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  • Please tell me what those terms, connected with Alzhiemer's disease are?

    1.Autosomal dominant mutation 2.Presenium1,presenium2(I think it's percinul2(source:wikipedia,amyloid precursor protien 3.Epsilon 4 allelle 4.Chromosomes1,14,19,21 5.amyloid beta protien 6.PET,SPECT diagnosis 7.Amyloid plaques 8.Neurofibrillary tangles

  • Im 18 can i go get prescribed adderal on my own?

    i go to college and i know adderall really helps me succeed and id like to get a prescription but have no idea how please help and thank you

  • I am looking for more information on autism, worried of the possiblity my bfs 30 mnth old son may be autistic?

    Was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the situation. I think my boyfriends 2 1/2 yr old son may be autistic. Ive read up on it but was wanting someone who knew more about it opinion. He doesnt speak at all except for growling like sounds. Little to no eye contact ever, he never respondes to his name and is constanlty wandering around the house in circles. I have 3 children of my own and he doesnt interact with them at all. When you try and play with him, he just wanders off by himself . When he wants something he will come grab us by out finger and take us to what he wants and we have to figure out what he wants.. in kind of a guessing game way. When he eats anything of color he will only eat one color at a time then when its gone move onto a different color. Just wanting to see what someone else thought and if anyone knew where I can get more information.

  • What exactly is rehab?

    What exactly is rehab and what do u do there? and is it expencive? If it is expensive how expensive do u think it is??

  • Fibromyalgia?

    I'm 18 years old and have had a lot of pain over the past couple of years. I was put on an antidepressant for stress and muscle relaxers to take at night. When I went to college I started having panic attacks and was put on Paxil and xanax, they made me feel weird so I went back to the other stuff. My parents don't believe in fibromyalgia, so I can't talk to them about it or they will say im just being dramatic. I went to the doctor to get my prescriptions refilled and on the refill sheet it said "Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia" but he didn't tell me that I had that. So I am diagnosed with it, but he isn't going to tell me how to make it easier for me? or any treatments I should try? I just don't understand..

  • I have not slept in four months?

    what are the causes of insomnia?? and how can i get rid of it without drugs?

  • Is autism being over-diagnosed now, just like ADD and ADHD used to be?

    Autism is now being diagnosed at the rate of about 1 in 100 births in the United States. Is it being over-diagnosed or is the level of awareness of the problem just that much higher? The rate of 1 in 100 just seems too high to me.

  • What does the disease Autism do to a person?

  • How to cure stomach heaviness after eating?

    i having strong stomach heaviness after eating anything .now days it is getting worse.i have changed many doc but no help yet my stomach problem do not cure.any home remedies???bec of this i am unable to eat anything .medicines are making my stomach worse ! I am male 16 yr old and i am severly underweight!

  • Are these illnesses or symptoms???

