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  • STILL can't sleep and restless legs coming off Tramadol.. is this normal?

    Hi there I was taking loads of different medication for a slipped disc for about 5-6 weeks.. some of the medication were.. tramadol diazipan gabapendin and an anti inflamatory i cant remember the name of!! Basically i started decreasing the amount of all the pills over the past 3 weeks but a week last thursday (10 days ago) i stopped taking the tramadol and had withdrawal symptoms like insomnia and really bad restless legs syndrome that was all over my body!! So I decided to try and slowly decrease the dosage.. and was taking 100mg at night but still taking ages to fall asleep and feeling a crawling sensation on my legs. For the past 4 ngihts I have been taking just 50mg of tramadol but I ran out last night so thought it would be ok to go without.. and that's why I'm online at 5am!! I feel terrible.. like my legs and arms need to keep moving and it's really getting to me cause I'm so tired!! Does this sound normal when coming off tramadol and how long does it last for?? Thanks :)

  • Any Ideas why I can only sleep for 3 hours a night and then my body wakes me up no mattter what time it is?

    The past 2 weeks I've only been able to sleep 3 hours a night and then my body just wakes me up, no matter what time. Any ideas why or maybe how I can change that? Thanks!

  • Insomnia Problem?

    cure for insomnia?it would be better if they are not medicines..

  • Would sam-e medicine help?

    My friend told me about this Sam-e medicine and I wanted to know if it'll help build a healthy liver?? Sam-e;; the one made by Nature Made. His friends were suggesting sam-e for my mother when I told them about my moms condition. I just wanted to know. Please and thank you!

  • Do people with adhd get a "high" from their medication?

    My friend is on 25 mg a day Desoxyn. he said the pills are just methampethamine, also known as crystal meth. Is he really just high all day??

  • I Can't Control Myself from Masturbating what should i do ?

    Even though i am married i can't control myself from masturbation what should i do !

  • Who else has yahooitus?

    i am getting addicted to this site, i'm finding i'm on it more and more these days, is there a cure? i know before you all say it I NEED A LIFE, lol

  • I have not slept in four months?

    what are the causes of insomnia?? and how can i get rid of it without drugs?

  • Does anybody out there know about Mudras for curing ailments?

    If anybody knows, I would like to request them to show it how it is done. I want to cure a few sick people who cannot go to places for the same. I will be too pleased to learn and help reduce these peoples pain.

  • Getting about 4-5 hours sleep help?

    So... I have been dealing with insomnia on and off for the last few months and it doesn't seem to be going away, I feel like its taking over my life iv tried herbal sleeping pills and lavender but nothing really seems to help does anybody have any advice?

  • How to sleep with noise?

    heres the problem everytime i try to sleep i hear my mom snoring. yeah i know. i cant tell her to stop snoring cause you cant really make that happen. i dont want to take any sleeping pills, wear ear plugs or listen to my ipod because that will usually keep me awake. ive gone to several websites and tried stuff from breathing deeply, taking warm showers before going to sleep, exercising before sleeping, drinking warm milk, stretching to counting 100-1 while breathing deeply at each number (yes i know sounds crazy). i dont wanna go to the doctor or anything. and yes i probably have insomnia because of this. is there even a way of curing this? im really sick of sleeping about an hour after laying restless in bed and then waking up around 45 minutes later then going through the same routine over and over. oh yeah im only 15 years old.

  • I'm scared about Prednisone side-effects. Has anyone taken it before?

    My doctor prescribed me Prednisone along with antibiotics to tackle my chronic post-nasal drip. I'm just worried about the major symptoms it may cause. He gave me 10 pills, each are 10mg. I take 1 pill every day. The side effects are worrying me (I put a star on the ones that especially scare me) -increased blood sugar for diabetics -difficulty controlling emotion* -difficulty in maintaining train of thought* -weight gain* -facial swelling* -depression, mania, psychosis, or other psychiatric symptoms* -unusual fatigue or weakness* -mental confusion / indecisiveness* -blurred vision* -abdominal pain -peptic ulcer* -infections* -painful hips or shoulders -steroid-induced osteoporosis* -osteonecrosis* -long-term migraines -insomnia -severe joint pain -cataracts or glaucoma* -anxiety* -black stool -stomach pain or bloating* -severe swelling* -mouth sores or dry mouth -avascular necrosis* -hepatic steatosis* Should I be worried about this?

  • What's wrong with my friend (VERY LONG)?

