to study school counseling or mental health counseling , because most colleges are divided into the following categories . I know the school counseling work in schools , mental health and work in society . I've seen some school counselors say there is much paperwork to do at work that is not related to their profession . Is this true ? I would rather work with children and families. I am very confused about which to choose. I would like to know the good and the bad of being a mental health counselor and school counselor . There are also job opportunities much ? Thank you very much !

  • I'm at a crossroads in life and I need some objective advice?

    Last year I graduated from law school and began practicing law . For reasons too detailed to explain , I really think that the law is not the career you have chosen. The tricky part : I'm thinking of going to school to get a master's degree in psychology or a related field . If I do this , I will endeavor financially and mentally . It also will test my family relationships , because my parents do not approve of my return to school and make fun of me for being a

  • Im in my freshman year of high school,and have a few questions about college?

    I started my first year in high school, and I'm confused about what they should do to prepare for college . 1.What do I have to do (besides getting good grades ) to qualify for even a school ( I have to take the SAT , etc ? ) 2.I want to go to Cleveland State University , I would like to get a degree in some form of psychology ( I want to be councilor for children and a rehabilitation counselor so what classes I need , or what extent I have to get ? 3.Whats the average cost of all this ?

  • How can I stop comparing myself to my pisces friend?

    I am a caner and I met my friend since the first grade. She is a year younger than me , I'm 29yrs old . Anyway my mother (Aquarius ) and his mother ( pound) are bestfriends so naturally they wanted to become friends . In high school all hot guys came to her and she was always on the honor roll . His father and stepfather are good . So I never wanted for anything . Hell stepfather bought him a new car on her 18th birthday . When he was 17 his parents paid for her to study in London . While my mother is a single mother and has always had financial problems . My father left me when I was one year old. I'm thinking a little slower than people my age . My classmates made ​​fun of me at school because I was in remedial classes. Now that we are adults that still bothers him. When both were out of work three years ago , my mom suggested I try applying the CVS pharmacy from recruitment to IT Support . I have a degree in Computer Science and worked my butt off for it. Meanwhile, my mother told her mom largemouth and forwarded the messasge my friend . Anyway , both applied and guess who got the job . Yes he did . The thing is that she has a degree in psychology ! I was so hurt. I still do not I have a job . I live with my mother while she still has an amazing condo in the suburbs . My mother and I lost our home because of our financial statements . So we had to go to a seedy apartment two. So now I'm angry at the world . My friend tries to contact me via email, but I have no desire to respond . What if my mom asks why he can not be more like her . My life is a mess now .

  • Are these grades good enough to keep my UCSB admission?

    I got accepted to UCSB for fall 09 term , but I am concerned about the grades I received my last year of high school . Here is my final year degree First Semester Am - C AP Government AP English- C AP Psychology - C AP Calculus -F Assistant Professor ( T. A. ) - A Second semester Economics AP- C AP English- C AP Psychology - C AP Calculus - D Assistant Professor ( T. A. ) - A Does the D and F in calculus cost me my admission ? After all , do not even need this class to graduate , decided to take a year 4 math .

  • I don't have internal motivation to push forward in my life. Can you offer some advice?

    So I have 19 years old and a freshman in college . I 've been through a lot in my life , but I 'm not going to use this question to brag about my misfortune . The point I am trying to convey is that I've seen more life in my 19 years to do in a lifetime . He was depressed for many years and only got through for amusement , so that the objectives to be achieved. My last goal was to graduate from high school and get into a good college . Unfortunately , I did not do myself. I have not done anything to me because I have goals , ambition , drive . I live with external motivation , such as family friendly , or not to look like a screw in the eyes of society . With college came a lot of work , and thoughts for the future . When people asked about my specialty , I said I was interested in psychology. My dream is to find a way to make

  • Aspiring writer- what do I major in?

