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  • What can i say in my voice mail?

    hmm i'm tired of the machine

  • How can I cure autism?

    Its in my right foot

  • Poll: What type of job do you got?

  • Can a person with schizophrenia take antidepressants?

    Can i Take Pristiq With 4mg of Pherphenazine latley i have been hearing scary *like my mind replaces postive emotions with the most scariest thoughts ever.. Anyway Im noticing this in my own self so im taking steps my doctor put me on Anti Pyscotic medication called Pherphenazine and Pristiq for the depression knowing i have a slight problem with negative thoughts he said although you feel the world is going down on you don't mean you have this illness the only illness *after 9 years *im 19 btw* the only thing you have is bipolar but not MAJOR manic more depressive from your child hood now yestarday i was walking in the MID springish like weather there was this guy walking away from me suddenly hes on the RIGHT side of the walk way in less then 5 seconds but for i know he ran and he passed me by and say hey whats up.. Middle of day around 11 AM so i know i wasn't *seeing things* anyways im scared of my own mind i get aggitated eaisly but wont talk about it only with my Thearpist im just scared that it could turn into Schizophrenia id ont want it ive seen it in action its scary as fudge shes talking fine...then suddenly shes yelling at her *husband for doing something stupid* IN THE VAN! its so weird i don't wanna go down that route and yet i thought i was like this for a time but i have a timelapse cam with audio that can record 520 hours of HD video constanly i looked through some of the video and not one am i talking to my self or talking to *other people* or seeing things or Frozen and laughing.. not once so i fast fowarded it i slept fine woke up fine all day long all i saw was nothing but normal activity talking to my friends etc... any advise other then the common *talk to your PHych Doctor.. Get help.. i just don't awnt to get this id rather bipolar then this scary illness

  • Do you think that, when a woman becomes pregnant due to rape, getting an abortion is understandable?

    When a woman gets impregnated due to rape, do you think that it is wrong for her to get an abortion? Why or not not?

  • What is your definition of autism ?

  • Is sleep the best cure for insomnia?

  • If I wore a label with my disorder would it make it easier for others?

    My choices are: generalized anxiety disorder delusional disorder munchausen syndrome (like the way that one sounds) manic- depressive ( ruined with the politically correct bipolar title) or Dissociative identity disorder If you have a better one I'm open for suggestions.

  • Was Judy Garland Bi-polar?(10 points!)?

    Was Judy Garland Bi-polar?(10 points!)? Hi everyone. I am hoping you would be able to shed light on this for me.I am doing research on the great Judy Garland and is it true she was a manic depressive?And if not what illness did she suffer from?Perhaps schizophrenia?And could you elaborate on this? Thank you

  • 11:30 what would you do to make yourself asleep?

    I had an argument with a friend and can't sleep now.

  • Curious...would you have done the same thing?

    My husband &I are out running errands and stopped at a mimi market gas station because I wanted to get a pack of cigarettes (I know it's bad for me). Anyways, we go in together and he grabs a soda....we're at the cash register with a line of people behind us (all adults, no kids). The cashier who was about 18 asked me for my ID....okay, it's the law and I'm 35 so anytime I'm asked I take it as a compliment....anyways because my husband was paying I left my purse in the car. So my husband says, "well, I don't want to hold up the's my ID." The cashier says he can't accept it. My husband's response is, "what do you mean you won't accept it." So I start walking out to get my ID and I hear the cashier say, "I'm not selling you the cigarettes cause I know you are with her." 5 seconds later I'm walking back in with a long line of people standing behind my husband...I hear him say to the cashier, "you gotta be kidding me, you're a f***ing idiot...

  • What do you think of my poetry and should i try to get it published?please give honest feedback?

