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  • Can you go to Medical School with a Bachelors in Psychology ?

    I was in biology for my first 2 years of college then I changed my major from psychology . I know you do not have to major in medicine to go to medical school , but what will they think if they saw that I switched to psychology ?

  • What major will be good for when I graduate?

    I'm going to college in two years in Virginia , and I know how important will help me most when it comes to finding a job . I 've cut in Biology ( Pre - Med or pre Pharmacy - ) or Psychology . I do not care if I have to go to extra schooling after 4 years of undergraduate . I just want to know what jobs will be in demand in 2020 ?

  • Comparative Psychology?

    Does anyone know of any college or university offering majors in comparative psychology ?

  • What colleges do you think are the best for psychology?

    I want to become , finally , a sexologist . When I go to school , I want to be I guess in psychology unless one can major in sexology , but I also want to learn and minor in German . What schools in the United States of America you suggest?

  • Do people who earn their degree through online universities get jobs in their profession? I'm considering..

    I live in Chico Ca , we have a community college. Almost I have an associate's degree but was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder , a mental illness . I just left because I have depression and manic episodes skipping class and fall behind. I'm going back this semester , but my money is going to lose . So I thought I might try the online route is more flexible and the convention and try at your own pace . When interviewed for a position that requires a degree in a field that online education can train , going to see those grades as a joke or a prestigious education or even a valid education and always end up favoring the traditional way ? Does anyone know the reason or the statistics for success through this route ? Someone out there has one and end up getting what they wanted , and if so tell me your country and you like ? Oh by the way I was majoring in psychology , but I will change it from a . Important written English or something because it is what I am good and a passion

  • What nj college is best if i want to major in education?

    I want to major in elementary education and / or special education and minor in psychology , but I do not know which college to apply to ?

  • I want to double major and double minor. Is it possible?

    I started at a technical school last semester, I wanted to major in psychology . Then when the semester passed , I thought about changing my major to pre - med . Now I do not really know what to decide . I'm thinking double major in these two fields . While taking other classes , I began to enjoy them greatly. Now I'm looking forward to double minor in Foreign Language and Philosophy . I was not aware of what I might be getting into. I enjoy all of these fields , but do not know how much work it would actually do. It is a double major in Psychology and Pre - Med and a double minor in Foreign Language and Philosophy too ? Is it possible ?

  • What are some good Psychology major colleges?

    I live on the east coast and I will apply for universities soon. Do you know any good school for psychology students there ? I'm trying to find something cheap . Nothing like Syracuse or expensive NYU .

  • College major help. Pre-veterinary vs. Psychology?

    So I 'm applying to colleges . I can not decide between the pre - vet or psychology for my major , which I would enjoy doing a lot. If anyone has any advice for me would be great (ie , how many jobs are expected to be available in the future , salary , etc. . ) . thank you!

  • I want to be a developmental psychologist so what would I have to major in college?

    If I have to major in psychology so what type would be best ? B.A. or B.S. ? And after college, what else do I have to have to be a developmental psychologist ? Is there a special school for it?

  • Psychology Graduate School?

    I will be majoring in Psychology . When I go to apply for admission to college , how will my choice of schools for my first four years of college to change your choice ? For example , if I go to Purdue , and do it well , they would be more likely to accept me if I have to UMSL and do well ?

  • What does it take to get into most colleges (You don't HAVE to read the whole description)? Psychology major?

    My average is around a 3.5 or 3.6, I have not received my SAT scores yet because they only took first on June 6 , I have taken (this is counting my time last year) 4 English classes , 3 Science classes , 3 classes of History , Psychology , 3 classes of 4 years of French , 4 math classes , two band classes , one health class , four years of Gym Class , 1 Culinary Arts , 1 Jobs Prep A. .. and 1 Family / Consumer Science class ( AKA Home Economics ) . I'm in the band and marching band, jazz band , academic team (freshman , sophomore , and senior citizens ) , Computer Club ( first year ) , French Club (freshman , junior , and old age) , and will be included in NHS next year . Next year , I'll do the trombone section leader . I think that's it! Does this sound like enough to get into college ? And I want to major in psychology , obviously, and when doing research , I learned that the maximum required Math class is statistics. My school offers AP Statistics , but I use it and potentially ruin my course notes ( NOTE : I'm not very good at math ) . Also, does anyone have any additional information about West Chester University, Boston University, or Ohio State University ( what they want ) ? And based on the information of what kind of scholarships am I eligible ?

  • Aspiring writer- what do I major in?

