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  • I am really hopeless and depressed about my future... NOT doing well.?

    I am seriously depressed and desperate and on the verge of just wanting to end it all. I have 20 years of age. I graduated from high school in 2006, spent three years in college to get anything accomplished because I started a semester later transferred schools , and now not even want my Major ( Music Education ) . I have an average of 3.744 , but I'm still so desperate about what to do , since any other degree will take me three years just to get my degree . I'm thinking in psychology. And now , my counselor is telling me that if you do not get a PHD , then I will not get a good job . So I'm looking at eight years , most of the college , eight years of student loans . What a nightmare . I just want to die . And my parents did not help me with anything because I do not think I should. I mean, I pay all my expenses of gas to school health insurance . Someone please tell me what I should do . Or the words of hope about my future at the moment.

  • The year is 2020: What is your greatest accomplishment or proudest moment?

    I have to write an essay for a scholarship and I'm looking for some ideas . I want to get my doctorate in psychology . Habré finished graduate school in 2018 . It has to do with psychology , some ideas would be nice. Please and thank you !

  • To any phd's or m.d's -are psychics and mediums schizophrenic??

    i just took a college course , abnormal psychology , and I was reading about the DSM that must be met for a person has schizophrenia . then I saw a rare sight in the other day

  • I Feel Guilty for Being Happy?

    A week before my wedding, my father called me and told me to cancel. He said he and my mom was not ready to marry me and asked me to wait six years for them to meet my boyfriend. I had been with my husband for three years and had already treated as not worth knowing. I told him I was going with her if she liked it or not. My husband and I paid for the wedding ourselves and do not need my parents' permission to marry. We are adults, after all! Anyway, have been married for six months and I could talk to my parents after the wedding. In the days before the wedding, he said and did horrible things that both my husband and I in an attempt to break. It did not work, but we did fight a lot. Now we are finally happy. I come home from work every day excited to see my husband and spend the night with him. We make each other laugh and we do almost everything together.He has made me a better person. I'm healthier (we'll run together), happier and more driven. Recently, my mom called my old friends in my hometown (I have not lived there for years, but I keep in touch with my friends) and began to mourn, saying he was being selfish to marry someone you do not want. I am very angry! Since I heard that, I felt like a kid again, feeling personally responsible every time my mom or dad is upset. My mother used to tell my brother and I was going to run, so I appreciate it if we act up. My father always said we were in poor condition and had more than they grew and were ungrateful. I've had a job since I was 15 years old. I've always been a hard worker. Now I am in PA school and trying to be a dermatology PA. My husband is going back to school to earn his doctorate in psychology. We have a good life, and I feel guilty about it! I feel like I have to drop everything to make my parents happy ... but what to do for my own happiness? Is it selfish to marry someone their parents do not like, even if you are happy to be with them?

  • Should I study my master's in Argentina?

    Hi , well I 'm studying my Honours degree in Psychology from the University of Ottawa , but I'm very interested in studying my Masters in Argentina at the University of Buenos Aires , which I'm told is the psychology department in the best Latin America . I know that in Canada we have some of the best universities in the world to study psychology , but do you think I will have problems trying to get my PhD in Canada after studying in Argentina? For additional information , I am of latin decent and I am a Canadian citizen , so the language and culture will not be a problem. Also, I know that education is free in Argentina , but also applies to the teacher ? if not , does anyone know what it cost to study a master's there?

  • What career to choose? I enjoy psychology, spanish, animals, languages in general, films...?

    So I'm seriously running out of time to choose a career .... I am currently doing a degree and want to double degree in psychology and Spanish ... What are some careers that I might like to have reasonable prospects of employment ? I wanted to be a zookeeper , but jobs are scarce and therefore are very competitive ... I do not want a PhD in psychology , as it takes a long time and I think it is very difficult I was planning on being in the police at a time .... I could join the k9 unit .... any other ideas please ? thanks :)

  • Degree in psychology?

    What can be done with: a bachelor's degree in psychology ? a master ? or a PhD? Psychology really interests me and I considered majoring in it , but I'm not sure what you can do with it besides the obvious become a psychologist . I'm also not sure what the demand is for psychologists / people with degrees in psychology . Also, what are some good schools of psychology ? I know that Stanford has one of the largest programs in the country , but admit that less than 2 % of transfer applicants (about 20) per year ... so I think we should pick up some more reasonable schools . Thank you.