    These are just a few of the poems which i wrote while a a lockdown rehab facility which caused me to fall back into a deep depression and i learned that writing came easy to me if i just wote how i felt and didnt have to think about my words. ill give jjust a few haikus and then some song/poems i wrote because theres way too many haikus to give them all and id like to fit in the song poems also. Your misconceptions These misinterpretations Are running my life I don’t have much time So I write the most I can ‘Fore they take my life They have the power When will we finally wake? Rise and take it back They all seeing eye It is beginning to rise Has been for some time Why can’t you shut up Your words make my body freeze I want to kill you To see Valhalla It’s all imaginary Heroes don’t exist All you do is buy Until you grow so tired Suddenly you die Do you enjoy life? To do so needs ignorance I would rather die To be nothingness The beauty of suicide You decide for me To not understand Defeats the purpose at hand It’s not me it’s you As you pass those gates Do you regret your choices? Or waste your chances? Can you hear that song? That’s what keeps me moving on I brush myself off To see all my faults Only creates more judgment Don’t return the gift Seeps into your room When you try to fall asleep Keeping you awake Everyone longs For someone to truly love Love is a white lie They were at my side I just pushed them right aside Now I can’t decide We have all lost rights We are out of the Lord’s sight No God-given rights They keep patrolling Pretending to be your friend If you love me, leave All I want to do Is to get away from you Now just get away We are growing sick From the contaminations We take willingly Explosions inside Take away all that is here Lives on in my dreams Metaphors for me Misinterpreted by me They’re getting to me Start feeling better After several hundred Many more to go All that has passed me by Return to an unknown world Must restart again Just as I have felt I wish to spread all throughout All the tears and joy Just leave me alone Lock me up in solitude Please, just leave me be Unwritten ending Waiting for you to fill in Can not be complete Like a fairy tale Everything from nothing It’s all or nothing Rather than pre-judge Enjoy the beauty inside Then you can decide My inspiration You wouldn’t understand it You couldn’t stand it You must find the time Weigh out the consequences Then you can decide Every line’s new A new story to be told All in what you see Everybody Besides me gets what they need Feeling left behind ......................................… ...................................... .................................... Visions in the sky Watching life pass me on by Such inspiration Just want to sit here and write It’s all so perfect Might be my last time outside Enjoying my time I want to write forever It’s so amazing How wondrous life can be If you give it time Don’t let it slip through your hands May be your last chance Know it’s mine for a long time Want o hold on tight But first I need some control May wait till Christmas Before I can go outside See my friends again Do more than just hang with them Not much time to spend Before I must leave again I must write again Cherish all the time you have Because it won’t last Live a life with no regrets Don’t hold yourself back You’re the only one who can Please understand that It’s the nest advice I have You only live once Don’t imitate my mistakes We used to have it all Nothing stood in our way Then you moved so far away Everything turned to disarray And we stand in each others way But now I see so clearly Just what I said back then I guess it’s all relative To myself I feel like I'm perfect Bulletproof Nothing I do can hurt me Not even the things I did to you It brings tears to my eyes I cant deny That I loved you Or so I thought I’ve proven myself wrong You used to mean so much to me Then it all got in the way Just a way for me to get laid I became what I hated You were just my escape From the pain I felt in me Threw you away Treated you like **** You never deserved it Just a dear in the headlights Thought you were the problem But so was I I guess we both were wrong Now is your chance to live Looking out the window Watching life pass you by Wishing I was on the outside Inside of you Staring into my eyes Seeing what I can find All the buried treasures Waiting to be uncovered Watching the looking glass I see a different self One I’d rather be He thinks the same of me In another dimension We all see what we want to be We can’t see reality Everyone wants to be someone else Wants to feel just like you Thinking it’s so perfect Until you get there

  • Can herbal sleeping tablets me taken long term?

    If so, any you'd recommend?

  • If you had one wish, what would you choose?

    And can't be for more wishes...

  • Do you believe people with Autism and Asperger's are more stronger and brave than others?

  • Which away message is the best or funniest or most rude?

