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  • STILL can't sleep and restless legs coming off Tramadol.. is this normal?

    Hi there I was taking loads of different medication for a slipped disc for about 5-6 weeks.. some of the medication were.. tramadol diazipan gabapendin and an anti inflamatory i cant remember the name of!! Basically i started decreasing the amount of all the pills over the past 3 weeks but a week last thursday (10 days ago) i stopped taking the tramadol and had withdrawal symptoms like insomnia and really bad restless legs syndrome that was all over my body!! So I decided to try and slowly decrease the dosage.. and was taking 100mg at night but still taking ages to fall asleep and feeling a crawling sensation on my legs. For the past 4 ngihts I have been taking just 50mg of tramadol but I ran out last night so thought it would be ok to go without.. and that's why I'm online at 5am!! I feel terrible.. like my legs and arms need to keep moving and it's really getting to me cause I'm so tired!! Does this sound normal when coming off tramadol and how long does it last for?? Thanks :)

  • How bad is marijuana?...really...?

    OK so I am currently double majoring in electrical engineering and computer science at Georgia Tech. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA since I was a freshman in high school. I have done internships with Harris down in Florida and been offered several jobs even though I am still a Junior. I also light up almost every day and have been since about 10th grade. People say weed ruins your brain but I do not believe it has hindered by studies at all. I feel just as motivated and focused as I have been my whole life. For me, marijuana is the perfect way to relax after a long night of studying and I honestly believe I would NOT be as successful if it weren't for marijuana. I get excellent sleep every night and I am focused and ready to go the next morning. Can someone please explain why there is such a resistance to this plant and why it is not legal? (P.S. I do not drink or party hardly at all- most of my free time is spent studying or programming or with my girlfriend)

  • Do I have...............?

    S.A.D I am really worried, I'm only 14 but I have been putting in some research after my most recent winter. The symptoms that I had were, Loss of Appetite, Heart Palpitations, Loss of Sleep, Depression (i actually self harmed, which was not good) I got major Mood swings, I didn't want to be near people, I became very Lethargic, All fo my school work slipped; I couldn't concentrate, I got bad anxiety at times, Then as the spring came and weather got better I began feeling okay. All the symptoms happened from November through to about April. The catch is, I don't want my family to know, so does anyone know about a way to get around this? Because I heard that you have to have blood tests to see and you need parental consent if you are under 16. Any answers appreciated.

  • Insomnia Problem?

    cure for insomnia?it would be better if they are not medicines..

  • An Assortment of symptoms, any ideas?

    For the past six months I have has abdominal pain on the left side. There appears to be no relation to when I eat or anything. It can vary from severe to mild. Twice in the past six months I have had pain so bad that I could not even walk, which lasted about 10 minutes. Many times I have an upset stomach that prevents me from eating. I also have been getting severe pain in my chest on the left side that sometimes spreads to the right side. The pain lasts for about 20 seconds before it disappears. I also have severe pain with bowel movements-which only happens once every 2-3 days. At times I will be laying in bed when my whole body begins to feel numb, or I feel like thousands of tiny needles are poking my arms and legs. I also have been getting severe headaches above my eyes, most on the left but sometimes over both. I am a 20 year old female I am looking for any ideas, besides the go see a doctor advice. I am waiting until I have an idea of what to tell them to look for. The last few times I have gone in I have been brushed off as just having depression. I am not wasting any more money/time at the doctors until I have a better idea of what might be wrong.

  • What effects could this cause later in my life?

    I am 13 and a couple months ago I attempted to commit suicide because I am transgender and depressed. Most of the time I am able to get through the day fairly easy but sometimes I get out of control and do things like hurt myself, slit my wrist, or attempt to commit suicide. One night my parents went out to a party and left me alone with my brother. I lost control of myself. I felt so much psychological pain and that the only escape was death. So I went down stairs, I opened my parents liquor cabinet I drank around 3.5/5 of a gallon of christian brothers brandy, a full magnum bottle of red wine, and about 2.5 cups of a vodka martini and that is all i can remember. I fell down the stairs and passed out and my brother called my parents and the hospital. I woke up the next morning in the hospital and the doctor said it was a miracle I was alive and that I had a deadly amount of alcohol even for adults. I was just wondering if i dont ever actually commit suicide later in life will this experience effect my life when I grow up?

  • Will my son be turned down for insurance?

