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  • OTC for anxiety?

    I was wondering if anybody knew of a good otc product for anxiety? I have been researching the internet as well as past questions on here and have come up w/either St. John's Wort or Valerian Root. The problem is, the research I have done on St John's is it is used more so for depression, which I do not have, and Valerian Root is used for insomnia, which I also don't have. I just have anxiety and get bad nerves. So I am worried if I take Valerian in the mornings, it is going to put me to sleep or make me tired, when really I just don't want to feel anxious. Does anyone have any experience with either? I have never taken, so I could be completely wrong? Or if not, do you know of any different otc medications that are just for anxiety? Thank you in advance!

  • What are other alternatives to blood pressure medicine..? Prescriptions are so expensive these days.?

    In addition to the alternatives , such as weight loss , exercise and so on , if you are perfectly healthy and fit , and is just genetics that have hemmed up, what do you do?

  • Know any remedies for sleep?

    No matter how hard I try or how tired I am,, it seems like my brain just doesn't want me to sleep... I toss &turn constantly but can't get comfortable... Any ideas of what I can do to get some sleep without taking pills???

  • How can a doctor cure my insomina?

    I have been using some of this thru flu medician that would make you sleepy, but it hasn't work. Will the doctor give you some type of medician, if your like worried if you can't sleep anymore, or stress. Something that is strong, that will completely shut your body down for a couple of hours. I heard sleeping pills might not work. So what can the doctor provide me with.

  • My friend is looking for a tea with both valarian root ad melatonin?

    Does anyone know what it's called or who makes it?

  • Is there anything that can help you sleep (not pills)???

    i mean something that to smell and fall asleep (i don't mean weed and stuff), or drink (not magic tea)

  • Is hypnotherapy for insomnia effective? Any insomniacs cured by using this method?

  • What is in the honey that makes us feel sleepy?

    I am just curious about it... My friend said that it is a cure for insomnia.

  • How to cure insomnia (naturally?)?

    So I can't sleep and I'd really like to get a whole lot more because I'm having my finals in a few days but I can't concentrate in class. Please bear in mind that I'm a 15 year old school girl so I can't really take pills and stuff because my parents don't trust those things. Any ways I can cure this without taking pills or anything?

  • What are the risks of high dosage prescription medications?

    A woman I know has "complex regional pain syndrome" and I really don't know much about this, I just know it's a supposed pain in your arm or neck that the doctors can't figure out. Kind of like fibro mialgia. Well, the doctors have her on hydrocodone, oxycdone, oxycontin, zanex, and countless other medications for vomiting, depression, insomnia, &other things. I know this for a fact. She also is a heavy alcohol drinker, mainly wine &beer, and she also smokes. I'm not sure of the dosage of anything except the oxycontin, which I know is 20 mg. She takes a large amount of pills 5 times a day. I know this can't be good. She still drives. She also has a daughter and I don't understand how she can take care of her. Also: She only weighs about 135 lbs. What are the risks of all of these things?

  • Best Herbal Tea caffeine free?

    I have Anxiety problems and I was wondering what is the best kind of Herbal Tea. I want a kind that is healthy and caffeine free. I know white tea is low in caffeine but I'd like Herbal since it free of caffeine.

  • Indian/Chinese herbal treatments for hypertension?

    As far as I have known indian and chinese people have always had natural remeies for the treatment of high blood pressure. Can anyone out there help me with some remedies? They should be able o be used by someone who is 5 months pregnant.

  • Are there any natural sleep remedies out there?

  • How can I kick my depression without prescription drugs?

    I have tried all the prescription meds, and therapy. I don't want to depend on a substance to shake this depression, but I'm constantly getting sad and crying for no real reason. I'm happy with my current life for once. I'm bi-polar in the second phase, and suffering from insomnia, because I worry too much. I used to smoke pot to sleep, but I recently quit. I also have angry and happy outbursts frequently.

  • Are there any over the counter meds for anxiety/insomnia/panic?

    I'm wondering if there's any generic, over the counter meds for anxiety, insomnia, and panic attacks. I'd go to a doctor except it's Sunday, and I need to know really soon, so I don't pay way too much for a medicine. Thank you! I'm thinking maybe Walgreens might have some stuff, but I can't be sure.

  • High blood pressure any good natural help for it?

  • What is the best natural means of lowering your blood pressure ?

    What is the best natural way to lower blood pressure ?

  • Does anyone out there know what I can do about this problem?

    Lately I 'm finding myself easily distracted . It's getting harder and harder to focus , really focus on what I'm doing and stay in the here and now. I saw my doctor about it , and he says it's stress , but did not give me anything for it or actually told me what I can do about it . Is there a natural remedy as an herbal remedy or something, that will help me with my stress , but more importantly , I can concentrate ?

  • Home Made and/or natural remedies for High Blood Pressure?

    Homemade and / or natural remedies for high blood pressure ?

  • Is there any natural ,medicinal or surgical cure for snoring?

    Please send only serious answers . Others will send frivolous matter