    Since I 'm going to 11th grade this year , I think it's time to start thinking about school , and I have to say , I'm stumped . I know what career I choose , writing novels . And if that does not work , I guess I'll write columns for magazines . Anyway , I'm not sure how important that choice . Although creative writing is the obvious choice for someone like me , some of the schools I'm thinking of applying to avoid important . I'm talking about Princeton and Harvard . I do not mean this in a cocky at all, but I honestly think I have a good chance of climbing I do not know if it would be worth going , as they are not my specialty of their choice . Have any of your other English enough runs ? Apart from these schools , I have also been thinking about SCAD ( Savannah College of Art and Design ) and Emory . Both are close to home and offer creative writing . Not sure about attending art school , though, because you might want to minor in psychology ... I'm really not sure yet . Another problem is that not really understand how the whole race and the important work! Any advice ? Surely I'd appreciate it ! :)

  • Is studying abroad worth the cost and time away from home?

    I always wanted to study abroad in Argentina , especially after learning about the culture in depth in my Spanish class . I'm a sophomore in college , and it definitely has a chance , but I'm very concerned about the cost . It costs $ 7,000 - $ 8,000 more per semester abroad if I had to stay here . While I can get scholarships , still going to cost a little more to study abroad independently. Some people think it's a waste of money and take a student loan to study there for a semester will receive no real benefit . In other words , will

  • Thinking about my future...?

    Okay so I've always wanted to be a success when I grow up, (which is a very rare thing to wait for) well since I was young I had a reoccuring thought about how to succeed or what could become - things wanted to do when I grew up. I've always been an observer, and even as a child (stories when I was three, four and five) I've always wanted to help people. This brings me to the idea of ​​going to college for a higher / doctorit in psychology and neuroscience or. I was also always interested in interior design and arcitecture, but acknowledged that being a psychologist or neurologist would be much more stable incomes and opportunities. Im not really positive what I want to do yet but will undoubtedly fall into one of these catagories. So anyway, the structure at home has never been one to promote sports, extracurricular activities, good grades, or anything that would define a primary student. For the past school year, I strove to exceed expectations, going from the bottom of my algebra class, to scoring the best score of the students from sixty-one in three of the rest of the note. I've always been smart, scoring a 1400 on my SATs in the beginning of the seventh grade without preparation. (I am only in eighth grade, next year I'll be a freshman) I have things I should be doing, and sticking to enter a great school, (I like Dartmouth, Duke, UCONN, but I'm still looking at many others), because I've never been exposed to the expectation accedemic as my peers have. I'm taking two French next year, and also plans to take two years of German along with that, and as many AP courses as I can fit. Just give me some tips to prepare for AP classes, schools, and things I should start doing that I will make a student more desirable to the Ivy League universities and so on.

  • What is Anthropology?

    I know the definition and meaning , but as I understand it . What sets it apart from sociology and psychology ? I'm looking at various university , and my teacher thought it would be a major would be interested , but it sounds very similar to sociology . But I just read the definition . Help ?

  • Photojournalism vs Psychology?

    Im not sure which one should i major in college . If any photojournalists or psychologists out there let me know what you think. How did you get to where you are ? What is working in your career ? What does it take ? Any advice for someone who is or knows a psychologist or a photojournalist would be great!

  • Help choosing a college major and career, mine keeps changing?

    You see , I went from journalism to the Spanish teacher , to computers, to English , to accounting , to finance ... but the only things that I really like and I said I 'm better than most people are : Write Planning for the future research Learning Languages ​​ Geometry , ( not algebra , for some reason , I liked to draw shapes in geometry ) Art ( Manga style mostly, but I'm trying realists ) The study of how people act ( such as psychology ) I like helping people Dislikes Blood , needles , heights , spiders ( do not know what difference it makes haha) , and I have no dizziness . I loved teaching, but did not want to study abroad for the time teachers to teach Spanish, English too out there . I like meeting new people and working as a flight attendant now if that helps. I'd like to graduate in 3 years or so ( I'll be a sophomore this semester ) . Grad school would be nice if I can make enough money to go .

  • Which books should i get for a psychology major?

    I'm still not in college , but when I do , in fact, i want to be ready to go ! I was wondering what people recommend books .

  • I need schooling suggestions for psychology?

    I'm in my third year of high school and I need help . I want to major in psychology when I go to college and I need suggestions . Like what schools should I be looking at , what classes should I take now , and what kind of scholarships should I look? if anyone has any helpful answer much appreciated .