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  • What college should I attend and what measures should I take in order to beome a psychiatrist?

    I am currently in my third year at Florida International University and I am majoring in Psychology . In order to become a psychiatrist that I must attend after my degree to get my master's and my doctorate followed by ? Also, I am in the great right? Basically , what steps I have to take after graduating from FIU after my 4th year to become a psychiatrist and approximately how long it takes ?

  • Is it worth getting a PhD in School Psychology or should I just get my Master's in School Psychology?

    I know you want to be a school psychologist . But whether or not I should get my masters or doctorate remains to be seen . Are there major differences in the two degrees to the profession ?

  • Any idea what I should Major in?

    I like working with people. I like to help people get jobs or find what job is right for them . I would also potentially like to work with young people who fall through the cracks of life . I like the idea of teaching. I just want to work with people in some capacity. I will go for a 4-year degree . I am taking courses in psychology , but not sure what options would after school , and without a Masters etc. Any suggestions or ideas? What should I do , will be psychology right for me? Do I have to change majors. What I can do with a degree of 2 to 4 years in Psychology ? I searched a lot of answers , but I'm not sure. Thoughts ? Reviews ?

  • Am I being emotionally oppressed?

    I am a 46 year old , well traveled , well-educated woman . I am the mother of three children, the eldest had died in my arms at age 18 after a bout with cancer 5 years child . Subsequently , I lost my career , my 22 year relationship and marriage , a comfortable home and ultimately the life of my son . Above all , in an effort to learn how to teach my two younger children the way forward , I moved back to my parents' house and started taking classes at a local college masters . Through trial

  • Psychology BA degree and working with young children?

    If I pursue a psychology degree I will be able to work with young children ? My psychology professor babies tested view , responsiveness , hearing and other related tests . The work sounds very interesting . A bachelor's degree is enough to make this work , or any work with young children ? Finally , what would a masters in psychology allows me to do career wise? Thanks for all answers :)

  • Does my Master's major have to match my Bachelor's major?

    I'm interested in getting my Masters , but not the same as my degree . I wonder if anyone has done this , or know what I should do. I was torn between undergraduate career in college , and majored in studio art. I'm still in love with psychology , rethink my path in life , and really think about the role of Professor of Psychology . Do you think they 'd let me a masters in psychology without obtaining a bachelor's degree first? Any advice for teachers of psychology ?

  • I'm looking to get a doctorate in psychology, and..?

    I'm a little confused about the organization of graduate schools . I was thinking of going to the Eastern Washington University, and I thought having a master's program called

  • Please help me somebody:About Animal Assisted Therapy?Are there any on here?(AAT)?

    I'm thinking of becoming an animal assisted therapist and I have some questions : 1.Do I can choose the type of animal you want to work ? 2.When take animals they will work ? 3.How much do I get paid? 4.Manifiesta desire to still be able to be an AAT with a master's degree in the art of psychology ? 5.Would I will work with the animal alone or with people and animals? If people what kind of people ? The old ? 6.If you are an AAT yourself please tell me about it . Thank you all. (Sorry , it's so many questions lol )

  • Preferred degrees for teaching/sub teaching?

    I am currently a sophomore in college , halfway through a degree in Justice Studies and stakeholders ultimately a career in teaching. I know I have to get a master's degree and get a license , but I wonder if I'm doing myself for less competitive majoring in Justice Studies towards education or psychology . Justice becomes the principal why I'm the best ( after trying a few) and that interests me , but after legal and educational testing , I'm more interested in being a teacher . Am I shooting in the foot by choosing the main teaching is I have if I want to do ? I teach law school , street or psychology , but I worry that I will not be able to find a job without a degree in psychology ( as most schools do not have street law classes , as I have understood ) . Can anyone shed some light ?

  • What kind of a degree do you need to be a therapist?

    I was thinking about changing my major to psychology , but I'm told by someone who needs a PhD to be a therapist , and I'm not sure if I could get my masters ... what actually I have a few questions . What kind of action do you think being a therapist ? What can be done with a partner in psychology ? What is the job market for people with degrees in psychology , as ?

  • Which is the best career for me?

    I will be the last year of the fall and wondered what career was right for me . I have to choose my major colleges and soon . Psychologist : I'm interested in how and why people act as they do. I 'm also fascinated by the human mind in general. I 'm not so sure about the job outlook will be for me , but if you take psychology , I will study for a master's degree. Architect: I love the design and I'm pretty good at math . I also live in New York and I am constantly surrounded by skyscrapers are intricately designed buildings . I heard job prospects for architects are not very good , but I want stability in my work . Nurse ( RN ) : I do not really care so much about the field of nursing , but it is a steady job and nurses are in constant demand . They also do a good amount of money.Also , as my mother is a nurse , she will be able to help me with your experience and I will find a job quickly .

