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  • Have some questions about psychologists in Australia?

    I've decided I 'm going to study child psychology when I leave school and want to know . What op score do I need? What are some good universities offering the course ? Do I need a master ? How long do I have to study ? Is it better to study on site or off ? If you can help that would be great I'm some kind of idea bit here .

  • I feel my life is going no where. Help?

    Ok, so I got the really good GCSE results (almost all of A). For as long as I can remember I wanted to study medicine and become a Dr (though now I think only pursued this because my parents pushed me and I want a high salary). So when I went to sixth form level i took Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and a BTEC in childcare. Chemistry I instantly found really difficult (I got an A at GCSE), and my teacher said he made the right decision when he retired after about 2 months. So I continued with the rest of my AS levels. At the end of the year I got an E in psychology and a U in biology. How I do not know. I could not find the motivation to work hard or revise as much as I should have. So now I'm in my sophomore year. I am conducting with A2 Psych and my childcare course. I also took up sociology level as I learned that my favorite subject at GCSE. I'm retaking my exams for bio and psychology with the determination to do well. After about a month of the new school year I found my motivation to burn again. I try to check out, but end up sitting there thinking what I'm doing. It's not like I can replace the review time with other fun stuff. I literally sit there feeling sorry for myself. So recently I began to wonder why I'm in sixth grade. I really do not enjoy any of my subjects. My lessons are going nowhere and I'm pretty sure I fail again. I have no idea what career I want. I wanted to go to college, but really you can afford. I have no passion for anything. I find it hard to get up in the morning to the university, and lose a lot of lessons. I want to quit so bad, but if I do, I will be stuck with a job that pays well etc. For those reading this, do you know of any place where I can look at millions of different races with small titles, or learning or anything. Thanks, and I apologize for the essay. (PS I do not care much child care, but it is only a step equivalent to a message on one level)

  • Need help choosing an easy course for first year university.?

    I'm taking a Biology program and need help choosing a course very easy, but not too boring for my first year . I have a very tough year and I do not want to add it to my work and huge . Even a generally easy answer on how you think the course is no history of Trent University help me decide .

  • Chance at Brown University?

    Do I have a better chance ED or not bother? High school: ( Unless stated , all grades AS ) 9: Honors English 9, World Regions Hrs , Hrs Biology , Guitar I, Physical Education , Algebra I, Spanish II Middle School: Spanish I 10: AP Biology ( AP Exam : 5) , Lit Honors 10 , World History Honors , Chemistry , Algebra II , Spanish III , Health (semester 1)

  • Which type of degree should I go for?

    I'm stuck on what to major in for school. I have all my liberal arts courses out of the way , and now I have to really start cutting down. I have no idea what I want to do when I grow up '''' .. I know I do not want to work with children , the elderly or in a hospital (unless it is a mental institution ) . Ideally I would like to be in the world of writing / editing , but it's a lucrative field .. Counseling is also an attractive option .. I want a degree that is very versatile . I do not want to be stuck in a job for the rest of my life . I'm thinking of specializing in either English or Psychology . I feel that these two degrees are quite versatile . Both use the skills that I can use anywhere . If I majored in English , there is a good chance that he would go to law school , but there is a great possibility that it could burn out before I get there .. Finally , I want to move abroad . Netherlands, Belgium , France or Germany . One of these countries .. I was also thinking of working for the UN. I guess my question is mainly what degree is more versatile / useful , what makes me happiest , I fold greater , etc Please do not tell me to talk to my counselor .. I'm looking for an idea for a variety of different people . I just do not want to leave college with a useless piece of paper $ 80,000 . Thanks for the advice ..

  • Question About University And Certain Requirements?

    I am a girl of 15 years old and live in Ontario , Canada . I am currently entering grade 10 , however last year was bad for me and I have only two credits . My lupus was terrible , and what was the main factor . Depression and self-esteem also played small parts. Anyway, moving again . My goal is to graduate on time, which in itself is reachable. However, I want to go to the University of Manchester , UK. I'm looking in psychology and social sciences , as I would be an adoption counselor or child psychologist . So , with that being said, some courses are required in high school to be accepted . I know that on top of the regular school, online and in summer school during the next three years will help. Can anyone with educational experience in Ontario , Canada help me and point me in the direction I'd better get brands and credits in three years ? Thank you ! :)

  • Is there a doctoral program in education/school counseling that I can afford?