    I have an autistic son, and I have decided he needs better hospital insurance than what he has (I have regular health insurance, but his hospital coverage is not great). So I applied for extra hospital insurance. Aside from being pretty severely autistic, he's physically a pretty healthy kid, no major problems, no ongoing treatment. However, recently he needed to have a dental procedure, and they decided it was best that it be done in the hospital, and that he be fully knocked out. A few years back, he also needed to be knocked out for an MRI (he had a seizure, but none since). Anesthesia is expensive, and when he had the dental procedure, it maxed out the hospital coverage on my current plan and I got stuck with a $9000 bill. Hence, the decision for better hospital insurance. When applying for health insurance, they do 5 year medical records check, and those two things are going to come up. What's going to happen... Will I have higher premiums? will they refuse to cover anything they deem is caused by his autism? Or will they flat out reject him? Or will it not be a problem?

  • Do you have any experience with Autism and medical marijuana?

    I've been wondering if medical marijuana might be a means of treating violent autistic teens. I see that the internet is full of stories of those who've tried it, I didn't find any negative stories in a brief search.

  • My daughter has a serious phoebia about people sniffing near her...?

    Well.. my daugther has special needs (autisim) and well the phoebia is whenever people sniff near her she thinks its something to do with her... and i try to comfort her to say its not you that people are sniffing at they probably have a cold or hayfever.. she says that it is me that people are sniffing at .. And its controlling her life... and i try to do everything to comfort her but it never goes away please can you help anyone to give me and my daughter some advice to cure this phoebia she has.... thankyou very much ...

  • Can anyone help me quit smoking marijuana?

    i have been smoking marijuana for about 3 years every single day, multiple times a day, and i feel like im getting dumber and less social< i know a lot of people think its easy to quit but my family has a history of addiction and im certain i have a mental addiction, and am almost certain i have a physical dependance because if i dont smoke i go into withdrawals, and i lose my appetite, get really depressed and just feel like **** overall< about 4 years ago i quit for a few months because i went to rehab, but couldnt stay away from it< im wondering if anyone knows how long it will take for the withdrawals to dissipate, the depression to go away and for my brain to be functioning at full capacity

  • Recently I have been sleeping a lot, have been feeling down?

    In the past couple of weeks I have been so tiered and have been sleeping more and still feel tiered all day even after sleeping more than 8 hours. You see I am in my last year of High School and have so much to do, and a lot of stress, but recently (after the New Year) I have been skipping my first 5 hours of school because i am so fr*cking tiered and sleep in, and only have time for my last 2 hours since i get up so late, I can't help my self from falling asleep I just do so could someone tell me what i possible making me fall asleep. i also have been felling like i am not worth anything and i have been getting suicide thoughts very regular i have been crying a lot and most nights i have been crying my self to sleep, but also I have lost my interest in everything, in graduating, in having a social life in keeping contact with my friends, in going to collage, and i don't know what is possibly wrong with me. can someone help me?

  • Asperger's Syndrome Gene?

    I have a research due in my genetics class and was wondering what the name of the Asperger's Syndrome Gene is ? Thanks in advance !

  • Do u know FLUOXETINE?


  • Can you help me with my painful calfs and feet? :'(?

    Ill try keep this as simple as possible. About me: - age:17 - sex: female - Smoke regularly and drink occasionally. - Other than two occurrences, nothing else running in the family. My mum's brother also had bad legs like mine, when he was young, younger than me, and the doctors put that down to growing pains. my dads sister had bad legs in her 20s and had to have surgery to relieve it. This was due to a bone disease or so i am aware. Symptoms: - Cramping pain in the calf, foot, thigh and the back of the knee. - sometimes is eased by walking. - can be pins and needles sometimes, or could be shotting pains. - legs feel very heavy. - Feet and legs are cold all the time. - when i get out of the bath, my feet swell and are bright red, i get a pins and needles pain straight away. (even when the baths luke warm) - i have to lay on my side, with a pillow inbetween my legs in bed for it to be moderate pain, but ecute enough for me to sleep. - Achy dull feeling. - before this started happening i would feel faint all the time, but never fainted apart from one occasion. Doctors stuff: - had blood tests with nothing ab-normal showing. - been to the hospital but no one seems to know what it is. - had a x-ray on my back to rule out sciatica. nothing was shown ab normal in the x-ray, - took pain killers, and heat rubs, nothing seems to work. Please help. if you've had this, or someone you know, or your a doctor and know what this is, please anything will help!