  • What can I do if my parents are forcing me to go to grad school?

    I have 24 years and I graduated from college last year . I went to Hunter in New York . I majored in psychology with a specialization in anthropology . Now , my parents are forcing me to apply to graduate schools . My father , who is an engineer , he shouts that my future will suck without a master's degree or doctorate . It is causing a lot of tension in my family . I never wanted to go to college . My undergraduate GPA was mediocre, 2.5 and 3.1 in general my specialty . Right now I'm working as a research assistant in a neuroscience laboratory , for $ 30 per hour . I love my job . How could I prove to my parents that still can be successful only with my degree ? Thank you.

  • My best friend/brother just committed suicide, how can I cope with this?

    Hello , my best friend who is also my brother just committed suicide last week . He lives in another state , but we just told police he did not kill himself . I have many friends , and I am looking for ways to cope and understand why he did what he did. I'm so angry and sad right now. He was so smart and so bright . He graduated with two master over two years ! A master's degree in psychology and a master . Never found steady work after graduation, and I think I sent in a whirlwind of depression . I remember one day he called me and told me I had to apply for food stamps , your rent was due and that their loans will be in default and is building up huge debt . He was very upset and crying on the phone . I work as a server and sends money to help whenever he could. There was lazy either. He said he applied for 10-20 jobs a day , and would get rejection letter after rejection letter . Delivered Chinese food to help make ends meet , but that did not help much . He told me so many sad stories like he was just trying to make a living , but always fall short . I'm a freshman in college , and what he said about the economy and their experiences scared me . It seems that affected him so much that he took his own life . Is it really so difficult for graduates ? Even graduates with two masters and all the experience and internships I had in college ? This is so sad and I feel like I'm going crazy right now. I want to know why he would do something like that. Someone as smart as him. I'm so angry with him . I am also very scared . Someone help me with this please .

  • I wanted to know if I could major in psychology with a ba and become a middle school teacher?

    My plan is good in psychology and either get my degree in education after teaching middle school or pursue a master's and doctorate to become a psychologist .

  • Med school question for a friend?

    I have a young friend who is finishing his first year of college . Currently , he is a business / biology major in two different schools ( do not ask how he's doing - I do not know and is not relevant to the question) . Basically , you want to use some of the free credits in two runs to get a

  • After bachelor in physiotherpy, master in psychology would be a good option ?

    I 'm doing my degree in physiotherapy from India . in the mean while I realized that I'm good at meeting people and making available solutions to their problems . master's degree in psychology is a good option after graduation ? Is it a good combo of physiotherapy n psychologist ? wt vl would pay and I will be called as a doctor after him ? I want to know how research in physiotherapy abroad? some degree there to study the thing there in physiotherapy research ? weight would pay and career options there? and please tell me the same thing about psychology in high?

  • What field of management could someone get a degree in with a psychology background?

    Ideally I 'd like to do a Master of Science in Management specializing in strategic management .

  • What would a masters degree in health psychology be?

    as would be the abbreviation after your name ?

  • Career choice help, please!?

    Hello , I am a tall young man , with a major in psychology and minor in sociology and I 'm in the counseling program . I've been beyond stressed out trying to figure out what career I want to follow and I think it is essential to realize that, as soon as possible because I have to start preparing graduate school and an internship / volunteer in the field to be the I love psychology and education of the people and help people . I really want my future career to have something to do with mental health or to understand or help people in life. First thought to be a psychologist or some kind of counselor. I was pretty sure that the path and I was deciding on what would be best for me . To be a psychologist , my research shows that would have to go to school for seven years , but compared to other students studying for that amount of time ( such as doctors / lawyers) would not make as much money . Recently, in addition to changing your mind about psychology for that reason , I do not see myself performing the duties of a psychologist , I feel like it 's not right for me . Counselors also do not make much money , so I've been confused about that. You may ask why I care about a lot and salaries can advise me I should get into something that I love and not for money , although I understand that for my particular situation , money is very important . Please take my word . I definitely want to go to college and get a master's , but I would like to find a job I would not have to get a Ph.D. , not now atleast

  • What jobs could I get with a B.A in Psychology?

    I wonder what