    I have a B.A. Psychology , MSEd in special education, and 30 additional credits , including New Jersey state certification as a school counselor , and literacy classes . I'm 54 with 32 years in public education and a child in college and am looking to get a doctorate in education or school counseling , but have very limited resources . Most doctoral programs , in class and online , seem to accept only about 3 courses and then charge about 10 - 15K for the remaining course . In addition to my son's college costs , that's impossible . I'm looking for a university that would accept my teachers 30 credits for post - doctoral and / or to teach me exchange for tuition credit toward my doctorate . I also wonder if I can get any credit for my work experience . I 'm in southern New Jersey. Is there any way I can apply what we have achieved to shorten the time and reduce the cost of obtaining a doctorate ?

  • Can someone proofread my gradute essay?

    I need a bit of a paper page to send to send to a graduate school may Question 1: what attracted me to the field of school psychology Question 2: What attributes I have Question 3: What are my career goals Without advance notice, I was forced to take psychology courses for my major. I did not know much about psychology, but because the courses are required, I had to take. I found psychology to be a very interesting field. My course instructors have been great to help me understand and appreciate psychology. While taking Abnormal Psychology, I learned about the DSM also helped peak my interest in the field of psychology. Unfortunately, my life changed pretty tough second year. My parents decided to separate. Learning about my father and my mother difficult childhood and how it led to the separation of my parents opened my eyes to the effects of childhood trauma. That incident is what made me want to become a school psychologist and help children to lead healthier lives, happier. I firmly believe that children should have someone to turn to and trust. Becoming a school psychologist allows me to be that person. I have a good basis for further studies and I am very dedicated to my future goals. I have a passion for educational psychology. Being a goal-oriented guy gives me the boost I have to do very well. The dedication, ambition and determination are three attributes that are very important. These attributes will help me to excel to the best of my ability. My career goal is to become a school psychologist and help guide children to improve themselves and their lives. I've done my homework to learn about their department and I think their strengths complement my interests departments.

  • I want to major in History in SDSU and get a degree and become a Historian. What classes should I take?

    I'm currently in San Diego City College . These are the kinds of my counselor had chosen me, in December 2006 : Summer 07 : Black Studies 140A Chicano Studies 141B English 51 Math 32 Fall 07 : Humanities 102 Introduction to Oceanography ( ? ) 103 Speech Geography 101 101 Spanish Math 35 Intercession 08: English 101 Psychology 260 Math 95 Spring 08: 102 Spanish American Literature Math 96 English 205 Summer 08 : Anthropology 103 Economics 120 History 123 Child Development ( ? ) Math 119 Fall 08: Finally you are transferring to SDSU ? Courses marked with ( ? ) Indicates that ... I have to take that course in order to get into a bigger story , or if I can not stop it ? And each course over San Diego City College is 3 units = $ 20, so it gets a little expensive . Yes , my plans were to move from City College of SDSU , so I'm a little nervous as I'm finally doing this and you just want to know if I follow the right path . Thanks in advance

  • Are there any colleges in Florida that offer online Child Life courses?

    I recently learned that the Child Development Council now requires a child life course taught by a child life specialist certification . Does anyone know any colleges in Florida or any other state (really ) that offer a lifetime online child ? Now I have a degree in Psychology , I just need the class.

  • Switching careers - I want to teach special education - please give advice?

    I live in PA / Ohio . I got my degree in psychology a few years ago and have been working in a residential treatment center for children . However I believe that my true calling is teaching children with special needs . So basically , my question is: Should I start all over again and get a bachelor's degree in Education , or whether a Master of Education program level accept me , although I've never taken a practice exam or had teacher training courses ?

  • Child psychology?

    i want to become a child psychologist as a career , but I'm not sure what cousre to take in college and what college offers the course . Please help me ! !

  • Thinking about my future...?