    Since I 'm going to 11th grade this year , I think it's time to start thinking about school , and I have to say , I'm stumped . I know what career I choose , writing novels . And if that does not work , I guess I'll write columns for magazines . Anyway , I'm not sure how important that choice . Although creative writing is the obvious choice for someone like me , some of the schools I'm thinking of applying to avoid important . I'm talking about Princeton and Harvard . I do not mean this in a cocky at all, but I honestly think I have a good chance of climbing I do not know if it would be worth going , as they are not my specialty of their choice . Have any of your other English enough runs ? Apart from these schools , I have also been thinking about SCAD ( Savannah College of Art and Design ) and Emory . Both are close to home and offer creative writing . Not sure about attending art school , though, because you might want to minor in psychology ... I'm really not sure yet . Another problem is that not really understand how the whole race and the important work! Any advice ? Surely I'd appreciate it ! :)

  • Im so confuse about what to do?

    I am very interested in a lot of careers in college . I'm almost graduating from high school , I graduated in June. Although it need not have a specialty in mind automatically because I know that college is the place to explore many things . I want to at this to be sure what I want to do . From now on I am interested in psychology and veterinary medicine . Do you think they will be well to consider whether I can not decide between the two , or rather reduce it to one? Thank you !

  • Psychology vs Bachelor of Science Human Science Major?

    So I'm trying to get into medical school and I really work hard to get a 4.0 , good from this school and others in the province is that there are no prerequisites ! Therefore, the prerequisites is not so much going to be my deciding factor , but if I'm applying to other schools , a BSC will be very useful as it will cover most of the prerequisite courses . Anyway , I am interested in these two races , and I heard the psychology is quite easy , however , my school only offers correspondence ( online classes only) . This is not really a problem as we get distracted very easily be in class anyway, but most people who praised psychology to be easy to have a teacher that was a huge factor in his statement. So now I'm thinking , psychology can not be that easy , I 'm doing correspondence . On the other hand , I am very interested in what human science has to offer . However, I have really bad ADD in my head and I can not concentrate for rats *** , unless you take Adderall . This course contains a lot of biology that would benefit me greatly to medical school , even if you do not require pre - med . Even so , it would mean a lot to me to understand the material previously . I like learning about the human body , but when going to background , I become lost immediately after it gets old . So, I just know it will be hard for me . So I'm not sure what major to take? ? ? Someone please give me an idea about this!

  • Become a teacher with a bachelor minor in Education?

    I was wondering if you can become a teacher if you have such degree with a major in Psychology and a minor in Education . Need education as a major to become a teacher or a lot less ? And if you go , you can only become a primary school teacher and also a school / Middle and High School teachers ?

  • Analysis or statistics?

    Okay so I 'm a sophomore in high school course and I will have all my math credits to graduate later this year, but has yet to take a math every year anyway . so i was wondering if I should enter the analysis (which is more or less pre -calc course ) or statistics ? I plan to go to psychology and want to be a PhD in it , so the time can do private practice . I am currently in trigonometry

  • Could I get into graduate school with these credentials (Columbia, NYU, etc.)?

    Well, I'm a freshman now, but I have thought about graduating next year (May 2012) with a degree in psychology (do not ask how it is possible, but it will be). Anyway, I would go to college school next fall (September 2012) for advice. My top schools are Columbia and NYU. As I'm doing a masters in psychology, but in Mental Health (or orientation) does not have to take the GRE according to schools they wish to apply. The GPA hope to graduate with at least a 3.6, I have a full time job and I am also part of the psychology club at my school. I also plan to volunteer at a crisis line, either from summer or fall, but I'm a little nervous because I will not be doing the crisis line for long (only about 9 months) I I could make it difficult, but I would have done more if I were staying in college longer, but I'll just be doing my degree in two years instead of four. Anyway, some other things that might make me out is that I am the first person in my family to go to college, much less have the opportunity to enter graduate school. I too am a minority and have gone through the trauma of sexual abuse implies that I use in my personal statement because it goes through what really helped me decided he wants to become a counselor or psychologist, but in this case, a counselor or therapist. I'm also hoping to get an internship with a local psychologist for the fall semester, intern at Versace for fall or spring semester, and in practice this park for the summer. I like to get my license in time in both mental health and marriage and family therapy. Besides, you will know that I was able to get my degree in two years instead of four to help or hinder my chances? Oh, and so far I've thought about applying to: 1) Columbia University 2) NYU 3) City College CUNY I have to do a little more research elsewhere to apply, but I have those three for now. So I have a chance?

  • Is an undergraduate degree in psychology required for a doctorate degree in social psychology?

    I have heard that it is not necessary , but I wanted to check with someone who has gone this route in college . Thank you.