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  • What do i need to become a mental health counselor?

    Okay so here's the deal , I want to become a mental health counselor and I looked up and the information that says i can get a degree in : counseling , psychology, education , sociology ... or social work . And I chose psychology and said it would take four years . and said I would need either a master's or doctoral and I think I would choose doctorate. how many years it would take , and please tell me if my information is incorrect or if I have to change something . please and thankyou ( :

  • What college should I attend and what measures should I take in order to beome a psychiatrist?

    I am currently in my third year at Florida International University and I am majoring in Psychology . In order to become a psychiatrist that I must attend after my degree to get my master's and my doctorate followed by ? Also, I am in the great right? Basically , what steps I have to take after graduating from FIU after my 4th year to become a psychiatrist and approximately how long it takes ?

  • What career to choose? I enjoy psychology, spanish, animals, languages in general, films...?

    So I'm seriously running out of time to choose a career .... I am currently doing a degree and want to double degree in psychology and Spanish ... What are some careers that I might like to have reasonable prospects of employment ? I wanted to be a zookeeper , but jobs are scarce and therefore are very competitive ... I do not want a PhD in psychology , as it takes a long time and I think it is very difficult I was planning on being in the police at a time .... I could join the k9 unit .... any other ideas please ? thanks :)

  • Medical school, PHD, etc...?

    is medical school after college or a university is ? Because I 'm going to attend a normal school and study chemical, biological human psychology and sociology . Will these help me in medical school and what degrees should I get in GCSE subjects ? Also , you have to have a PhD to become a doctor because im planning on becoming a doc first and then go further to become a surgeon in gyaenocology . thank you!

  • Finding the right school?

    I'm a senior at Plant High School in Tampa growing , FL . Although not yet decided on a career , I am considering pursuing a law degree , perhaps in the field of intellectual property . I love writing and are very proud of each and every paper submitted ( even the most mundane in nature) Now to specific numbers . My best SAT combined score is 1530/2200 . I have taken two subject tests , U.S. History and Chemistry , which scored a 800 and 760 , respectively . Also, I've taken 5 AP courses to date ( Chemistry , Psychology , Spanish Language , U.S. History , and World History ) and have earned 5s on each test . I was hailed as a National Merit Scholar , pending additional information regarding semi - finalists . Finally , I have a 5.72 GPA ( 4.0 unweighted ) As for extracurricular merit , I'm serving as co-chair of our Social Studies Honor Society and Historian of our Spanish Honor Society . I have actively participated in the school 's chapter of Youth in Government , serving as VP of Legislation last year. He participated in several school programs in theater, including some competitions , and even have won three of Henry as various performance achievements . For other honor societies , I am a member of Thespians , National Honor Society , Mu Alpha Theta , Science Honor Society , and Beta Club Honor . As I said before, I am still in the early stages of my search for the right college . Could anyone give some idea of ​​the possible options , taking into account the above information ? What are the best schools where I could have a reasonable chance of acceptance ? How high should I keep my expectations reasonable ?

  • What degree in psychology do you need to become a psychologist?

    In my local university (also the only one to go) there are 3 options in psychology . Bachelor , Masters and PhD . To which I must complete in order to pursue the job? Or is there some other program that you need? I appreciate the help .

  • Should I become an engineer if I am not proficient in math? I like technology, what career choice can i make?

    I'm struggling between deciding on a psychology or engineering. Psychology is somewhat easier than engineering ( most engineering students take a year to complete their degree ) . I do not think I can survive in my engineering classes , but I like it and want to learn more about technology . I took a computer programming class and I do not ( but withdrew so that would not affect my ) . My class CS was difficult and everyone else had previous programming experience ( high school ) . If I make a great psych 'll do a double major , so my second largest economy of the company would be . Any advice ?

  • What is a degree program?

    I am completing the common application and requests

  • Im in my freshman year of high school,and have a few questions about college?

    I started my first year in high school, and I'm confused about what they should do to prepare for college . 1.What do I have to do (besides getting good grades ) to qualify for even a school ( I have to take the SAT , etc ? ) 2.I want to go to Cleveland State University , I would like to get a degree in some form of psychology ( I want to be councilor for children and a rehabilitation counselor so what classes I need , or what extent I have to get ? 3.Whats the average cost of all this ?

