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  • Are my credentials good enough for Case Western University?

    'm junior . Bio Sat : 710 Chem Sat : take it at the end of the school year ACT : Averaging 28ish on practice test ... have the rest of the school year to get up to 30 GPA : 3.4ish (I know really bad) and 4.2 on the weighted scale Courses / extracurricular : I am a pre-med program , and this is my 3rd year . I 'm on the road EMT . I'm dual credit , and by the time I graduate from high school , I'll have about 60 semester hours of courses ( I have a 4.0 GPA college , with 4 classes/14 hours, now if that will help at all : D ) Ummm ... I took AP World History last year, CLEP Biology last year ( like the AP Bio exam ... made ​​my university council ) and passed it , I'm taking AP Chemistry this year , and take the AP Physics next year . I took dual credit .... Psychology , Biology I, U.S. History 1

  • What do I have to do to become a psychologist in US?

    I studied college in Mexico ( in psychology ) , right now I'm getting a masters in health sciences and would like to do a PhD in the U.S. or the UK . Someone told me I'm going to need a doctorate in psychology , then I will have to work 3000 hours with a therapist and after that I will be able to become one . Is this true ?

  • I Have A Quick Question!!!?

    im goin 2 college in 2009 and I want to go to wake forest , but I want to know if anyone knew any other universities in North Carolina that have good psychology programs

  • How do you become a psychiatrist? PhD? PsyD? Medical school?

    I am currently working on my degree in psychology . I've been researching a lot about how to become a psychiatrist . What is basically 4 years of medical school , an internship of one year and four years of residential training. If you have to go to medical school for 4 years what is the point of going to a program requiring 4-6 years clinical doctoral students to do research and especially working on his dissertation . PsyD program will a replacement of the medical school , as it is more hands on training ? I do not know which path to choose after graduation .

  • UC Transfer Student...what should I do (read details)?

    After attending a community college , I want to ask the UCI and UCLA and be part of their nursing program . And here is where I want your opinion on what you should .... dooo Between UCI and UCLA , I'm learning more to the ICU because its closer to my house . There are a lot of prerequisites that must take to reach its nursing program so that it will be all you need for my

  • What college would you recommend for me?

    I'm looking to see what college is for me . I want a challege and I want to be an architect . I live in Ohio . I do not care that the university put down , but as long as suits / challenge me. Here are my sports , grades,

  • Is there a doctoral program in education/school counseling that I can afford?

    I have a B.A. Psychology , MSEd in special education, and 30 additional credits , including New Jersey state certification as a school counselor , and literacy classes . I'm 54 with 32 years in public education and a child in college and am looking to get a doctorate in education or school counseling , but have very limited resources . Most doctoral programs , in class and online , seem to accept only about 3 courses and then charge about 10 - 15K for the remaining course . In addition to my son's college costs , that's impossible . I'm looking for a university that would accept my teachers 30 credits for post - doctoral and / or to teach me exchange for tuition credit toward my doctorate . I also wonder if I can get any credit for my work experience . I 'm in southern New Jersey. Is there any way I can apply what we have achieved to shorten the time and reduce the cost of obtaining a doctorate ?

  • I am going to volunteer as a Children Advocate, is this good as a job experience?

    I'm not doing this for the money , obviously, but because I like to volunteer . I have volunteered at a hospital , and to the American Red Cross . I 'm studying psychology and working with older people in one way or another , especially if they have been abused or neglected . If I commit to this program will be to serve the community , but I want to know if this experience will help me find a job in the future or not . thanks

  • Advice for a future psychology major?

    Well I'm thinking of going to college for psychology and I'm still in high school , so I just want opinions and advice. How should I even bother? Is it difficult ? What did you do after you graduated ? I'm in grade 11 , so we still have time to decide what anything would be helpful .

  • Does it matter where I get my undergrad degree in psychology?

    Does it matter where I can get my bachelor's degree in psychology ? I go to the University of Delaware. I'm a huge Psych , Spanish children and Studies of Human Development and Family minors who attempt Honors graduate . Will it make a difference if I move to the University of Maryland , College Park for my bachelor's degree ? It's cheaper than UD for me , because I live in MD ( ~ 30 vs ~ 18k ) . I can not find any information about what program is best psychology school , although Maryland is limited seating.

  • Colleges with ROTC?

    I want to go to college in Washington or Wisconsin for psychology . Besides, I need the ROTC program . In recent times , I have not been able to find anything ... Any ideas or suggestions for a place in the State of Washington or Wisconsin that offers both? Thank you !

  • College Help?

