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  • Do you think I have depression?

    I can be happy at times, I can dance to songs and they make me feel something. But I always feel lack of energy and sometimes it feels like I'm walking towards thick air. I don't really feel like socializing and whenever I do I tend to feel exhausted after wards. I need to spend a lot of time on my own. I'm only 21 but I always feel tired when I do a lot of things. My thoughts go round and I feel negative emotions and sometimes everything feels meaningless. I already suffer from anxiety and panic disorder, but I wonder if I could possibly have depression as well!? I already go see a psychiatrist and do CBT for my anxiety but I'm thinking about medication. I just wonder if there are any other anti anxiety pills instead of anti-depressants. I've heard from people with the same problem as me who has taken anti-depressants and it didn't work.

  • How do I defeat major depression without drugs?

    Please only answer if you're going through what I am. Many people answer with callous remarks such as, "oh, just cheer up, life isn't so bad!!" depression is a real clinical disorder, not just something someone can erase with some wishful thinking or imaginary craziness. Basically I've never met anyone with depression as bad as mine, so I've truly never had anyone around to talk to me about it. If you can help me out, or point me to someone I can talk to, I would be very grateful. I've been battling depression for over 2 years now, and I've had suicidal tendencies, but that is not something I would like to discuss publicly.

  • Bipolar disorder - Will I ever be normal?

    5 years ago, after a very traumatic event I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I've been through major depression periods lasting months, resulting in a suicide attempt. This suicidal cycle seems to be over but now after all these years it's getting worse. I stopped taking pills because they made me feel very bad Hard to explain.. I have usually two to three cycles a year. For moths I have absolute mania feelings, I loose much weight and make a huge progress in my career. But when the depressive time comes, it's all gone. I'm suicidal and socially dead, can't even get out of the house. I've given up hope of leading a normal life. Please, can someone tell me if it gets even worse? If that's the case, I don't want to go through this for the whole life...

  • Should I take medication for my mental health condition?

    I was recently diagnosed with both major depressive disorder and anxiety. The psychotherapist prescribed 3 medications for me to take to treat these conditions. I've always been strongly hesitant about taking meds for mental illnesses, so much so that I stopped going to therapy 10 years ago as a teen when my therapist said she wanted to put me on meds. I've heard many stories over the years about the side effects that these meds can have on you and dependencies on the meds. The psychotherapist has given me until the end of this month to make a decision. I've researched the meds that I've been prescribed recently and there are sooo many side effects and I'm still worried about becoming dependent on the meds. So I need to know what are some pros or cons to taking these meds? Preferably from someone who is/has taken meds for depression or anxiety before Thanx in advance

  • Do I have Major depressive disorder?

    I am happy a lot, but just small things can set me off for like weeks at a time. I just fear there is something wrong with me. I sometimes hate myself, just wish I was different. Two weeks ago I was in a great mood but starting last week it has been awful. Everything just feels hopeless and I have no reason why I feel like this. I don't want to tell my Mom that I feel depressed because I don't think they would understand. If a bad event does happen, it gets even worse. I felt I was depressed(not too much) before my Dad got paralyzed when I was 12, but now it's worse. There was even a period where around the age I was 14, where I was even wondering if life was even worth it. I just get upset about things,small thing and funny enough the thing that makes me feel better sometimes is just thinking about everything and I'll find myself crying about it and feeling okay after wards. I should be happy all the time, but I just can't be. I was just wondering if I had MDD(major depressive disorder) because maybe it would help me figure out what is wrong with me.

  • A 18 years old man found in the street unresponsive.He is lethargic and dose not answer quistions.?

    what are the signs that must be examined in such a case?what are the conclusion that you can coclude from such signs?suggest the appropriate medications for the different situations that you may face in such case?

  • Schizoaffective disorder and self harm?

    I have schizoaffective disorder and am recently just on the up swing if a depressive cycle, Things are not yet 100% but they are 100 times better than they were a week ago except I am still getting recurrent thoughts of self harm, Why is this?? I mean I don't really feel sad or anything theres no unwanted feelings I want to release so why are the thoughts still there ?? :( any info is appreciated.

  • IS there something wrong with me?

    I'm 13... I have Major Depressive Disorder.. but I have a huge fear of losing people? Such as.. My parents. Like, If I call them &they don't answer I get extremely pissed off and it makes me think they don't care about me if they go anywhere without me I feel like they don't care about me? Is there something wrong with me...?

  • What could this be? Something or nothing?

    I have weird episodes. I'll be ok one minute, but then if my mom or someone starts talking to me i get really upset. Or sometimes i'll be fine but if i think too much i'll get really upset also. To the point i have to walk away and lock myself in a room because i know i will become violent. If i get into an arguement i will have TERRIBLE episodes. I have to break things with my bare hands, I just have to go crazy, but after i feel like straight $hit and get extremely depressed. I remember last week i was fine, just chillin on the computer and all of a sudden i felt really depressed and cried for a really long time, I just felt like dying and i could not stop crying, but an hour later i was really happy again. This happens all the time. One second im fine, but the next i'll either become extremely angry or depressed and cry my a$$ off for no reason. Ive already been told to go to anger managent but i dont understand why I also get depressed or REALLY happy. I dont think im bipolar cause

  • How effective is Paxil cr for anxiety? and can it make you sleep better? feel happier?

