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  • Is Bipolar Disorder completely curable ? Can patient live without being under doctor's...?

    ...medicine ? Has a person once inflicted with 'Bipolar Disorder' has to live his entire life with assistance of medical drugs ? Is there any complete guaranteed relief altogether ? Any worthwhile alternative medcines instead of Allopathy ?

  • Is sleepwalking dangerous?

    I sleepwalked as a child and as an adult esp lately I usually strip and go pee ( in the normal place) but recently I was quite long term sleep deprived and I did even more complex things in my sleep like eating and once getting up an lighting a very difficult to light gas fire and woke up cross legged next to it with my head In My hands and pins and needles I have schizophrenia and autism with a history of violence / sexual behaviour / absconding (I'm female) while delusional I don't think that is too important though I think this could be a medication side effect Anyway I'm getting scared and am trying to make sure I don't have razors everywhere but don't know what to do really except for following sleep hygiene if I'm sensible and get enough sleep I.'ll prob just keep going pee and nothing else

  • What do you understand of the term 'Dual Diagnosis'?

    I can't tell you much about it as it is a part of a knowledge questionnaire I need to find out for school. NO you are NOT doing my homework. I have to create a poll on what people understand of the term dual diagnosis. If you want anymore information after attempting to answer. There is no wrong answers here. Thank you in advance.

  • I overdosed on aspirin a few days ago, when can i drink again?

    i went to the hospital, but they didn't pump my stomach just inject me with medicine through an IV for two days...when can i drink alcohol again?

  • I want to know what are differences between fluoxtin and fluvoxamin?(about side ffects,indication,efficacy?

    I am pharmacist doctor and I work in pharmaceutical company.we produce fluvoxamine but physicians want to know resonable data to prescribe fluvoxamin instead of fluoxetin. and also I have this question about comparision between losartan and ACEIS .I look forward to hearing from you.thanks a lot.

  • How long does it take to be weaned off of Paxil?

    I'm being weaned off of it because of weight gain and it isn't working anymore so I want to try a different anti-depressant. I was on 60 mg then 40 mg and now I'm down to 20 mg and I feel like crap.

  • How would I got about getting prescribed Valium or similar drug?

    First let me make it clear i am not trying to trick a doctor into getting a drug so i can get high. I suffer from severe social phobia, anxiety, panic attacks. It;s hard for me to be relaxed in a job or in a environment with allot of people. About 3 weeks ago my mother died of cancer which has made my anxiety much worse. I have never been to a doctor before so i am not to sure how i would go about doing this, do i talk to a regular doctor, or psychiatrist, also i have no health insurance and i am currently unemployed, is there some way of getting free or discounted health insurance, i fear if i don't get on some medication soon i may flip out, any information would be appreciated, and please trolls don't give me some dumb answers

  • What's another word for medication high?

    I'm have ADD and I'm taking amphetamine salts. These pills, well, the effects are very obvious..I've noticed them myself. What other word is there for bieng high (not the Marijuana high or near that stuff) but medically high. maybe altered? help, please.

  • Does anyone have a child that is or was taking celexa and risperadol?

    My son was hospitalized due to rage and violence. He is 7 years old. I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with these med in their children

  • Taking more zoloft on nights with heavy drinking?

    i take 100 miligrams of zoloft for anxiety and depression. when i drink heavily, the next day my anxiety and depression is 10 times worse. so i have been taking an extra zoloft at night when i am hammered to try to cure the effects of the next day. will this help the next day or is zoloft more of a long-term thing? in other words, will taking a stronger dose help me like 12 hours later?it seems to be helping but i just wanna check

  • What do I say to the doctor? I'm on and off depressed and have suicidal thoughts.?

    I'm on and off depressed and have suicidal thoughts, though i would never act on them, but sometimes want to, I recently got fired from my job for being "too nervous around the customers" and want a referral to the psychiatrist and I'm am going to Urgent Care, which isn't psych of course, and I don't know what to tell the doctor when he comes in and sees me, or what to put on the "reason for visit" form.

  • What is the difference between occupational and physical therapy?

    I'm trying to figure out which career path would suit me better, but I never understood the difference between these two. Also, how to these differ from recreational therapy?

  • Psychiatrists/Psychologists: Identify the difference between a bipolar depression and a borderline depression?

    I'm a psychiatric nurse and trying to find more information on how to spot the differences between a depression in bipolar patients or patients with major depressive disorder versus a depression in persons with borderline personality disorder. I've been going through all my books on these topics but cannot find a definitive description of the differences between these two. Any help would be appreciated, if someone knows of any websites. Thank you in advance.

  • Where can I find information on Asperger's Syndrome?

    I was diagnosed with it 7 years ago when I was 12. I'm 19 now and I want to find more information about it. Especially in Australia, where I live.

  • Can invega (basically risperdal) cause manic episodes?

    iv been taking invega for a few days now, and contrary to prior treatments (abilify, seroquel, and effexor which i still take now) i've noticed a vast improvement in my social anxiety. almost as though i'm excited to socializing with people. iv been prescribed invega for psychotic depression due to two psychotic episodes the second which led to attempted suicide. however i'm concerned that i might be misdiagnosed bipolar because i'm so extremely sociable right now. on one hand i see that as a possibility but on the other hand i see this is as just a release from my reticence to socialize with others. i have SO much that i want to say to others now that i often go two or three minutes talking without pause. however there still seems to be some residual anxiety i.e. physical symptoms more than emotional, or on the surface i seem normal but internally i'm *somewhat* anxious depending on how long the social situation lasts. i also recognize this is a temporary state and it's not a permanent solution to a problem, and therefore cbt and other forms of therapy are needeed to help me really get stay grounded rather than being "superficially" happy. thus one of my other questions is how long invega will take to keep working or how long it will be til i develop a resistance to it. but going back to the bipolar thing, if it isn't true that it's a manic episode then out of curiosity, how is the invega helping me? (it's prescribed for people with schzo affect or schizo but psychotic depression? are they one and the same, more like the latter being a more pleasant way of saying schizophrenia or something?) i think it should be noted that my psychologist has said that i exhibit many symptoms of autism (asperger's) so this might explain everything? i'm sorry im just so obsessive, particularly i'm uncomfortable about the potential label of schizophrenia, is the difference between PD and Schzophrenia that psychotic episodes are less frequent in the former and more frequent in the latter? PLEASE address everything iv said if you care enough to answer. and please state your credentials, if you wouldn't mind id like to see if there could be proof of those credentials. thank you for your time.

  • Help.! How Dangerous Is This.?

    My friend did this for depression, and I'm extremely worried. What can happen.?? To take: 14 ibuprofens and a tylenol.

  • What will the GP do about this?

    I saw the GP last tuesday about depression and some major emotional problems i am having due to a trauma a few years back. He gave me a question sheet to fill in about how well i am sleeping, suicidal thoughts that sort of thing. I OD about 10 years ago,and feeling that way again, although for the time being it is not something i am actively planning. Both my GP and counsellor now this. GP talking about anti-depressants got to decide tomorrow, but my counsellor wants a low dosage of Valium for when things get really hard to bare, i am in alot of emotional pain and the counselling is going to take time, he wants a safety net. My question is what is the GP likely to do?

  • What is psoriasis? What causes psoriasis?

  • I took about 7 of these pills at once(Cyclobenzaprine) and I haven't stopped shaking since. Will it stop?

    Will the shaking stop? And it also feels as if my brain isn't working as fast as it used to. Can someone please answer this question?

  • Lithium Carbonate and Bipolarity?

    How (technically) the lithium cation of the "Lithium Carbonate" operates in the nervous system to balance the humour?