    These are NOT Illnesses, but only symptoms that you must learn to ask yourself—“from which of the five causes does it come from???” These are the symptoms that were once known as real illnesses; that YOU can now learn to reverse or prevent, and/or improved by yourself with my self-healing methods. There are two words that will make this possible to do or impossible to do: These two words have a magic all their own –they are magical because they remind me of “Open Sesame” --- once you use these words they open a new life for you if you apply them or close the door to it, they are called: Discipline and Dedication. With out these magical words nothing is possible—I will give you the path to a new life, but you must walk it and never get off of it -- until the day that your real cause-point is found and eliminated. Which one do you have and from which cause--point did it come from??? 1. Over-acidity??? 2. The Chemical World??? 3. The Living World??? 4. The Nutritional World??? 5. The Viral and Bacterial World or Microscopic World??? FROM WHICH ONE OR FROM WHICH COMBINATION??? Acid Indigestion Acid Reflux Acne AIDS-- HIV Allergies -- Intolerance To Certain Foods Allergies – Skin ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Agent Orange Agitation AIDS Alcoholic Tremors And Addiction Anemia, Low Hemoglobin, Low Blood Volume, Little Or Thin Veins Anxiety Disorders Arthritis Asthma Athlete’s Foot Itch That Just Won’t Go Away Back Pain -- Body Aches And Lower Back Pain Bed Wetting -- Adult Birth Defects Bleeding Gums Blood -- Poor Circulation—Cold Hands And Feet Blood Clots Blood -- Toxic Due To Overload Of Worm Toxins Or Over-Acidity Or Chemical Toxins Bloody Stools Or Rectal Prolapse, Or Blockages In The Intestinal Tract Blood Volume – Low -- Causing The Heart Stress Body Odor Brittle Nails Breath --- Bad Breath That Does Not Go Away, And Foul Smelling Gas And Stools Bruxism -- Teeth Grinding while you sleep Cancer Candida Infection Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Cholesterol (Elevated) Chronic Fatigue Constipation Colds -- Frequent Colds, Congestion Cold Sores Confusion Cysts Dark Circles Under The Eyes Diabetes Diarrhea Drowsy, Or Tired After Meals Convulsions Delusions Dementia Depression Digestion -- Impaired Dizziness --- Light Headed-Ness Eczema Emotional -- Excitable Or Un-Controllable Emotional State Or Seizures Emotional -- Frequent Or Un-Controllable, Or Un-Explainable Or Un-Justifiable Rage, Anger Or Extreme Aggression Eye Twitches Erectile Dysfunction -- Inability To Maintain An Erection Due To Low Blood Volume Fatigue -- Frequently Fatigued Or Fatigued For Un-Explained Or Un-Known Reason Fear Fever -- Low-Grade Fibroid Tumors Fingernails (White Spots, Brittle, Ridges) Food -- Intolerance To Fatty Foods Fractures--Fast Recovery Time Of Broken Bones Gall Bladder – Pain Or Infection Gastritis Genital Herpes Gout Headaches-- Migraine -- Chronic Or Headache For No Apparent Reason Heart Palpitations Heal Wounds-- Fast Recovery Or Fast Healing Time Hepatitis-C Heart Palpitations Heart --Abnormal Rhythms Hemorrhaging – Internal -- Unexplained Or Unknown Hemorrhoids And Diverticular Disease And Colitis High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Hungry All The Time Hyperactivity Hypotension -- abnormally low blood pressure Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) Impotence Infections -- Lowered Resistance To Infections Infertility Intestinal --- Frequent Intestinal Disorders, Or Intestinal Bleeding, Frequent Gas &Bloating Intestinal --- Irregular Bowel Movements, Chronic Constipation, Sluggish Elimination Or Chronic Diarrhea Insomnia And Restless Sleep Irregular Heartbeats Iron-- Increases Iron Absorption Iron Deficiency Anemia Irritability Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Itching -- Painful itching in or around anus, skin, penis, vaginal Jerkiness Joint Pain -- Or Joint Stiffness And Pain Kidney Stones Leg Tightening Leukemia Liver -- Pain In Your Liver Loss Of Appetite Loss Of Smell Lymph Nodes -- Swelling Malaise -- A General Sick Feeling Menstrual Cramps Mental -- Difficulty Concentrating, Insanity, Disorientation Moles Mucus -- Excessive Muscle Cramps Muscle Pains Muscle Tremors Muscle Twitching Muscles -- Sore Muscle Weakness Muscle Wasting Nerve Disorders Nervousness Neuromuscular irritability Nose Bleeding Numbness In Arms And Legs Osteoporosis Overweight Pain -- General Aches And Pains That Migrate From One Place To Another. Pain – Universal Panic Attacks Pica -- Craving To Eat Soil, Paint, Eating Foul Tasting Or Obnoxious Things Plaque -- On Heart And Arteries Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), Breast Soreness, Vaginal: Itch, Bleeding, Pain Or Infections Protein Deficiency Restless Leg Syndrome Restlessness Seizure Disorders Sensitivity To Light, Or Day Blindness Skin Problems That Just Won’t Cure Or Resolve Such As: Rashes, Boils, Pimples, Acne, Sores Etc. Sonophobia -- Fear of loud sounds that irritate your nerves Spasms Stiffness -- Back, Neck Stress Scurvy Sleep -- Needing To Sleep A Long Time, Or Inability To Stay Asleep Stomach Pains Stomach -- Protruding Belly Caused By Infestation Of Parasites Stunted Growth Or Delayed Puberty Swollen Legs Tension Tics Tightness Tinnitus (Ringing In Ears) Twitches Twitching Eyelid Viruses Vision --- Partial Loss Of Vision, Or Total Blindness, Or Pain In Eyes Warts Weakness -- General -- Or low energy level Weight – Excess Weight Or Can’t Gain Weight Wombs or open sores that won’t heal or close

  • Why do you think in many areas of the UK and other nations, Autism and Asperger's are "Forgotten Conditions?"?

