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  • Disblity Fraud help. I am desperate. 10 points for an answer that helps me.?

    My disablity benefits worker discovered that I am working on my Masters . I get about $ 22,000 a year for college . I can get a copy small portion of surplus funds . Now they are investigating the issue and was told that the $ 22,000 a year is about the amount qualfied for all benefits . I am very scared because you can only get back $ 2,000 each disbursement , that is 6 months. What I can do? What I can expect? In my undergraduate program that did not have my losans as income. I work in the feild of pychology . I can not get a job without a master's degree in psychology . It's too late now I have $ 40,000 of college debt . What is considered welfare fraud ? They said they may owe money to the government ? What exactly is going to lose. Will I lose my health insurance? I want to use excess funds for college expenses not living expenses

  • Would it be easier to get into a Masters program for psychology with a 3.2 gpa and a great resume?

    and hopefully great GRE results and recommendations for good ? ? ? ?

  • Can i major in psychology during my undergraduate years and into a dual masters program MBA/MHA?

    I am currently a senior psychology and am almost complete and I've been thinking about graduate school next want a double Master MBA / MHA or MBA / MPH is possible to enter these programs with a dual master's degree in psychology ? What do I have to do to enter either program and someone can give me a list of schools offering these dual master's programs ?

  • What should I minor in? This is confusing.?

    I'm going to be a dental hygiene major next fall , right now I'm doing the pre reqs . So I'm in college allows us to collect the children. What is a child with good dental hygiene ? (I have plans to go to dental school , and am doing bachelors program for dental hygiene ) = ] Psychology ? Chemistry ? ( Ehh = no / my favorite subject : X : X ) Accounting ? Communications ? any other ideasss =]?

  • University of Toronto or York University ?

    Hello , I am currently a grade 12 student with an average of 91% . I applied to the University of Toronto - Mississauga York University and psychology . I am very confused and do not know where to go . The reasons why I got York : - It is 20 minutes ( journey time is a great thing .. especially since gas is super expensive ) - I like the atmosphere , the staff seems nice Reasons not want to go to York : - It has a bad reputation , and my parents did not want me to go there - People who go to UofT , can get a job faster ( according to many people .. do not know if it's true or not) Why want to go to UTM : - Good reputation - I will visit the campus soon .. but I've heard good things about it Why do not you want to go : - Heard its difficult change programs - It's a long journey from home (45 minute drive ) - More difficult to get a good GPA My long term goal is to go to medical school or law school . I am very confused and do not know where to go , can someone with experience please give me some advice . I really appreciate it. Thank you ! Also , if I change my mind halfway between the university and want to change my program , but does not have the prerequisites .. How does the process work ?

  • What is a degree program?

    I am completing the common application and requests

  • International programs in northern european universities?

    I am interested in studying at a university in the Netherlands , Sweden , Denmark , Finland and Norway . as American psychology I wonder if any of these countries universities that offer psychology programs in English , and even give me a bachelor's degree (I'm now a sophomore ) . I've done some research on this and so far have not found anything ot me hope . I would appreciate any input or personal experience . thank you!

  • How hard is it to get into USC?

    In fact , I want to double major in photography and medical bio engineering.I love photography and I've been interested in him since the 6th grade and he taught himself about photoshop and my DSLR. I wonder if its fine arts program is hard to get into .. I am currently more And I 'm doing a 3.4 / 4 GPA unweighted 33 on my ACT I took 2 dc in my junior class AP CALC AB psychology and And now , as a senior I'm taking 3 AP : AP Physics , CALC BC and STATS Clubs: I was on the football team my first year and second year of Stoco - freshman Sun rise ( a club where we do crafts for children with cancer in children ) was one of the club's starter ( sophomore , junior and senior ) Decca ( ​​jr and senior ) Key Club ( junior and senior ) ART Honor Society ( juniors and seniors ) And America club And more than 100 volunteer hours . Is this the type of resume looking at USC ?

  • Chances of getting into NYU MA General Psychology?

