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  • What college should I attend and what measures should I take in order to beome a psychiatrist?

    I am currently in my third year at Florida International University and I am majoring in Psychology . In order to become a psychiatrist that I must attend after my degree to get my master's and my doctorate followed by ? Also, I am in the great right? Basically , what steps I have to take after graduating from FIU after my 4th year to become a psychiatrist and approximately how long it takes ?

  • I Feel Guilty for Being Happy?

    A week before my wedding, my father called me and told me to cancel. He said he and my mom was not ready to marry me and asked me to wait six years for them to meet my boyfriend. I had been with my husband for three years and had already treated as not worth knowing. I told him I was going with her if she liked it or not. My husband and I paid for the wedding ourselves and do not need my parents' permission to marry. We are adults, after all! Anyway, have been married for six months and I could talk to my parents after the wedding. In the days before the wedding, he said and did horrible things that both my husband and I in an attempt to break. It did not work, but we did fight a lot. Now we are finally happy. I come home from work every day excited to see my husband and spend the night with him. We make each other laugh and we do almost everything together.He has made me a better person. I'm healthier (we'll run together), happier and more driven. Recently, my mom called my old friends in my hometown (I have not lived there for years, but I keep in touch with my friends) and began to mourn, saying he was being selfish to marry someone you do not want. I am very angry! Since I heard that, I felt like a kid again, feeling personally responsible every time my mom or dad is upset. My mother used to tell my brother and I was going to run, so I appreciate it if we act up. My father always said we were in poor condition and had more than they grew and were ungrateful. I've had a job since I was 15 years old. I've always been a hard worker. Now I am in PA school and trying to be a dermatology PA. My husband is going back to school to earn his doctorate in psychology. We have a good life, and I feel guilty about it! I feel like I have to drop everything to make my parents happy ... but what to do for my own happiness? Is it selfish to marry someone their parents do not like, even if you are happy to be with them?

  • Am I being emotionally oppressed?

    I am a 46 year old , well traveled , well-educated woman . I am the mother of three children, the eldest had died in my arms at age 18 after a bout with cancer 5 years child . Subsequently , I lost my career , my 22 year relationship and marriage , a comfortable home and ultimately the life of my son . Above all , in an effort to learn how to teach my two younger children the way forward , I moved back to my parents' house and started taking classes at a local college masters . Through trial

  • Any idea how long these courses would take me?

    part time bases ... hoping to do more online ... are the pre reqs for the degree I'm waiting . BIO -1221 Anatomy and Physiology for Diagnostic Medical Imaging 4 -1010 ENG College Composition I 3 MA -1020 Medical Terminology I 3 MATH -1141 Applied Algebra

  • I'm looking to get a doctorate in psychology, and..?

    I'm a little confused about the organization of graduate schools . I was thinking of going to the Eastern Washington University, and I thought having a master's program called

  • Finding the right school?

    I'm a senior at Plant High School in Tampa growing , FL . Although not yet decided on a career , I am considering pursuing a law degree , perhaps in the field of intellectual property . I love writing and are very proud of each and every paper submitted ( even the most mundane in nature) Now to specific numbers . My best SAT combined score is 1530/2200 . I have taken two subject tests , U.S. History and Chemistry , which scored a 800 and 760 , respectively . Also, I've taken 5 AP courses to date ( Chemistry , Psychology , Spanish Language , U.S. History , and World History ) and have earned 5s on each test . I was hailed as a National Merit Scholar , pending additional information regarding semi - finalists . Finally , I have a 5.72 GPA ( 4.0 unweighted ) As for extracurricular merit , I'm serving as co-chair of our Social Studies Honor Society and Historian of our Spanish Honor Society . I have actively participated in the school 's chapter of Youth in Government , serving as VP of Legislation last year. He participated in several school programs in theater, including some competitions , and even have won three of Henry as various performance achievements . For other honor societies , I am a member of Thespians , National Honor Society , Mu Alpha Theta , Science Honor Society , and Beta Club Honor . As I said before, I am still in the early stages of my search for the right college . Could anyone give some idea of ​​the possible options , taking into account the above information ? What are the best schools where I could have a reasonable chance of acceptance ? How high should I keep my expectations reasonable ?

  • Please help me somebody:About Animal Assisted Therapy?Are there any on here?(AAT)?

    I'm thinking of becoming an animal assisted therapist and I have some questions : 1.Do I can choose the type of animal you want to work ? 2.When take animals they will work ? 3.How much do I get paid? 4.Manifiesta desire to still be able to be an AAT with a master's degree in the art of psychology ? 5.Would I will work with the animal alone or with people and animals? If people what kind of people ? The old ? 6.If you are an AAT yourself please tell me about it . Thank you all. (Sorry , it's so many questions lol )

  • What can you do with a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science?