  • Medical school, PHD, etc...?

    is medical school after college or a university is ? Because I 'm going to attend a normal school and study chemical, biological human psychology and sociology . Will these help me in medical school and what degrees should I get in GCSE subjects ? Also , you have to have a PhD to become a doctor because im planning on becoming a doc first and then go further to become a surgeon in gyaenocology . thank you!

  • How long does it take to get a PhD in psychology?

    (I mean how long it takes since I graduated from high school ) I've heard it can take up to 10-12 years , but I really do not want to be in school that long I have taken many AP classes , so if I get credit for them , would it be able to skip a few semesters of my degree ? It is also shorter than in other countries like England ? Im currently in the U.S. , but if I could save a few years of schooling would really like to know

  • How do you obtain a phd in clinical psychology with a BA degree?

    How to get a doctorate in clinical psychology with a bachelor ?

  • What kind of a degree do you need to be a therapist?

    I was thinking about changing my major to psychology , but I'm told by someone who needs a PhD to be a therapist , and I'm not sure if I could get my masters ... what actually I have a few questions . What kind of action do you think being a therapist ? What can be done with a partner in psychology ? What is the job market for people with degrees in psychology , as ?

  • Extremely frustrated and don't know what to do with my life, any ideas"?

    I've always underestimated so I have this thing in my head that I am not capable of doing things . I'm going into my junior in college Yr

  • Can I get into an MBA program with a bachelors of psychology?

    Here is the bottom . Prefer professionals in the field to answer the question : Will I be able to get into a good MBA program / ​​prestigious school with a psychology degree from California State University ? I want to work for Goldman Sachs in New York Leeman brothers and wants to take any necessary advice . Also, I'm wondering if I should do my MBA and complete my PhD in cognitive neuroscience / psychology or Working on a PhD in finance ... Is there a huge difference in getting significant pay your MBA or PhD in finance ? What do you do as a financial analyst ( PhD work at Goldman for example) . I wanted to know if the extra schooling will pay off. It will be the sole provider for a family of four , so that income is certainly important . But if the wage difference is not much , I will be able to work with my MBA and then continue my interest in cognitive psychology . Any advice is appreciated . I'm taking the GRE this summer , my GPA is 3.5 .

  • School Psychology Degree?

    I'm a junior in high school and seems interested in the field of psychology school psychology in particular . I work in an elementary school . What do I get in college ? Should I go for a bachelor degree in psychology generally and then a master's and a doctorate in school psychology ? You need a PhD? I also plan to get a degree in Spanish , as it could be useful . How old do you think will be in college ? Thank you !

  • What would be my chances of becoming a Medical/Medical service Officer in the Army? Please read below.?

    Well , I am graduating from college in May, but the ROTC program let me finish your program so you can be commissioned. I also just joined the Army National Guard . Right now my assigned MOS is a specialist in the field of Petroleum Quartermaster . I'm attending Capella University to receive a masters and doctorate in psychology , and I want to do something about mental health in the military. If the army know that I will have a PhD . or will soon EDP , that will give me a better chance to get into the industry ? What are the chances I have to be? Hey , it's either medical or Quartermaster , and hopefully physician.

  • Which colleges (preferably in California) would be best if I were hoping to obtain a PhD in Psychology?

    You can be a college and a graduate school , but have the best programs I want to do ?

  • Best project in psychology?

    I am doing my PhD in psychology . WANT MORE INFORMATION ON PSYCHOLOGY

  • Do i need a PHD?????? ANSWERS NEEDED!?

    Dicaprio Your Open Question See another » Do I need a PhD? ? ? ? ? ? ? To be a forensic psychologist I know if I need a PhD , as some websites and people say yes , others say it's a minimum masters , I'm not trying to get out of work I prefer to enter the field as soon as can. Like this website means that you only need a masters supervised practice , is not it ? ? The most common route is: * Degree in Psychology ( this gives the basic BPS graduate to become a psychologist collegiate level grant is accredited by the BPS and graduate with a 2:2 or above) . 3 years full time. followed by * A Forensic Psychology Masters ( this is the first part of each state chartered as a forensic psychologist ) * Followed by at least two years supervised practice (eg trainee forensic psychologist with the prison service ) * Once you have done your supervised practice , then you can apply to the BPS for the state and then officially chartered title

  • What jobs could I get with a B.A in Psychology?

    I wonder what