    I currently studying at Webster University . I have graduated with the International Baccalaureate Diploma with 27 points . With the results of Diploma , my SAT is not required. I have also transferred to the University of Lancaster , is a British university ( top 10 unis in the UK ) and was given credit transfer for most of my courses . In Webster I have a gap of 3.7 and I'm still a sophomore . Would it be good enough to enter the Master of Psychology University of New York General ? If not, how high should be my GRE scores ? Also, I'm working on a research project in the Netherlands with my teacher about working with victims of trafficking. Would this project help my chances ?

  • Can't decide career path?

    I have started the process of looking at graduate programs ( I'm in my third year undergraduate ) and am having trouble deciding what career I want to start . My undergraduate degree is in psychology , majoring in political science . I'm really interested in two fields of psychology, counseling and school psychology . I love working with children / adolescents and that's what attracts me to school psychology . But I do not want to just limit this age group or for a school environment . People told me that if I get a masters / PhD in counseling , I can still be a counselor at school . But school psychology encompasses more than just counseling. Basically , if anyone in any of these areas can give me a little help would be greatly appreciated !

  • Can anyone tell me if i will be able to get into near-ivy league schools with these grades and accomplishments?

    I'm in the IB diploma program and Girl Scouts , so I'm doing two huge leadership projects too. I'm in 3 different school orchestra programs and for the cello . American Sign Language 121-95 % Orchestra -98% Theory of Knowledge % -100 English IB -89% IB History of the Americas -90% IB Psychology -98% IB Mathematics SL -92% IB Physics -89% I know I'm slacking in physics and English lol thank you! :)

  • Considering going to NYC for college?

    I am currently a junior in high school in Southern California , and was thinking of going to college in New York or nearby . My grades are pretty good , only 2 Cs all my high school career (one in the first year honors geometry , and the other in AP Chemistry junior year ) , the rest is pretty much all A's. I volunteer for the program Big Brother Big Sister , I am elected to the status of girls , and I 've been in college tennis . I'm thinking of specializing in psychology , business, government or education ( teaching) . Someone can help me find a good college that has one or more of those races ? In addition , all possible scholarships ? I've looked at Pace University, and am thinking of that school , but it is pricey . I will choose the best answer .

  • How do you mix a song with recorded lyrics.?

    I'm doing a music video for a psychology class and I need help finding a way to mix what we recorded with a microphone at a pace that you downloaded . If it must be free software . All help will be appreciated.

  • Unemployment help... Anyone?

    I am currently taking 12 units at Cal State Long Beach as a student of psychology. I refused my CTB (california training benefits). So now I need someone to help me write a letter of appeal. I am not an expert on writing appeals. Can a law student or lawyer partner please write me a letter of appeal? I agree I do not qualify for CTB, when I think I qualify for it. Basically that's it, I do not know what else to say or express what it is and why I'm in this forum in the first place. So if someone is kind enough to write something to me, I would really appreciate it. I do not care what it is as long as it looks decent and plausible would be good enough for me. This is exactly what the letter says: You are not eligible for the California Training Benefits (CTB) program at the Unemployment Insurance Code of California (CUIC) Section 1269.1D The training does not meet the criteria for an approved training program or professional school. Therefore, their training does not meet the provisions of section 1269.1 (D) of the CUIC. Section 1269.1 (d) provides the training or education course is one approved by the director and can be completed in a reasonable time. You are not eligible for an extension of Training (ET) in the Unemployment Insurance Code of California (CUIC) 1271st section. Although it met the requirements of CUIC 1271 (A) for the benefits of TE, TE a claim can not be filed because you do not qualify for CTB under section 1269.1D CUIC. Therefore it complies with the provisions of Section 1271 (A) of the CUIC. Section 1271st offers anyone unemployed receive unemployment compensation benefits or asking questions about the determination of potential eligibility for the CTB program no later than 16 weeks of receipt of these benefits and are determined eligible for CTB, is entitled to an extension of training in your claim for unemployment compensation, if necessary, to complete the CTB approved training. Call: You have the right to file an appeal if you disagree with all or part of this decision To appeal, you must do the following: A) Complete the appeal form below (DE1000M) or write a letter saying that you want to appeal this decision. If you write an appeal letter, explain why you disagree with the Department's decision. Enter your Social Security number on each document to submit to the department (Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Section 5008). B. Posted on DE1000M or letter to the office address listed on the first page of this decision. C. File your appeal within 20 days from the date of dispatch of this notice.