    Often people with Autism and AS don't receive support with housing. They need help and support with applying and accessing benefits. Too many miss out. Support with taking them out, as it is too much for some with Autism/AS to get on a bus, particularly when it is noisy or crowded, or a train. Support and provisions if they decide to study at college or go to University in a few cases. Even support or guidance with the correct type of school. There are undoubtedly many more cases which I could think of. People with mental health problems and general learning disabilities/Down's Syndrome have day centres and support groups and social workers. Even heroin addicts get benefits and social workers. People with Autism and AS often miss out or are forgotten conditions. Why?

  • I think I have high functioning autism or asperger's syndrome?

    I'm 18, and recently watched a TV show about it and it basically explained my life. I have asked my parents about my childhood, and any problems I had and they would probably think I'm stupid and paranoid for thinking I have this, but I have done the test and consistently score 42 on it, which is really high. I'm too embarrassed to go to the doctors because this is something that should have been diagnosed when I was little but now I'm 18, I just feel silly. Basically when I was little I had no friends. When people spoke to me I wouldn't talk to them or look at them, and sometimes I still do this now, or just give one word answers, which I didn't even notice, but my friend told me that this girl spoke to her who tried to speak to me, and that's apparently what I did, and I didn't even realise. I was bullied for it, and if I do try to speak to people I end up making a fool of myself. I am always tripping over, bad at sports, hate going out in public with people, because I prefer staying in and doing something I like, like painting and going on my laptop. If there are a lot of people around me I don't know, I start to feel claustrophobic, and when people look at me I get really paranoid and it makes me mad, so I start shouting at them. I hate being like this but I want to know if I'm being stupid, or if I really have something wrong with me.

  • Need to know what causes Parkinson's disease?

    Don't give me wikipedia information....i need to know what actually causes it as in how can we prevent ourselves from such a disease?what should we not do or doo to avoid it?

  • What is the difference between a shy person and a person with autism?

    What I have read, some of the symptoms of Autism is lack of confidence, self esteem...

  • What is parkinsons disease? Can you explain it really simply so i can understand? It's for research homework

    Please make it easy to understand, wikipedia etc just confused me

  • There is a frequent attack of thinking negative Is it mental or isthere some kind of hormonal imbalance?

    I m continously stuck thinking of how negative my life will turn out to be i cant concentrate on anything that i do this wasnt the case a year earlier i dont know whether this is related to hormonal imbalance or something else any doctor please i need some help!

  • Help my bulimia is out of control!! I just want to stop but can't... How can i stop this obsession?

    I can't stop being bulimic.. It started gradually but now i do it once a day. everyday i tell myself i'm never going to do it again, but i always end up doing it. Its like i have no control and its controlling me. HELP ME!!!! How can i recover?

  • Is it possible for teenagers to have panic attacks?

    I'm fifteen years old, I'm an asthmatic, and I'm currently suffering from a cold (I think it is, at least). Last night, I felt like I couldn't breathe, and I was wondering.... Was it a panic attack or a result from asthma...? Maybe even from the cold? 10 points to most informative!

  • Why is there such a philanthropic cause for autism if there are many diseases that pose a much higher threat?

    Why are people spending so much to find a cure for autism rather than on real problems in society like cancer and HIV?

  • Can i die from insomnia at the age of 14?

    I'm 14 and i think i have insomnia cause my parent's always say that i have it but they also tell me i can die from it i can't ever sleep i toss and turn even with my eyes open and nothing i feel drowsy but i never sleep till around 7 in the morning and i also told my friends that i can die from it and they always tell me that i have to get my butt to bed i don't know what to do so please answer