    1. If I seem to give a damn, please tell me. I would hate to be giving the wrong impression. 2. He is YOUR god, they are YOUR rules, YOU burn in hell. 3. Whenever you eliminate the inedible, whatever remains, however unpalatable, must be food. 4. Stop using Jesus as an excuse for being a narrow-minded, bigoted asshole. 5. I've given up the search for reality; now I'm just looking for a good fantasy. 6. Get your mind out of the gutter - it's blocking my view. 7. "Obstruction of justice? No sir, we prefer to think of it 'avoiding complications'." 8. Just Friends phrase - I don't just want you to mourn the loss; I want to remind you of it every day. I want you to suffer. I want you to envy. I want you to die slowly, a bit at a time. And I want you to smile and thank me for it. 9. Depression n . - Anger without enthusiasm. 10. Amor vincit omnia. (Love Conquers all) 11. Hello, this is slidey the sidekick. Here I am ... brain the size of a planet, and what does my owner have me doing? ... taking messages on AIM. 12. Do infants have as much fun in infancy as adults do in adultery? 13. Hello. Here are my answers to yesterday's messages, in order of their arrival. Yes. Tommorow at 5pm. Duct tape and piano wire. Tonight's safety word will be banana. No. Thank you 14. So now I know the things I know And do the things I do And if you do not like me so To hell, my love, with you. 15. There once was an old man of Esser, Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser, It at last it grew so small He knew nothing at all, And now he's a college professor. 16. Friends will keep you sane, Love could fill your heart, A lover can warm your bed, But lonely is the soul without a mate. - David Pratt 17. I am currently occupied, give me a couple minutes to get frustrated and then I'll get back to you. 18. Talent does what it can. Genius does what it must. I do what I get paid for. 19. I'm drunk...I'm armed...I'm off my meds. You had better make your message really, really sweet. 20. I intend to live forever - so far, so good. 21. Hello, you have reached my automated answering service, your IM will be answered in the order in which it was recieved, your IM is number 5,293, please hold, your IM is important to me 22. This is an alien being from Alpha Cenatrei. I have been sent to earth in the form of an away message so that I might mate with your computers. You may not know it but as you read this, I am having sex with your computer. Leave a message, but please IM me again later because I am VERY VERY HORNY. 23 Tonight's weather, dark, continuing mostly dark tonight, leading to widely scattered areas of light in the morning. 24. I'm not here, I've gone out to look for myself. If I come back before I return, please tell me to wait. hey wud up aimers??? as u can see i aint here rite now. im off doing sumthing fun instead of siting on my *** n talking to u!! i do have a lyfe ya kno unlike you cuz if ur reading diz den it tells u aint gotz a lyfe! i think u need to go get a lyfe! The little yellow thing next to my name should mean somethin'... :-P Maybe not to someone who has the brain capacity of a goldfish though. Have a bad day. I'm screening my IMs to avoid someone I don't like. I'll IM you back soon and if I don't that person was you. You see this away message is really sad but funny at the same time. The sad part is that you expect me to reply to your message. The funny part is that I'm sitting looking at the screen laughing.

  • Do people here ever email you when they didn't like what you had said in your answer to their question?

    I have had this two or three times now. The first time it was about dumping her kids off at daycare when I meant dropping them off because dump and drop mean the same thing to me in that context but I didn't know "dump" had a negative meaning and it means to get rid of. If parents wanted to get rid of their kids, all they have to do is drop them off somewhere and never come get them so why take offense to "dump?" All I did was compliment the mother on checking the place out before dumping her kids off there. That place was a filth. I wouldn't want my kids there either. But she just didn't like my compliment and I thought she was weird until I was told at another forum "dump" has a different meaning and she maybe thought I was criticizing her parenting. Some people are against people dropping their kids off at daycare so she maybe thought I was one of those people. The second time it was about someone not liking when I said "How dare you say autism is a horrible thing" and she sent me an email and put me on block which I thought was cowardly of her. Don't email someone and then block them, what's the matter? Afraid of hearing back from them, afraid of conflicts? Maybe she doesn't like autistic individuals, who knows. I have heard of people being so hostile to people on the spectrum who don't mind having it or don't want a cure to it or who take offense to people saying their condition is horrible. It's like they want to shut them out. That is exactly why lot of us hate Autism Speaks. They speak for us but yet they don't want to hear from us. They shut us out and don't like what we say. Instead they are focused on the bad part of it, the severe case of it than the high functioning ones including AS. I can't remember the third one but maybe that was only two I have had so far.

  • Autism spectrum poll:what makes you proud about being an autist?

    im proud because im a savant! splinter and artist type without proper practice! because of my autism

  • Would it be stupid to start Cocaine to impress a girl?

    There is this girl I like and I'm thinking about doing it with some friends to get her to notice me, she doesn't do any drugs, btw Have a great day :D

  • Does atheism always lead to existentialism, than to nihilism?

    I've fallen into a nihilistic mindset, and it's really hard trying to break out of it. Like it feels impossible.