    What kind of work , if you can go ? Is this measure will be a counselor ? Does the acceptance in a psychology masters / PhD program? I have been advised to get a degree in social science and do not know what I can do with it . What if all I get is the BA ? What can you do for me ? TIA

  • Bachelor's degree before Master's in Library and Information Science?

    So I know I want to get my Masters in Library Science ( MLIS ) , but to get to that point , I have to go to an undergraduate school and whatever. The problem is that I have no idea how important it while we were there . So , in your opinion, what are some good things to major in before going to get the MLIS ? Not required anything specific , but I do something that interests me because no matter ( psychology , for example) or something that is tied closely to be a librarian ? ( as a major in education or something like that ) And if you could give a list of what some commanders would be, would be greatly appreciated . :)

  • Can you get into a psychology master's program with a bachelor's degree in social work?

    Can you get into a master's program in psychology with a bachelor's degree in social work ?

  • Which is the best career for me?

    I will be the last year of the fall and wondered what career was right for me . I have to choose my major colleges and soon . Psychologist : I'm interested in how and why people act as they do. I 'm also fascinated by the human mind in general. I 'm not so sure about the job outlook will be for me , but if you take psychology , I will study for a master's degree. Architect: I love the design and I'm pretty good at math . I also live in New York and I am constantly surrounded by skyscrapers are intricately designed buildings . I heard job prospects for architects are not very good , but I want stability in my work . Nurse ( RN ) : I do not really care so much about the field of nursing , but it is a steady job and nurses are in constant demand . They also do a good amount of money.Also , as my mother is a nurse , she will be able to help me with your experience and I will find a job quickly .

  • Graduate school, possible job opps?

    I'm in school to get my masters in psychology and counseling. In two years , I have done all kinds / internships. The last two years are classes not related to psychology , but are required in this school . I'd like to be able to take the

  • Can i still become a social worker with this route?

    I found that if I do a masters in social work with a psychology degree , I can become a social worker . However, you have to be a master of social work consecutive or I can do something like social work and mental health , or social work and social policy or even just social ? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :)

  • Masters degree: wait or start right after bachelor's?

    I am a psychology and my goal is to get a doctorate and become a professor . I also want to get my teaching degree to fall back or do while I'm working to reach my goal . I'm not sure if I should go for my masters immediately after getting my degree or wait a few years teaching , and get to school where I work to pay for graduate school . Any idea ? They also told me that maybe I should get my teaching degree from the school I go now , but enter a master's program that combines to get my masters and my certification at the same time ? Is it a good idea or not to make it harder for me to get a job afterwords ?

  • After bachelor in physiotherpy, master in psychology would be a good option ?

    I 'm doing my degree in physiotherapy from India . in the mean while I realized that I'm good at meeting people and making available solutions to their problems . master's degree in psychology is a good option after graduation ? Is it a good combo of physiotherapy n psychologist ? wt vl would pay and I will be called as a doctor after him ? I want to know how research in physiotherapy abroad? some degree there to study the thing there in physiotherapy research ? weight would pay and career options there? and please tell me the same thing about psychology in high?

  • Master's degree in clinical social work or ph.d in counseling psychology?

    estimated that more honestly earned more options ? I have said it is difficult to be in private practice , because you have to be contracted with insurance companies jillion . I wonder of the wave of the future is that practitioners go the route of cosmetic surgeons ( no insurance accepted ) only cater to groups of higher socioeconomic classes .

  • ATTENTION PAGEANT GIRLS! I need help writing an introduction?

    I am a girl of 18, with only a couple of years of competition . I need help writing an introduction for the next contest I'm competing in. I am actively involved in my community / state I am an active member of Relay for Life is the county relay my life as a consultant I am also president of my local chapter of FCCLA my goal in life is to receive a master's in psychology and work with children who suffer from abuse . also a quote that I included in previous presentations I've done is that I love for Princess Diana

  • Graduate Program in Men's Studies?

    I'm about to graduate with a degree in psychology . I've been looking for a graduate program in men's studies . I looked at the commonly known school in Hawaii , but require several years in a professional field before admission, and the field of psychology , I have to get a " masters and a few years of training to enter the field professional speaking . Does anyone know of other schools with graduate programs in human studies ? Please note: I looked through previously answered questions before posting this, and I found what I was looking for .

  • What field of management could someone get a degree in with a psychology background?

    Ideally I 'd like to do a Master of Science in Management specializing in strategic management .

  • What would a masters degree in health psychology be?

    as would be the abbreviation after your name ?