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  • is susten capsules 100 mg safe during pregnancy??

    There are few side effects of using Susten Capsules 100 mg  ... You should not use Susten Capsules 100 mg if you are allergic to it, or have a heart, blood vessel, or liver disorder. You should not use it If you have had a miscarriage, experience abnormal vaginal bleeding, are pregnant or have breast cancer.  It is to be given ONLY when there is documented deficiency of this hormone leading to infertility called Inadequate luteal phase infertility. It is only approved for use in infertile women undergoing assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF etc.  

  • Is an addiction a disease?

    According to an addiction rehab center website, an addiction a disease. I wanted to know that is it a dangerous disease and is there any symptoms of this disease? 

  • Buy Cenforce 50 mg

    The Truth About Buy Cenforce 50 mg In 3 Little Words and fill better with your partner. Before you start taking It, see your doctor to discuss your medical history. Let your doctor know if you have high blood pressure, kidney damage, liver damage, sickle cell anemia, cancer, bleeding disorders, myeloma, or if your penis has anatomical deformities.  

  • Buy Kamagra Gold 100mg

    Buy Kamagra Gold 100mg is in actual fact used for the cure of erectile dysfunction in guys. This medication could be very powerful and is a serving to hand for the impotent patients as it helps impotent men to get an erection when they're s**ually excited. 

  • Buy Cenforce 50 mg

    Buy Cenforce 50 mg consists of Sildenafil citrate as a dynamic ingredient of the medicament, which falls below the team of PDE 5 enzyme and works by inhibiting the PDE 5 a substance that minimizes cGMP which performs a decisive position in treating Erectile dysfunction. Cenforce obstructs the attenuation of PDE5 consequential in longer lasting Erections. 

  • Buy Cenforce 150 mg

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  • Should I become a nurse or search for a new passion?

    Well, I did my first year of college, and was going through a depression at the time . So I finished the first year and then I decided to get a job as a patient care technician at a long-term care . I'm holding off on more schools, because I'm not sure if nursing is mine or not - the thing is that I think what I want and what I 'm good are two different things. I feel so tired because my work is a bit stressful , but when I tell my patients , no, I'm not a nurse looking surprised and say they should be. I do not know if I'm smart enough for school, and I'm still stuck in this depression , so it is difficult for any career or important to look attractive . I'm so tired of life ... and I'm not even 20 . What should I do ? Strive in nursing school or fix my depression, and then decide ? Thank you. Do not try to be so pathetic ... but it is difficult to keep a smile at work when I feel like most of the time.

  • I want to be an RN, but have a bad medical record?

    I have like 5 to six commited suicides, each one ive gone to the ER, and well i have MDD major depressive disorder, anxiety, low self esteem, and self harm issues? do u think they would deny me into the program because of this?

  • Can I work in a mental health ward if I was once a patient in a mental ward?

    I am about to get my Nurse Assistant certification... When I was a teen I was admitted to a mental ward due to suicide attempts and addiction, but I recovered and have been healthy and happy for several years. I would like to work as a CNA in a mental health ward because I want to be there for other people, but would it show on some record that I was a patient once, even at a different hospital? Is that a deal-breaker? Thanks!

  • I'm interested in getting my RN degree and a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Is this a good pairing?

    I know for certain that I want to get my RN degree. I also love psychology and I'm thinking of getting a MA or MS in clinical psychology. What type of jobs would I be a candidate for and what would be (roughly) my salary? What other degree, whether MA or not and licensing would help bolster my salary and job prospects?

  • I need to find a healthcare job, no degree (yet)?

    I have at least 4,000 hours of work on mental health and mental health of adults and children . I have worked with people who are bipolar , has autism , ADHD , CP , disability , actually it is, I've probably worked with them . The thing is that the only jobs that are out there that are good jobs require a bachelor - have not yet because I'm still in college. I need ideas on where to look for a job that will provide at least 10.75/hr on wages and flexibility allow me , so I have to leave school just to work . I can not work every day either ( as child care , for example often require ) and I have to be able to work , possibly outside of office hours ( for office work may not be entirely possible). I have worked with the following behavior plans , social skills, autism treatment plans , using applied behavior analysis and independent living goals . I live in the metropolitan area of ​​MN if that helps with what companies are going to look . Thank you !

  • Does getting your medical marijuana card prevent job opportunities?

    I have insomnia and wanted to see if I could get medical marijuana prescribed for me as an alternative to pills . I heard that some jobs will not hire you if they see that you have the medical marijuana card , is this true ? I am currently in school to become a vet and do not want this conflict with my career. Why does this affect jobs ?

  • Can I become a Nurse if I have a mental illness?

    ? I can become a nurse even if I have depression ? Britain 'm certainly :)

  • Esa medical home visit?

    I've been housebound since due to anxiety and panic disorder in February I 'm doing a home visit atos care in the coming weeks ! I am currenty being treated by a CPN . Do I have a chance of passing this medical call ? Are you going to leave my 65 pounds i gain each week?

  • From psychology to Medical assistant ,is it a good step ?

    hello , my wife got an associate degree in psychology , and is now halfway to getting your degree in the same field , but can not find a job in their field , all jobs require at least 2 years experience . I feel bad for her , especially since she has to pay their tuition fees after they graduate school and get a bachelor's degree . I tried to find something that might help her get a job with a salary that can help you save money for your school , I found medical assistant program , short course of about five months , internship and examination of the state , and is expect to be hired as a medical assistant . people working as medical assistants and .. How do you like , you regret taking that program or what? I need your advice . worth the headache? also people of psychology ! What the hell are you gonna do , if you have any ideas or suggestions about psychology graduate jobs . and how do they do .. It would be useful too .. Thank you. please leave your email address after your reply in case we need to ask more questions. Thank you.

  • What can I do with this degree?

    Major and Minor in Psychology Registered Nursing .... In other words , a BA in Psychology and an associate registered nursing ..... Any idea ?

  • How can I get an entry level social working/human services job?

    I have not a title yet but have college credit in the subject and was my biggest , a few years experience in related work is the work I want to do and I'm willing to put in the years of study . I need a good job to help support myself and pay off old debts and I imagine that getting a future in my field is the smartest thing to do and will kill two birds with one stone by giving me more experience. I was thinking maybe as a psychology assistant or mailroom work ?

  • I have a BS in Psychology and would like to be a nurse. What degree program should I look for? BS-RN, ASC?

    When analyzing the online degree plans do not see a program that allows you to leave with a nursing degree . I see LVN or RN to BSN RN to , etc. I want to be an RN . Do I have to earn an associate degree first and then go on to get a degree in RN . I can not use many of the basic credits I have and enroll in an RN program . Where I can find one ? Thank you very much .

  • How does having a associates degree in psychology help you in getting a job as a psych tech?

    Does having an associate degree in psychology will help you get a job as a psychiatric technician , or have the same opportunities as someone with only a certificate

  • What is an alternative to a career as a licensed clinical psychologist?

    My psychology professor told me I could call myself a psychiatrist who is an old term for Psychologist . I still thought it might be breaking the law ... So I was wondering what is an alternative example , as a psychic reader , or an HR officer , waiter , bartender , ETC . What would you suggest as an entry level job for the helping profession ? I still want to be a psychologist , but I can not make the money to pay my way over University .