  • College Admissions Letter (tell me if you think this is good) or what changes I should make to it!?

    Ms. Susan Myers , My name is Leeann Crails . I'm a senior at Calvary Day School in Columbus . I recently applied to South Georgia , and was accepted into the Eagle Incentive Program . I would love to participate in the EIP program , I think it's a great program and I know I excel in it . However, the invitation said that if you have taken college classes may not be admitted to the program . I took two college classes , English 191 and 191 on Saturdays Psychology Thursdays and Tuesdays after school . I B in these two classes , but I would be willing to fall if it would help get me in the EIP program . I've taken the SAT three times and can not seem to get my score above a 960. I know I have what it takes to be a great student , but my Sat reflects not only that. South Georgia is an absolutely wonderful school and I have wanted to go there for a very long time . My goal in life is to be a teacher and I know South Georgia would be the best place for me to go to reach that goal. I was hoping to be admitted as regular accept for the summer semester . If given the chance , I promise you, I would go above and beyond as a GSU student . I know this is the school I'm supposed to go . Even if your decision is to not accept me , I'll keep working as hard as I can until I just know that this is the school I'm supposed to go . I really appreciate you taking the time to read this , I hope you all have taught it would be a great addition to an already wonderful school . Thanks again for reading this , Leeann Crails

  • School Psychology vs. studying special ed.?

    I'm trying to decide between becoming a resource specialist , or school psychologist . I have a college degree. I live in California and spent my CBEST and CSET . At the point , I wanted to teach Elementary. I was in a program for it , but I was more interested in Ed.and Special School Psychology . What I can expect from both programs and jobs? I sincerely want to help the children of my heart . Where I can make the greatest impact ?

  • How to prepare for Master's in Psychology with a B.S. in Music?! Help!?

    I am a college graduate with a B.S. in Music , Liberal Arts but I decided to follow Psychology as a career . In undergraduate , I was a Psych / Music double major for a year , so I've taken a statistics class , general psych , human growth and learning, and the psychology of adjustment but as for admission to a graduate program I am very behind. At this point I would like to apply for admission to a program in clinical psychology or counseling graduate in the spring of 2012, but I'm not sure how I prepare other than taking the GRE . Some schools require undergraduate psych longer hours , while others receive requests despite the shortcomings of the course hours . Also, what jobs, internships , volunteer opportunities would be helpful to gain experience ? I feel like I'm starting from scratch so any advice would be helpful !

  • Are there any differences in the quality of business undergraduate/graduate programs at ECU and NC State?

    I'm slowly starting to look like my business major . Right now , I have considered East Carolina University, and even structured my course work to go to that school for psychology . The work I wanted to do with psychology was related to school , but I heard that the future looks bleak due to budget cuts , but baby- boomers retire . The transition to business, what school would be best to get an advantage when applying to college and an advantage in the work force ?

  • I intend to broaden my knowledge by taking short courses (about psychology). Is there any scholarship?

    I work as a teacher at the National University in my city . I realize I need to expand my knowledge and if I could have a new specialty in my field would be an advantage for me to share with my students . I am interested in the study of educational psychology , especially program that connects preschool or kindergarten . If you have information about how I can get scholarships in New Zealand , I would appreciate your help . Right now , I have a 7 month old , and that's why they just want to take short courses abroad. I choose New Zealand as it is not far from my home and within my husband to come to us ( if I have the opportunity to study abroad and I can take my baby with me ) .