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  • Today i met my friend and we could laugh like no other why this?

    I've been quite stressed up lately. Yesterday I met a good friend, she said she was a little bit tired too. As we talked we started to laugh about nothing. Then we kept on laughing as hell. and then we started to laugh because we laughed. And it kept on for minuits, we couldn't stop. Why this? Was it because we felt relaxed, or was it just a psyco thing?

  • What happens when your assessed for autism?

    Im really worried best answer for real answer honest

  • Why do I feel all down all the time?

    At basketball practice, I kept on messing up and becoming upset with myself. I wasn't as fast as the other girls were. At school, I feel like my teachers hate me. Even though I get straight As. At home, I feel like all my family members don't love me.

  • Soft voice triggers change in temperament?

    Or at least that is what I perceive when I hear soft sweet voices or see gentle slow movements in people. Voices that are usually regarded as calming have been causing me a series of symptoms that where initially diagnosed as anxiety, later on my condition was labeled as a type of psychosis, recently it has been defined as a variant of OCD; these has been going on for 11 years. Basically what happens to me is that from the moment I hear these type of voices I begin to experience a change in the way my mind responds emotionally to the regular situations in my life; these emotional responses seem to be very distant from the regular emotional responses that characterize me. In general i feel much more emotionally sensitive to frivolous things that usually have no effect on me, the things I usually like suddenly stop producing being pleasurable to me, these includes music, humor, films, activities i enjoy.The intensity of my emotions seem to diminish, i experience no excitement whatsoever from any activity, instead I feel slightly overwhelmed; what is usually stimulating for me, becomes debilitating; my energy levels decrease and a measurable loss in physical strength occurs ( i know this because i lift weights); I also experience a change in my sense of touch, my skin suddenly becomes much more sensitive to anything that touches it and to itself, everything that slightly touches me gives me a very unpleasant feeling, not painful but very unpleasant, the feeling of my skin rubbing against itself is also very unfamiliar and disturbing, almost like if my skin had become flabby and thin . Some how it is like there is another "me" inside that gets his way when i hear this voices; it is still me in terms of my beliefs, opinions, thoughts, memories, paradigms, world-view and knowledge; but the entire structure of my emotions seems to change along with my behavior and sensory feelings, and it certainly changes into something i find very unpleasant and undesirable; the greatest problem with these is that after hours of feeling like that i am so disturbed that i become desperate, cant sleep or feel an urge to compensate for these feelings by acting in a very explosive and loud manner this is accompanied by the need to scratch my skin to relief the sensations, all of these results in a very ugly thing to watch. i am being treated with Prozac, and it has reduced the duration of these feelings from days to minutes ( although the severity of these feelings remains the same). Does anybody here have any hypothesis, opinion or comment about this, any information i can use. any questions? i am writing this with the intention of discussing my problem and having a greater knowledge of its particularities, of knowing if there are similar cases to mine. thank you

  • Advice - is this man creepy or just treating me childishly?

    First off, I'm 29 years old, female, and I have Asperger's - high functioning autism, in other words. For whatever reason, I look VERY young for my age, because I'm tiny, very shy and timid. I do dress my age though. At work, there is a man in his fifties, who treats me childishly. I'm not sure if I should accept his behaviour, complain about it, or find some way to tell him it's making me feel weird, even though I'm shy. This is what he does: He tugs at my ponytail and hair clips while I'm at my desk He jumps out at me in the hallways, sometimes with his butt towards me He blocks the doorway, or stretches out his leg as if to trip me, as a joke He put his arm around me in the copy room He told me he's been coming by my house (no idea if this is true), and says it doesn't look too lively. He also asks where am I when he comes by. Whenever I'm typing away on my blackberry, he asks if I'm talking to "boys" Let me know if he's just a big joker, or if what he's doing is unacceptable. I'm not the best at understanding human social interaction because of my Asperger's.

  • Serious Trust/Love Issues?

    Ever since I was a little girl (age 3), I haven't been able to love anyone. Not even my own family. I also don't know or understand how to trust a person. I know if I were to lose everyone I knew right now, by the next day I'd be ready to move on. I'm always waiting for someone to double cross me, even though I know almost nobody would have a reason to do so. I care about the well-being of other people, and will always help whenever I can. But people who I know love me and would take a bullet for me? I just can't feel the same way. I can't truly share my feelings or weaknesses with another individual. It bothers me that I lack trust when I shouldn't and can't love. I feel selfish. For example, my older brother and I are closer than the rest of our family. He looks out for me, protects me, and is the only one who knows what I'm ever thinking. But I feel like I wouldn't be surprised if he decided that he wanted to kill me. I know there is no ground for this, but the thought still nags me. How do I learn to let down my guard and love? Please help, I want to return the favor to so many who care about me.