    Okay so I've always wanted to be a success when I grow up, (which is a very rare thing to wait for) well since I was young I had a reoccuring thought about how to succeed or what could become - things wanted to do when I grew up. I've always been an observer, and even as a child (stories when I was three, four and five) I've always wanted to help people. This brings me to the idea of ​​going to college for a higher / doctorit in psychology and neuroscience or. I was also always interested in interior design and arcitecture, but acknowledged that being a psychologist or neurologist would be much more stable incomes and opportunities. Im not really positive what I want to do yet but will undoubtedly fall into one of these catagories. So anyway, the structure at home has never been one to promote sports, extracurricular activities, good grades, or anything that would define a primary student. For the past school year, I strove to exceed expectations, going from the bottom of my algebra class, to scoring the best score of the students from sixty-one in three of the rest of the note. I've always been smart, scoring a 1400 on my SATs in the beginning of the seventh grade without preparation. (I am only in eighth grade, next year I'll be a freshman) I have things I should be doing, and sticking to enter a great school, (I like Dartmouth, Duke, UCONN, but I'm still looking at many others), because I've never been exposed to the expectation accedemic as my peers have. I'm taking two French next year, and also plans to take two years of German along with that, and as many AP courses as I can fit. Just give me some tips to prepare for AP classes, schools, and things I should start doing that I will make a student more desirable to the Ivy League universities and so on.

  • Undergraduate and Postgraduate whats the difference?

    Ok this may just be one of my many blond moments , but I'm really struggling with this. I'm looking at the courses of the Open University, I studied in the care provided with the intention of gaining qualifications while learning to work instead of being a " student " in the stereotypical sense . I just finished NVQ Level 3 CCLD and now I want to get a BA ( Hons ) but now I want to go to Psychology as my intention from the beginning was to become a child psychologist . I looked at the open university and speaks undergraduate and post graduate and points at levels 1 , 2 and 3 , and I'm totally confused as I was waiting for my NVQ would be included in my BA as previous work , so it would not to work as hard in the BA not because I'm lazy I have been doing childcare for almost four years , so it's not that. Anyway my question really is ... It is an undergraduate my degree ? What graduate courses to continue more like going to a professional field such as psychology ? And if I were to get a degree in psychology would this be enough to get a job as a psychologist or if I have to do a postgraduate course ?

  • Got a question about a degree in Child Psychology.?

    OkayI have 20 years and am taking my prerequisite courses for nursing , but I'm very interested in child psychology and would like to change my major . Is it a good choice ? How much do psychologist get paid ? I am also interested in an individual practice once I get a degree , is it hard to do ? Any information is helpful and much appreciated ! THANKS

  • What college path do i need to take to become a child psychologist/psychiatrist?

    How I can get a master's or doc . Degree in general psychology ? if so, after what course or more than one that I have to be specific to children ?

  • Careers related to Abnormal and Clinical Psychology?

    I'm soon going to start a Masters course in " Clinical and Abnormal Psychology ." I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the type of career opportunities that could result later. I'm interested in counseling but I think a PhD is necessary for this. A career in health related or maybe I would be interested in working with children / young adults as a school counselor . Any suggestion of the kind of career that could work towards are appreciated !

  • Clinical Child Psychology Vs. Pediatrician?

    I'm a little disappointed . I have excepted to UC Irvine psychology and was planning for a long time to become a clinical child psychologist ( Ph.D. ) , but after hours and hours of volunteering at a nearby hospital to have awakened an interest in pediatrics . I've looked through the two professions and what they offer both aim to help children , but in their own ways . I have taken extensive course work is psychology and to the transfer and stand at the UC Irvine as a junior . I read that the general requirements for medical school include : One year of college physics ( with laboratory ) Two years of college chemistry to include the study of inorganic chemistry , quantitative analysis and organic chemistry (with lab ) One year of general biology (with lab ) One year of college mathematics to include the study of calculus and introductory statistics Is it possible to meet these requirements , including the requirements of my psychology in two years ?

  • What college courses would I need to major to be a day care owner/teacher?

    I have really wanted to be older and my career around infants up to 6 or 7 years old . I know I should take psychology . But what people need?

  • Advice about what university course to do, joint honours etc. totallly confused!!?

    I'm mainly interested in two things , but they are completely opposite - the art