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  • Do you think I have depression?

    I can be happy at times, I can dance to songs and they make me feel something. But I always feel lack of energy and sometimes it feels like I'm walking towards thick air. I don't really feel like socializing and whenever I do I tend to feel exhausted after wards. I need to spend a lot of time on my own. I'm only 21 but I always feel tired when I do a lot of things. My thoughts go round and I feel negative emotions and sometimes everything feels meaningless. I already suffer from anxiety and panic disorder, but I wonder if I could possibly have depression as well!? I already go see a psychiatrist and do CBT for my anxiety but I'm thinking about medication. I just wonder if there are any other anti anxiety pills instead of anti-depressants. I've heard from people with the same problem as me who has taken anti-depressants and it didn't work.

  • People on anti-depressants?

    yes I have struggled with depression and have tried 8 different anti-depressants.. but how do meds help YOU? for me it didn't solve anything. I am just curious because there are SO many people on anti-depressants. and i know to help with the symtoms but do people think medicine is suppose to help EVERYTHING and when people start to feel depressed they should go straight to a anti-depressants? Any Thoughts, comments anything ?

  • How do people deal with stress?

    i can't deal with stress or pressure. the second i have to do more than one thing or it's difficult i freak out and begin crying. i can't help it. how do people cope with stress?

  • I feel like i cant escape please help me?

    the hard thing for me is that i dont even have the motivation to type this question....i feel like a worthless person...and i dont know what to do... so much has happened lately that finally in this moment i feel like i cant handle it anymore...i am just sitting here crying and not knowing what to do.... -this year one of my best friends boyfrind who i knew killed himself -my grades have continued to falter even though i stress about them everyday and i just put it all off -my mother looks at me like im a failure and i know she loves me but she still is ashamed of me -i have severe tmj disorder and i have to get braces back on for over 2 years and there is no garuntee it will work, it is so much pain i cant bear it and i may live with it for the rest of my life - my dad is always gone on business and comes home and thinks he knows everything -i feel very selfconcious -an old friend of mine blames me for cuttting himself everyday i think about these things and just put a song on to motivate me but as of now i cant be motivated anymore all i want to do is be huggged and told everything will be alright but i knowit wont be every year with my grades i going to do this....but i have a 2.9 which is humiliating based on that im in honors classes and am very smart... every time i see my mom she tells me....your going to county....and yells we have no more money and braces will cost 6000 i dont know what to do

  • Why is there such discrimination against people with mental health problems?

    I hate how people just throw dumb childish stuff about people with mental health problems. I have mental health problems, yea, because I struggle with psychosis and manic depression, which is btw a real disease and not something you should put the person more down with some by saying it's for attention or something uneducated like that. Like this society just really doesn't give a dam* about people with mental problems, and they just run away because they don't seem to get it, well there's research for it..I mean that's not even my point, I just don't like to get made fun of all the time just as someone with cancer or diabetes wouldn't like that!

  • Does my husband have aspd. he can be kind one minute and then agressive abusive and violent the next?

    my husband strugle with anxiety, unabe to deal withthe thought of dying and at times this gets so great he can not deal with onther daily dissapointments. He becomes like another person he will pick an argument, which is impossible to ingonre as if I do this it makes him worse. he will then be very controling and demanding constantly swearing at me as he knows i dont like it and then he will the next minute he will be very ormal asking for help as he does not want to feel like he does. he has been to the docs on occassion but has been told he has low mood given prosac and beater blocker which do nothing and now he wont return. HELP

  • Do I have slight bipolar depression?

    So I've just started to notice that I've been having rather violent moods swings. One day in the morning I might be the happiest person you'll ever meet then after lunch I'll be quiet and withdrawn and wishing people would leave me alone. Only two or three people can get me to talk in full sentences when I'm in my "bad moods" and that's my two best friends and my boyfriend. I've been dismissing it as teen hormones because I'm 13 but I really starting to get worried. My mood swings have been getting worse and I've had two suicide threats. I'm afraid it's bipolar depression because one day I'm on top of the world and then I'm wishing I'd die. If I do have bipolar depression then it's only slight because when I go manic I'm not a madman or anything. So? Am I?

