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  • What college should I attend and what measures should I take in order to beome a psychiatrist?

    I am currently in my third year at Florida International University and I am majoring in Psychology . In order to become a psychiatrist that I must attend after my degree to get my master's and my doctorate followed by ? Also, I am in the great right? Basically , what steps I have to take after graduating from FIU after my 4th year to become a psychiatrist and approximately how long it takes ?

  • Most appropiate work experience!!?

    I just finished my degree in psychology and plan to go ahead and do a Masters in Health Psychology next September (2008 ) . For now however I do volunteer work in order to gain some experience . What type of organization should I contact for work experience ? I am currently in contact as eating disorders institutions 'm interested in body image , but what other kind of places I contact that is in the field of health psychology ? thank you

  • Will the arm's service pay for a master degree for a Psychology graduated?

    could i become an officer and not go to combat? or do i go to military school and combat? I want to know part of the service would be better?

  • Am I being emotionally oppressed?

    I am a 46 year old , well traveled , well-educated woman . I am the mother of three children, the eldest had died in my arms at age 18 after a bout with cancer 5 years child . Subsequently , I lost my career , my 22 year relationship and marriage , a comfortable home and ultimately the life of my son . Above all , in an effort to learn how to teach my two younger children the way forward , I moved back to my parents' house and started taking classes at a local college masters . Through trial

  • What degree in psychology do you need to become a psychologist?

    In my local university (also the only one to go) there are 3 options in psychology . Bachelor , Masters and PhD . To which I must complete in order to pursue the job? Or is there some other program that you need? I appreciate the help .

  • Bachelor's degree before Master's in Library and Information Science?

    So I know I want to get my Masters in Library Science ( MLIS ) , but to get to that point , I have to go to an undergraduate school and whatever. The problem is that I have no idea how important it while we were there . So , in your opinion, what are some good things to major in before going to get the MLIS ? Not required anything specific , but I do something that interests me because no matter ( psychology , for example) or something that is tied closely to be a librarian ? ( as a major in education or something like that ) And if you could give a list of what some commanders would be, would be greatly appreciated . :)

  • Preferred degrees for teaching/sub teaching?

    I am currently a sophomore in college , halfway through a degree in Justice Studies and stakeholders ultimately a career in teaching. I know I have to get a master's degree and get a license , but I wonder if I'm doing myself for less competitive majoring in Justice Studies towards education or psychology . Justice becomes the principal why I'm the best ( after trying a few) and that interests me , but after legal and educational testing , I'm more interested in being a teacher . Am I shooting in the foot by choosing the main teaching is I have if I want to do ? I teach law school , street or psychology , but I worry that I will not be able to find a job without a degree in psychology ( as most schools do not have street law classes , as I have understood ) . Can anyone shed some light ?

  • What kind of a degree do you need to be a therapist?

    I was thinking about changing my major to psychology , but I'm told by someone who needs a PhD to be a therapist , and I'm not sure if I could get my masters ... what actually I have a few questions . What kind of action do you think being a therapist ? What can be done with a partner in psychology ? What is the job market for people with degrees in psychology , as ?

  • Can you get into a psychology master's program with a bachelor's degree in social work?

    Can you get into a master's program in psychology with a bachelor's degree in social work ?

  • Which college should I choose under my circumstances?

    I'm graduating high school in June and my boyfriend is shipping out to boot camp . I will stay behind , of course , while you are in school and AIT training . I'm thinking of going to the local college for my AS . Then , after almost a year I will try to live with him wherever he be stationed . I also plan to get a master's degree in psychology and a degree in music and biology . What college should review when moving around every three or four years , I was thinking about what online courses are my best bet . any thoughts would be dandy

  • Graduate school, possible job opps?

    I'm in school to get my masters in psychology and counseling. In two years , I have done all kinds / internships. The last two years are classes not related to psychology , but are required in this school . I'd like to be able to take the

  • Can i still become a social worker with this route?

    I found that if I do a masters in social work with a psychology degree , I can become a social worker . However, you have to be a master of social work consecutive or I can do something like social work and mental health , or social work and social policy or even just social ? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

  • Can you get an internship between your bachelors and masters?

    I recently graduated with a psychology degree in the summer of 2010. Now I'm in graduate school application . If all goes well , I will be starting in August of this year . What I 'm wondering is whether it would be likely that I could get an internship before being accepted into the school . I , obviously , would be to let the employer know that I'm looking for graduate study. Is it likely or very likely that he would be denied until actually enrolled in a program ?

  • Med school question for a friend?

    I have a young friend who is finishing his first year of college . Currently , he is a business / biology major in two different schools ( do not ask how he's doing - I do not know and is not relevant to the question) . Basically , you want to use some of the free credits in two runs to get a

  • Master's degree in clinical social work or ph.d in counseling psychology?

    estimated that more honestly earned more options ? I have said it is difficult to be in private practice , because you have to be contracted with insurance companies jillion . I wonder of the wave of the future is that practitioners go the route of cosmetic surgeons ( no insurance accepted ) only cater to groups of higher socioeconomic classes .

  • ATTENTION PAGEANT GIRLS! I need help writing an introduction?

    I am a girl of 18, with only a couple of years of competition . I need help writing an introduction for the next contest I'm competing in. I am actively involved in my community / state I am an active member of Relay for Life is the county relay my life as a consultant I am also president of my local chapter of FCCLA my goal in life is to receive a master's in psychology and work with children who suffer from abuse . also a quote that I included in previous presentations I've done is that I love for Princess Diana

  • How long will a career as a counseling psychologist be in demand?

    I'm interested in psychology. After graduation I plan to attend a college to get a degree then right after that I want to work towards a PhD . Now , a PhD is time consuming and I'm willing to spend almost ten years in school . I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision . I do not want to spend my life working on something that can not profit . [ QUESTION 1 ] I will graduate from high school in 2014 and go directly to college from there , there will be great demand for counseling psychologist once I graduate with a PhD? [ QUESTION 2 ] I can do the work of counseling with a Master ? ( For example : Counseling children in an office . ) [ QUESTION 3 ] A career in psychology pay good money ? (Enough to raise a family and still have a lot of free money just in case things happen. ) I really I have not many people outside of my family and friends to talk, so I would really appreciate the help . :)

  • Graduate Program in Men's Studies?

    I'm about to graduate with a degree in psychology . I've been looking for a graduate program in men's studies . I looked at the commonly known school in Hawaii , but require several years in a professional field before admission, and the field of psychology , I have to get a " masters and a few years of training to enter the field professional speaking . Does anyone know of other schools with graduate programs in human studies ? Please note: I looked through previously answered questions before posting this, and I found what I was looking for .

  • Can I skip Masters and go straight to a Doctorate?

    I'm going to college in the fall and majoring in Psychology . I'm also doing AFROTC and after college I'll be in the Air Force as an officer . ? I can jump a Masters degree or go straight to a doctorate , once I'm out of the Air Force? Would that fewer years in school or the same amount ?

  • What field of management could someone get a degree in with a psychology background?

    Ideally I 'd like to do a Master of Science in Management specializing in strategic management .