  • Would you be scared of this person?

    If you were interested in someone or were friends with them and you found out they had a few different mental illnesses, such as OCD, depression, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar(2), and schizotypal personality disorder, would you be scared of them? What if they never acted dangerous or weird/odd around you and they acted perfectly normal? Would you still be scared of what would happen if you stuck around? If you were interested in someone and you found this out about them, would you stop pursuing them? Thanks!

  • BIPOLAR!! i need general info pls!?

    y is manic depression so intertwined?? why cant they be individual?? is it true those who r depressed will eventually become manic in a desperate attempt to raise their spirits.. thats what i believe..that because they r so depressed they have to try extra hard to remain sane, pushin them into mania.. unintentionally? i supose its also to do with lack of control..?? thats my theory does anyone else agree with me ?? and y? and p.s. quotes will help too.. any quotes to do with the relationship btw the manic and depressed half and why theyre like that... THAAAAANK YOU!! i love yahoo answers *grins contently*

  • Whats wrong with me could i be depress?

    i have really really bad mood swings i can cry and laugh in split seconds love life then hate it so much that i don't see the point in living so asked my mum who was diagnosed with depression what could that mean and she said its depression but i dint tell her thats how i feel could i be depress or bipolar my mate says im bipolar cause of my mood swings they are real bad and spoiling my relationship please tell me i thought maybe its my pills till i realized this began way before i went on the pill i would feel so much pain i would feel like cutting my self with an razor or take excessive tablets to try numb the pain

  • Name this disorder!! can you tell me what it is?

    here are the clues: person is in early twentys- very mildly depressed and has nervous anxiety-- wont drive, bites nails still. never sexually or physically abused at any age. has black outs and some memory loss....wont remember things that are said to them, wont remember things they say. if you can help me out with this thanks!! please, no rude responces. I am a student, and i'm learning about diagnosis. thanks so much!

  • Quick psychology quiz.....?

    ___ 1. Which of the following is not an example of an anxiety disorder? a. bipolar disorder b. panic disorder c. obsessive-compulsive disorder d. phobic disorder ____ 2. A phobic disorder is marked by a. persistent, uncontrollable thoughts and the urge to engage in senseless rituals b. a persistent and irrational fear of objects or situations that present no real danger c. chronic, high anxiety levels that are not tied to any specific threats d. recurrent attacks of overwhelming anxiety that occur suddenly and unexpectedly ____ 3. Mood disorders tend to be a. chronic, with few periods when the individual is unaffected b. escalating, with each successive episode having more severe symptoms than the previous episode c. episodic, interspersed among periods of normality d. diminishing, with each successive episode having less severe symptoms than the previous episode ____ 4. An individual who shows extreme mood shifts in two directions is likely to be classified as having a. schizophrenia b. obsessive-compulsive disorder c. bipolar disorder d. hyperdelusional disorder ____ 5. Which of the following statements is not accurate in relation to depressive disorders? a. They are quite common and affect approximately 7% of the population. b. Individuals with depressive disorders often show insomnia and loss of appetite. c. Individuals with depressive disorders often show slowed thinking and speech. d. They are age related, with onset typically occurring during adolescence. ____ 6. In comparing different types of psychological disorders, schizophrenia occurs a. less frequently than anxiety disorders, but more frequently than mood disorders b. less frequently than either anxiety or mood disorders c. more frequently than either anxiety or mood disorders d. more frequently than anxiety disorders, but less frequently than mood disorders ____ 7. In schizophrenia, delusions involve a. perceptual distortions such as hearing nonexistent voices b. jumbled, vague, fragmented speech patterns c. false beliefs that are maintained even though they are out of touch with reality d. a deterioration in routine functioning and personal care ____ 8. Chester sometimes sits for hours in extremely rigid positions staring blindly at the wall. During these episodes, he appears completely unresponsive to external stimuli. Chester's symptoms are most consistent with those seen in a. catatonic schizophrenia b. paranoid schizophrenia c. undifferentiated schizophrenia d. disorganized schizophrenia ____ 9. One of the potential neurochemical factors that has been implicated as a possible cause of schizophrenia is a. reduced dopamine activity in the brain b. excess dopamine activity in the brain c. excess serotonin levels in the brain d. reduced norepinephrine levels in the brain ____ 10. MRI scans of schizophrenic and nonschizophrenic individuals have shown that schizophrenic patients may have a. shrunken brain ventricles b. an enlarged hypothalamus c. reduced activity across the corpus callosum d. enlarged brain ventricles