    I'm a sophomore in high school, my friend got back with his girlfriend whom bitterly destroyed him and depressed him a year ago. He got back with her, but instead of opposing it like everybody else, I mildly supported it, because I figured if EVERYBODY was against it he'd be even more tempted to do it. So, since this happened and it's not like a gradual thing... it's like since the day this happened, he's been a TOTAL douche! He has been making fun of and hurting a great friend of ours including calling her stupid behind her back and directly to her and throwing a large gold pen at her face, He made her cry with what he said as well. A guy was crying in class about something completely unrelated to anything having to do with him and he wouldn't stop bugging him and just wouldn't leave him alone. The girl I like was cold, so I gave her my jacket and since I'm a tall guy, it was pretty big on her and he's like "You know, mine would fit you better, but it's mine" and he wasn't joking either! And as for me, he's been worse to me than anybody else, he's made me cry a lot, he told me I need to change all this stuff about myself, like I need to cut my hair (he was outvoted on that opinion by 15 other people), like I need to use body spray, despite the fact I shower twice daily, use a lot of deodorant and the week before he got with this girl he paid me the complement "You smell really good", he told me I need to blow dry my hair and use mouth wash despite the fact my breath smells fine and I have insomnia so it's so hard for me to wake up when I actually get to sleep, I barely have time to shower much less blow dry hair and the last "advice" he gave me pissed me off, he says "Wear less emo clothes" I dress in dark colors, a few of them have skulls or graves on them! but they aren't like "Oh, look at me... I have a skull on my shirt... I cut myself... pay attention to me..." They are artfully put in the design of the shirts and they are very good looking and not just out there skull statements. What set me off most? He constantly has taken to calling me a creep AND meaning it, NOBODY except his girlfriend agrees with him and I try SO hard to not be, I believed him at first that I was being a creep, too the point where I stoped taking my meds that are attempting to cure my problem with itching... all over my body, as a result my body is covered in scars and I've been up all night with my hands covered in blood, on multiple occasions. I try so hard not to be a creep, but I'm not, his girlfriend is a freak and he's not gonna argue, but push it on me! I'm me, I'm quirky, I'm weird, I'm ironically and jokingly creepy and people love it, all my friends think it's funny and love me that way and he used to! Ever since he got back with her he's been a total jerk! I'm really sick of it! Especially considering he keeps calling me a creep while I'm trying to get a girl, something I've never been good at and he's just destroying all my confidence! He stripped me (and another close friend of mine) of all confidence and has made us break down in tears, my normal quirkyness is also a mock "bromance" thing that he initiated initially! I did something on that, don't even remember what it was and he was like "No, I'm sorry, I'm not gay, I'm sorry to ruin your illusion of having me but I'm not gay" and my day has been ****** up to this point! So, I get this look of rage and near tears of just like "Could you be more of a douche" and he sees this and is like "What FAG you gonna cry?" and he thinks he's being the funniest man alive as he does this! Okay, so kind of random change, but another thing I just need to get out, I am a trained and skilled knife fighter, he does Karate, he claims without any sarcasm he could kill me with his left pinky, I'm trained and skilled and I come FROM A ******* GHETTO! I went to school in a rich neighborhood that would had to get academic support to pay for and the kids decided "let's beat the poor kid" so, I had to fight my way out of a ton of stuff, if I could hold my own against other competent fighters, I'd be long dead! Yet, he refuses to believe even with my knife and he unarmed I would stand a chance against him in a fight! Oh and the best part, he's doing all this, fully aware of the fact I tried to kill myself in middle school! A: What the hell do we do about him? B: What's wrong with him? C: Does he not realize what a jerk he's being? D: Why would he make the jacket comment to the girl I like? E: Why would he suddenly decided I'm a creep? F: Why would he make a rant about me being gay on something he started? G: Should I start taking the pills to cure myself again? H: Why is he so sure he a karate student from the suburbs, ca

  • Will the skin on my face firm up if I get more sleep?

    I had insomnia going on for several months and while I was getting a haircut for the first time in 6 mos. I noticed how bad my face looked, sagging and puffy. I'm getting 8 good hours of sleep a night and drinking lots of water and eating really well and generally feeling much better. My skin and face shape looks a little better, but it doesn't seem to have completely recovered. Can I expect my skin to snap back and tighten up to its old appearance? How long can it take to recover and heal?

  • How can you cure insomnia using hypnotherapy?

    This is an actual question, its not a shitty joke or anything, and please if you actually answer the question, give details on the matter, and whoever answers best gets 10 points, or whatever the best answer gives ^_^

  • Help please! I'm so low and nothing seems to work even after 8 years :'(?

    I feel weird writing this because normally I answer quite a few mental health questions and get bets answers. I have suffered for depression for over 8 years for various reasons but mainly due to sexual abuse, rape and bullying at every school I went to. Recently I have managed to stop self harm (haven't cut in about 6 weeks). I'm not sure if I feel better, I don't feel happy exactly yet I'm not crying my eyes out ( well actually I cry myself to sleep at night... sounds cliche i know) but in the day I can't cry, My symptoms include: I can't make decisions not overly interested in food have insomnia. I'm exhausted in the day yet can't fall to sleep as i can't clear my mind. I constantly also catch myself chewing the inside of my cheek and lips and now they are very sore and are bleeding. I also absent mindedly pick at my skin often making it bleed. I don't think about these actions or have an urge or intent to harm myself yet I do it constantly. When it comes to therapy i now refuse to go as I have been having therapy of Various types since age 14 and I'm now 18 and it's never helped and neither has medication. i also have bouts of hyperactivity and giddiness and can't sit still and have restless legs at night. What is going on???!!! I have borderline personality disorder too, apart from meds and therapy is there anything i can do to help myself (I already do relaxation and running, art etc etc but constantly have a racing mind) I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at age 15 but then when I was admitted to a psych unit in April they disregarded this diagnoses. Does anyone else get this way, have any ideas about other co morbid diagnoses I may have or just stuff to help me out??

  • What can I do to cure insomina?

    I've been suffering from insomina since last week!!! It's really hard for me to sleep... I lay in my bed for 3-4 hours long just trying to get some sleep. And by the time I know it, it's already time for school. What can i do??

  • Is 'Fútbol' the cure for insomnia?

    2 words: Medical, Breakthrough.