  • Signs of a mental break down please?

    Plz don't put sites

  • Is it possible for an adult to just suddenly have schizophrenia?

    Let's say the secretary at your office is 25 years old, completely normal in every respect -- she comes to work on time, she cracks jokes, she's well-groomed and keeps up with the fashion trends, etc. Then boom! One day she wakes up with schizophrenia. She comes to work with her hair looking like a bird's nest. She keeps mumbling, and nobody understands what she's saying. She seems to want something, but nobody knows what.

  • What are the differences between bipolar disorder and borderline personality?

    what are the differences in brain chemistry, and treatments?

  • Question's about Depression?!!?

    question 1: if you are, say, depressed, do you feel sad ALL the time, or just some of the time (you still laugh or smile a little sometimes...but it depends.) question 2: if these are my symptoms, could i have depression? -tiredness all the time -not wanting to do things i used to do -just want to sleep away life -not want to socialize with anybody -think a ton about suicide, and have attempted it.

  • I've been through counseling, pills, etc, nothing's working. What should I do?

    I've been depressed for a few years. I'm sixteen now. I've been seeing my therapist for a little over a year, and my psychiatrist since the beginning of summer (of 2011). The psych diagnosed me as 'major depressive disorder with one major episode. The only anti-depressant i've been on has been zoloft, but i've been on mirtazapine (generic for remeron) and rozerem for my insomnia. Also, reclipsen for birth control. At some point that I can't distinctly remember I started lying to my therapist and psych and telling/convincing them that everything is getting better, but it really isn't. I still have suicidal thoughts sometimes, when they believe that they've stopped months ago. I can't bring myself to tell the truth after i've lied for so long. I just feel so hopeless. I live with my mom and she's the main reason I'm like this, so it's not like I can really confess that much to her. Please help if you can. Thanks.

  • Depression?

    What can I do to help with depression. I seem to go through stages and I'll be fine for a few weeks and then the next few weeks I'll feel like the world is going to end. I don't have enough money to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist nor would I want to take any pills. What can I do naturally?

  • I need to know how bipolar disorder originated. can anyone tell me a website to look at?

  • What do you think is wrong whit my wife? She thinks everyone is against her.?

    She thinks that a prior co-work, whom I've never met, is trying to ruin her life. She also accuses myself and her friend of working with the girl to try to hurt her. She refuses to use the home computer because she thinks it is being monitored and the information being passed to that girl. She's even bought a trac phone recently because she thinks her cell is being monitored too. Sometimes she flips out and thinks I am conspiring against her and begins screaming and acting erratic like some kind of demon girl. When she does this, she won't listen to reason. She says that I know what I am doing to her and that I need to make it stop. It's if she's delusional. She even thinks that all this information is being gathered to track her job applications so that the employer can be contacted and told not to hire her. I love my wife more than anything and I don't even know who this ex co-worker girl even is. It's really starting to scare be because she is really sounding outlandish at times. Then the other time she is the sweetest girl I know, the one I married. I've looked into it on the net and it sounds like schizophrenia. I'm worried, what do I do? She is on paxil and Buspar for depression. I've tried to get her to see a doctor but she wouldn't go. It's ruining our marriage because she is really mean to me during these spells. All I do is think the most of her and she means everything to me.

  • What Are The Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder In Teenagers?

    My niece has been acting out violently when she gets angry. she throws things, and hits people. she hasnt been doing well in school because she told me that she couldnt concentrate and she could never focus on studying, and she always lost her homework or couldnt finish it. please help!

  • Do I have schizophrenia ?

    I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. Yet, when I read about schizophrenia, I found a lot of common symptoms with the ones I have. I'm really freaked out. What if the psychiatrist doctors who diagnosed me were wrong and I'm really going crazy.