  • Diagnosing a mental disorder (hypothetical)?

    This is a person who is normally calm, thoughtful but a bit emotionally out of touch. He is charming and gets his way with anyone. However, this man occasionally goes into manic fits where he is sigmund frued's poster child. He is violent and craves sex and self sabotage. I'm not sure how to diagnose him. His manic fits seem biopolarish yet he has no depressive states nor are his fits cyclical. His fits arise from extreme stress (being highly embarassed, hazed, etc). It also bears mention that he has little emotion and a vertually non existant ability to love. I'm not sure to put him as a sociopath either because he is normally calm, controlled, and reasonable while exclusivly during the fits he is highly delusional. His choices are not fully conscious. any help? what would you say this guy has?

  • I'm really sad and don't know what to do anymore?

    My life just seems like a fail. I have minor bipolar disorder and severe depression. It is kinda like Bipolar Depression. I hate my few friends at one moment and want to have a sleepover the next. I'm not as smart as I used to be. My grades are falling from straight As to Cs. I feel stupid. I don't feel like eating or doing anything really anymore. My parents are worried, but I just don't care anymore. Nothing matters. Everything is a waste of time and money to me. I don't want to go anywhere. I hate myself completely and have started cutting myself again. I can't tell anyone about that and I want to stop, but I can't. It's hard to explain but a few minutes after I cut there's a burning feeling that makes me feel better. I think I deserve it, anyway. The only thing that makes me happy is music. That's all. Sometimes I think about giving up my friends and education and staying in my house and doing anything I want. More than once I have thought of dying but I would never actually go that far. I get pissed of a lot also because of some assholes i know. I sound stupid saying this stuff, but I don't think I'll ever get anywhere in life. I don't think I'll ever get married or have kids even though I really want to. It's my biggest dream but it'll never happen. I don't know why, though. No one seems to like me. I'm not ugly at all. Many people have said I'm pretty, but idk. My personality isn't that bad, once you get past the shyness and depressive behavior. Sometimes I'm really crazy and loud but it depends. A lot of what I said probably makes no sense at all. But anyway, what should I do? I need something to do.

  • Psychology help please?

    "person centered therapy" belongs to which category of therapies? Aaron Beck's cognitive behavior therapy has been most successful in treating which psychological disorder? name one psychological service commonly provided by community mental health centers tryciclid drugs treat depression by affecting two neurotransmitters associated with mood. Name these two brain chemicals. if you have any answers. thank you.

  • Why cant i improve my self? What am I doing wrong?

    At the beginning of this year i decided that it was time that i got out and made my self into something. For the first 17 years of my life i have been a loner. I'm a quiet and shy guy and have no problem being by myself with my cat and just relaxing. but it's getting boring doing nothing and watching everyone else's lives develop. So, Just turning 17 i wanted to get my license, get a job, continue doing well in school, get out around town and have fun with people, continue doing the sports i love, and get a girlfriend. seeing as i'm moving to a new town i thought it would be a chance to start a new life. Well, so far all i seemed to have done is lie to myself. This last semester at school resulted in the first class that i failed, and now have to go to summer school. My mom isn't letting me get my license due to my grade. I hyper-extendd my big toe so now it painful to walk and can't do any of my sports. I have tried my luck with 3 girls. The first one said no because she liked someone else, i didn't spend the time getting to know her and was just a first timer mistake. the second girl lived in my new town, lived ten minutes away from me, told me she liked me. I made plans with her to hang out over the summer, and she has just stopped talking to me for no reason and didn't tell me anything. So, i moved on met another girl that lived down the street from me. She invited me over to her house last Friday and i though yes! finally. Went over and just hung out with her for 3 hours and it turns out she's in a relation ship with someone starting yesterday and as far as i know it's not me. Right now i'm thinking about giving up, three strikes i'm out. This is all really depressing. i'm also not sure if i'm going to put this into the right category it's kinda a mixture of a few. If there was a "life" one i would put it in there.