  • What kind of a degree do you need to be a therapist?

    I was thinking about changing my major to psychology , but I'm told by someone who needs a PhD to be a therapist , and I'm not sure if I could get my masters ... what actually I have a few questions . What kind of action do you think being a therapist ? What can be done with a partner in psychology ? What is the job market for people with degrees in psychology , as ?

  • Which college should I choose under my circumstances?

    I'm graduating high school in June and my boyfriend is shipping out to boot camp . I will stay behind , of course , while you are in school and AIT training . I'm thinking of going to the local college for my AS . Then , after almost a year I will try to live with him wherever he be stationed . I also plan to get a master's degree in psychology and a degree in music and biology . What college should review when moving around every three or four years , I was thinking about what online courses are my best bet . any thoughts would be dandy

  • Can you get an internship between your bachelors and masters?

    I recently graduated with a psychology degree in the summer of 2010. Now I'm in graduate school application . If all goes well , I will be starting in August of this year . What I 'm wondering is whether it would be likely that I could get an internship before being accepted into the school . I , obviously , would be to let the employer know that I'm looking for graduate study. Is it likely or very likely that he would be denied until actually enrolled in a program ?

  • Major in psychology minor in spanish?

    You know what? I am very frustrated . I've been in college three years with the intention of entering a nursing program . I have done wrong in my prerequisites except for anatomy and physiology class that I had to re-take . I was wrong . This class could derail me and make me not go pushing me into a 4th year of college with nothing . You know what? I do not care because I really did not want to become a nurse in the first place . What I really want to do is choose a graduate major, and start supporting myself . I'm tired of relying on my parents and want to be alone now . I plan to pursue a degree in psychology and a minor in Spanish , and get the hell out of college in about 1-1.5 years. I can find a job ? Entry level paid 30.000 to 45.000 with these educational credentials ? I love to work in an office especially in government . What are my chances of working with this title ?

  • Med school question for a friend?

    I have a young friend who is finishing his first year of college . Currently , he is a business / biology major in two different schools ( do not ask how he's doing - I do not know and is not relevant to the question) . Basically , you want to use some of the free credits in two runs to get a

  • Which colleges (preferably in California) would be best if I were hoping to obtain a PhD in Psychology?

    You can be a college and a graduate school , but have the best programs I want to do ?

  • Can I skip Masters and go straight to a Doctorate?

    I'm going to college in the fall and majoring in Psychology . I'm also doing AFROTC and after college I'll be in the Air Force as an officer . ? I can jump a Masters degree or go straight to a doctorate , once I'm out of the Air Force? Would that fewer years in school or the same amount ?

  • What field of management could someone get a degree in with a psychology background?

    Ideally I 'd like to do a Master of Science in Management specializing in strategic management .

  • Need help figuring out a career with not a lot of schooling?

    I want to be a counselor of some sort, but I do not want to go threw 6-8 years of school to get a master's degree or doctorate in psychology to get . What are some careers that I can go to that do not require a lot of schooling and I'm being able to help people , nursing anything yet . thanks

  • Will graduate schools look at the combined GPA from an associates degree and a bachelors degree?

    I'm considering several options for when I graduate later this year. I'll have my degree in Psychology . Now I have an associates degree before I got transferred to my current school. 3.63 I have in my current school and I'm hoping to be between 3.65 and 3.71 for last. My problem is that my grade point average was 2.87 my past . So I wonder if the previous GPA will be considered or weighed equally. I was told several times that most schools do not even look at my notes associate degree once I get my degree . I am considering implementing both programs RSU or possibly an accelerated nursing program leading to a degree second and eventually a master's degree in psychiatric nursing . I'm looking at the accelerated nursing program and Stony Brook is very interesting . I'm thinking about going back to school I have my associate degree in taking some classes you may need for the nursing program . What those grades affect my GPA from that school old ?

  • What schools in the US offer a doctorate in Clinical and Counseling Psychology?

    Right now, I 'm doing my degree in Psychology at the University of Phoenix . I have to start looking for a place to go after getting my degree so you can move on to get my Masters and then Ph.D. I live in Arkansas and to my knowledge , there are no schools here offer a doctoral program in psychology . Do you know any ? Thank you !