    I was prescribed paxil Cr 12.5 mg for anxiety, how effective it can be on that? i also have insomnia problems could it help me on that? and make me happier also? im afraid of the side effects of it though.

  • What actually is Bipolar?

    Kerry Katona mentions it a lot is it some form of depression or something?? Because I have had depression for 21 years &Iam just interested to know what this is

  • What are the early symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

    What are the signs that someone is developing BDD? Like, their behaviors, feelings, etc.

  • I think I might have Bipolar Disorder?

    I think I might have bipolar disorder, I have a friend that has it, and she's been talking to me about it lately, and I can relate to a lot of it, but I look online to see what the symptoms are, and thier really confusing. Can someone tell me the symptoms in lamens terms? And I really don't want to see a doctor about it, she said the medication makes her forget a lot of things, she forgets where her locker is, forgets where she sits, it makes her.. 'not her', and she doesnt take it. I dont blame her. Sorry babbled a bit What are the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder in lamens terms please?

  • Depression / thoughts of suicide?

    I just turned sixteen. six months ago I was diagnosed / hospitalized with anorexia. I used to self harm often but it's decreased in the past few months. I've had recurrent episodes of depression, lasting months, since eighth grade. I am on Prozac now and it's gotten a bit better. In the past few months I've noticed some changes. I hate going to school and being around my peers - with the exception of a few close friends I feel I cannot relate to anyone. I don't even think I want to form any new relationships with others. I'm only truly comfortable when I'm at home by myself. if someone says the smallest of things and it upsets me, I begin thinking of killing myself. I feel like nobody will listen or care about me otherwise. I have extremely fluctuating self esteem, but it's extremely low most of the time. I've become cynical and more sad / negative than ever. I don't know what to do anymore, what's happening to me?

  • Can anyone tell me if I am depressive?

    Most of the time, I'm pretty happy. I have many friends, but don't see them much. I have a very close family, by that I'm mean that no one has major problems with each other and we all help each other. But we are always in different rooms, except for meals. I consider myself to be lucky with my current situation, yet every once in a while ( 2-4 times a month), I feel really hollow and am no longer sure of want I want, feel, or even want to do. I feel like I don't belong anywhere, like I could die and nobody would notice. I start hating everyone for what they do, their selfishness, their greed, etc. I also hate the world. But most of all, I hate me. When I'm like this, I try to stay away from everyone, so they don't feel worried( because my family has noticed). I don't stay too long like this, a few hours tops, but it is enough for me to wonder if I'm not depressive. My parents have suggested turning to God, but I can't because it is against my fundamental beliefs. Please help me.

  • Has anyone ever heard of the Drug ABBILIFY and what do you or people you know use it for?

    My MD is trying to get me to start it and I am scared. I think it is supposed to be for BiPOLAR or Schitzaphrenia? ANd I am not. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it!

  • Can psychotherapy with a psychologist help with major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder? if so,how?

    What is a typical session/sessions like with psychologist? How can they use techniques to make my thinking better. Im just confused because Ive never done it. Any information about how the process works or doesnt is greatly appreciated.

  • I am being treated for clinical depression?Am I mentally ill?

    I am on Fluoxetine 40mg and have been treated with this for about 5 months now after a short spell in hospital. I am being treated for clinical depression also know as Major Depressive Disorder.1)Am i mentally ill?2)I have workers that take me shopping once a fortnight.Do you think they see me as mentally ill?3)What is the difference between Clinical Depression and Depression if any?Thanks in advance your answering my questions.

  • I feel so depressed and guilt. And something mentally wrong with me.?

    Well let's start off with the good old "I'm so horrible, miserable" blah blah stuff. Yes, I feel really ugly, and most likely am. I try to make myself seem like I'm good for who I am. I try not to let people get in my way either. I try making myself seem and look happy but no matter what I'm still the same old selfish, ugly, horrible, cold hearted of a b**ch I am. My home life isn't all that good either. My parents fight, I'm an only sibling to an autistic older bro which gets lonely often, and yes I talk back to my parents and much more. I sometimes think I start some family problems too. I wonder if my family would actually be better if I wasn't around for a day and knew for sure. I'm alone often, and don't really talk much to people outside the family. Sometimes I don't even know how to approach someone, and I'm never even given a chance to go out except going to school and back. I have a weird life if you even call it a life. My parents even said I'm not aloud to do much outside except if I get a job and live on my own. I feel rejected, I been made fun of, I had close "friends" if you want to call it get taken from me (passed away in a case which still hurts me deeply) which seems like they are taken from me for as long as time exists.. Everything good that seemed to happen eventually go not long after and I regret it. I don't even see the point in life and how my future would turn out anymore since I don't even see myself in a future's time. I don't care for school anymore and want to just drop out already and failing horribly. I know for a fact there's something wrong with me. Don't tell me it's my age, cause I know how I feel regardless of my age, or how I feel on things. My mind is no different from a messed up 30 year old's view of life if there's ever. It's only an excuse to not hear most of us out. I know there's worse out there which I try to think it, and I try to be a good person sometimes but in the end something always ends me up in the wrong direction. I have too much problems which are far more than what I'm telling, and I don't really talk to anybody about it. What can I really do? I'm trying to hold onto anything I can, but nothing seems to work. I believe in God but I still don't feel like my existence even is anything or like a human being.

  • How did your family react when you told them that you had been diagnosed with a mental disorder/illness?