  • Any ideas...pleaseeee:(?

    allright now here are the symptoms that i have and i dont know what exactly this is: -Cannot focus -cannot plan -feel under some kind of preasure all the time -feeling of detachment/depersonalization -fear of that detachment -fear of a lot of things ( being ill, fear of my bf leaving me) -constant worrying -finding it hard schedule stuff -late for appointments -forgetting everything -when i try to focus my mind goes blank (sometimes i feel like i dont even know how to think, and this makes me feel stupid) -pretty high IQ -constant thinking, and getting way too little stuff done( i sit and think of how stupid i am, how worthless, how noody really loves me, instead of getting stuff done like cleaning the house or so) -highly self conscious -very low selfesteem.

  • How many chemicals, hormones and endorphines can the brain produce and what do they each do?

  • Why do clinical psychiatrists still believe ECT is an effective treatment to depression?

    ECT =/= electro-convulsive therapy. Yeah, was watching one flew over the cuckoos nest on the television and i was wondering. And yes i know they do things differently now, but that doesn't change the fact that it produces only a small minority from the total of successful participants and many of the side effects of the treatment are still present. Why do why continue to fool ourselves that these miracle cures work without thinking of the serious additional problems that arise after treatment?

  • Please help! I think I'm severely depressed...?

    My dad is recovering from an almost fatal brain hemorrhage - apparently it was a miracle that he is as well as he is now. However it can be extremely stressful trying to look after him and my mum is extremely stressed too - she goes to bed early because she has enough of listening to my dad moaning etc. He struggles with words quite often but it has only been 2 months since he did it (he fell down the stairs and hit his head on a concrete slab). My friend is always moaning to me about her life and her "problems", she copies me - for example I told her I think I am showing signs of clinical depression now 3 days later she is saying she took a test and it said she is depressed too. She asks about my problems but after I tell her she just says okay or sometimes I hope it gets better and when I reply that it won't she says okay - really caring! Everything is so annoying in my life that it's just making me more and more depressed and almost on the verge of committing suicide! I am supposed to be going on holiday to Cyprus on wednesday next week and I really don't want to go so I have spent every night praying for something to happen so I don't have to and unfortunately something has: on the way home my grandparents were involved in a minor car crash and my nan thinks she may have whiplash and her chest is hurting, not sure about my granddad but they may not be able to go. So I feel extremely guilty about this because if I hadn't prayed then I doubt this would have happened. I am still grieving over the loss of my pets and would love to see them in heaven with my nan who died when I was just two or three years old. I wanted to join the army when I wasn't feeling like this but I have lost all interest in things I used to do. I don't want to go back to school because I will be in the last year and I have always been a high-achiever apparently so it will be way too much stress! I feel like crying nearly all of the time especially because my parents are nearly always arguing and I am so scared that they will end up getting a divorce! I have took many online tests about depression and mental illnesses and all have said I am showing signs of depression - most have also said that there is a high chance I could be suffering from major depression. I don't think this is true but I get so confused when I think about it and I just don't know if I am okay anymore. I feel like I have been acting the strong one and keeping it to myself for much too long but I don't know what to do anymore. When I am happy - for example when I took two co-codamol pills the other day they made me feel temporarily happy and sort of "high" but I hated it! I hate feeling happy but I hate feeling how I do now (I feel sad and depressed 24/7)! This is why I think I would be better off dead! I think about indirect suicide a lot and death is on my mind nearly 24/7 - even in my dreams some nights which is quite scary. What can I do? I am only 15 and I don't want any of my family knowing - I only talk to my mums parents and my parents - the others live abroad and hardly ever or never visit. Am I normal? Please tell me what's wrong because I really don't want to kill myself but I can't take living my life anymore! I pray every night that I won't have to wake up on earth in the morning - Waking up in heaven would be so fantastic but it hasn't worked yet. I hate waking up each morning because I know that nothing good will happen but if I'm lucky that it won't be as bad as the day before - unfortunately it is normally worse - every new day is a living nightmare for me! I have been feeling like this for nearly a year - it is not going to just go away and I can't deal with it much longer! I hate me, my life and everything at the moment! Am I depressed?