    I'm thinking maybe majoring in something like experimental pathology and to refine your search , a website im seeing ( ) , I have to choose a program . What program best suits a specialization in pathology : computer

  • What is going to Kentucky state University like?

    I am a young and want to choose a college that I can learn and party and have fun too. It is also the state of Kentucky have good programs for psychology and fashion merchandising / marketing ?

  • Is it hard to get into the University of Toronto?

    Hi . I am an international student in the United States currently finishing my last year in college . I'm studying Economics . I have the intention to apply to the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia for master's programs in Economics or Finance . By the time I finish my university studies here in the U.S. that will average 3.3 ( translated into signs that is 85-90 ) . My GPA for economics courses is much higher (only A) . Besides the economy , I have also specialized in psychology and computer science courses taken some math and also ( a total of four years of college) . If I am correct , the University of Toronto is one of the best universities in Canada .... how difficult it is to get in? I'm really confused as the best U.S. universities acceptance rates are very low ( less than 10% ) even though there are so many other schools . Comparatively , the population is very low in Canada , but I have not been able to find many universities to apply . So I have no idea how many people really get also apply , not all universities charge the same tuition rates and some are cheaper than others? Thanks for any advice and I would appreciate if you could suggest other universities that can satisfy me ( I want to get an MBA in Finance , Economics

  • What are my chances of getting into Stanford (Grad School), and how can I improve my chances?

    I have really wanted to go to Stanford for graduate school, and want to make sure I do all I can to improve my chances. I had the first time, but I am determined! Here is my information: Natural science or engineering major (can not be declared until junior year), and pursue a master's degree in the same or a very similar one. Right now, I am a sophomore at Haverford College (No. 10 in liberal arts college in the U.S.). I have a ~ 3.75 GPA after the first year (I know, not very big .. but hopefully I can bring it up). Conducted a research internship lab throughout the year. I have a full-time paid work this summer, as well as laboratory research internship (different from the first). Trying to fit in a major (probably chemical, biological, chemical or biomedical engineering) and a minor (mathematical thinking, psychology, or physics). There will be a member of several clubs related to science and thought to join Amnesty International. Probably going to be co-founder and co-chairman of a science club / philanthropic starting next year. Planning in the implementation of various programs summer science research in the coming years (Amgen Scholars Program at Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley, and Cal Tech, MRL at UCSB, Vanderbilt Summer Research Programs, and Johns Hopkins) and hope to be accepted into at least one every summer. Please give me some tips on how to increase my chances, since this is my dream school. Also, I'm Hispanic (I heard rumors that this may help, but not sure if I believe them). Also, let me know what you think my chances are? Please respond only if you have relevant knowledge. Thank you!

  • Please tell me the difference between these terms?

    Undergrad degree Masters MBA PHD I'm currently in college and the community looking to pursue a career in psychology , wanted to know how many more years in school after I finish my AA should work towards getting my graduate degree ? What is the difference between graduate and undergraduate ? Please describe in detail thoroughly thanks ...

  • Psychology help?

    is the study of mental health and social services related to psychology ? I'm looking for a specific college that offers an associate degree in mental health and human services , but I want to be a psychologist , therefore , the study of psychology , but not sure if this would be good for me because it has courses psychology , but only adults in mental health and social services ... help please ? ! ? !

  • I am completing my B.S. in Psych at Cuny Csi and planning to apply to Brooklyn college cuny anything specific?

    I need to know about being accepted into the MS program in school psychology ?

  • Which college program to enter? please help!?

    I'm pretty sure I want to be an occupational therapist . There are five programs a few years where you can get your bachelor / master in five years. I'm debating if I should do it or get a degree in psychology and then go to graduate school for two years and get a master's in occupational therapy ?

  • Which colleges should I apply to with my record if I want to write for TV?

    I'm going into my second year of high school , but I'm looking with great interest to my college years . My GPA is a 3.579 , and am enrolled in the IB program . I'm taking an AP class next year. I am also taking all honors classes , excluding a class of Chinese language and the band . As for extracurricular activities , I created and I am the president of the club in my school first book . I am also in drama ( backstage work) , Marching Band and Winter Drumline , and , next year , I will join a club of animal rights as well as the literary magazine . I do not know if this would count for nothing , but I have a very popular blog . When I grow up , I want to write for television and novels . Writing is my passion . I just do not have much money , and they would need financial assistance . A lot of it , actually. I would go to a liberal school , but plenty of room to walk around. I'm not religious . I like to party - I'm not looking fraternities or anything. I'd much space and intellectual stimulation and freedom . Also I have interest in psychology , philosophy and physics , but I'm absolutely terrible with math . A school with a good language and creative writing program would be great , as I think it should be a teacher for a living . What schools should I apply ?