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  • Signs of a mental break down please?

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  • I've been through counseling, pills, etc, nothing's working. What should I do?

    I've been depressed for a few years. I'm sixteen now. I've been seeing my therapist for a little over a year, and my psychiatrist since the beginning of summer (of 2011). The psych diagnosed me as 'major depressive disorder with one major episode. The only anti-depressant i've been on has been zoloft, but i've been on mirtazapine (generic for remeron) and rozerem for my insomnia. Also, reclipsen for birth control. At some point that I can't distinctly remember I started lying to my therapist and psych and telling/convincing them that everything is getting better, but it really isn't. I still have suicidal thoughts sometimes, when they believe that they've stopped months ago. I can't bring myself to tell the truth after i've lied for so long. I just feel so hopeless. I live with my mom and she's the main reason I'm like this, so it's not like I can really confess that much to her. Please help if you can. Thanks.

  • Depression?

    What can I do to help with depression. I seem to go through stages and I'll be fine for a few weeks and then the next few weeks I'll feel like the world is going to end. I don't have enough money to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist nor would I want to take any pills. What can I do naturally?

  • What can i say in my voice mail?

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  • How many personalities does the Gemini have? Is this like MPD, an uncontrollable illness?

    Those with MPD have several personalities who take over against their will at random times.

  • Bipolar disorder - Will I ever be normal?

    5 years ago, after a very traumatic event I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I've been through major depression periods lasting months, resulting in a suicide attempt. This suicidal cycle seems to be over but now after all these years it's getting worse. I stopped taking pills because they made me feel very bad Hard to explain.. I have usually two to three cycles a year. For moths I have absolute mania feelings, I loose much weight and make a huge progress in my career. But when the depressive time comes, it's all gone. I'm suicidal and socially dead, can't even get out of the house. I've given up hope of leading a normal life. Please, can someone tell me if it gets even worse? If that's the case, I don't want to go through this for the whole life...

  • Should I take medication for my mental health condition?

    I was recently diagnosed with both major depressive disorder and anxiety. The psychotherapist prescribed 3 medications for me to take to treat these conditions. I've always been strongly hesitant about taking meds for mental illnesses, so much so that I stopped going to therapy 10 years ago as a teen when my therapist said she wanted to put me on meds. I've heard many stories over the years about the side effects that these meds can have on you and dependencies on the meds. The psychotherapist has given me until the end of this month to make a decision. I've researched the meds that I've been prescribed recently and there are sooo many side effects and I'm still worried about becoming dependent on the meds. So I need to know what are some pros or cons to taking these meds? Preferably from someone who is/has taken meds for depression or anxiety before Thanx in advance

  • Do you have bipolar disorder? Does this happen to you?

    I get so frustrated and so lost that I can't make sense of my life anymore. I can't really describe my mood to my therapist as anything more than "whatever" or "apathetic" I'm not depressed exactly, I'm not manic either. I'm also not in the middle. I'm at a point where I just don't care. I don't care enough about my life or my feelings to feel depressed but I'm not numb. I get angry easily and it stays that way for a while it takes time for me to get over what caused me to get angry in the first place. I do get hyper and excited about stupid things, and I do get upset. So I know I'm not numb. I'm just whatever. I don't care but at the same time I want to know whats going on or if this happens to other people with bipolar disorder.

  • Do I have Major depressive disorder?

    I am happy a lot, but just small things can set me off for like weeks at a time. I just fear there is something wrong with me. I sometimes hate myself, just wish I was different. Two weeks ago I was in a great mood but starting last week it has been awful. Everything just feels hopeless and I have no reason why I feel like this. I don't want to tell my Mom that I feel depressed because I don't think they would understand. If a bad event does happen, it gets even worse. I felt I was depressed(not too much) before my Dad got paralyzed when I was 12, but now it's worse. There was even a period where around the age I was 14, where I was even wondering if life was even worth it. I just get upset about things,small thing and funny enough the thing that makes me feel better sometimes is just thinking about everything and I'll find myself crying about it and feeling okay after wards. I should be happy all the time, but I just can't be. I was just wondering if I had MDD(major depressive disorder) because maybe it would help me figure out what is wrong with me.

  • Is there a point in getting help for depression if you can't afford therapy and/or medication anyway?

    What other options are there for Canadians?

  • Quick psychology quiz.....?

    ___ 1. Which of the following is not an example of an anxiety disorder? a. bipolar disorder b. panic disorder c. obsessive-compulsive disorder d. phobic disorder ____ 2. A phobic disorder is marked by a. persistent, uncontrollable thoughts and the urge to engage in senseless rituals b. a persistent and irrational fear of objects or situations that present no real danger c. chronic, high anxiety levels that are not tied to any specific threats d. recurrent attacks of overwhelming anxiety that occur suddenly and unexpectedly ____ 3. Mood disorders tend to be a. chronic, with few periods when the individual is unaffected b. escalating, with each successive episode having more severe symptoms than the previous episode c. episodic, interspersed among periods of normality d. diminishing, with each successive episode having less severe symptoms than the previous episode ____ 4. An individual who shows extreme mood shifts in two directions is likely to be classified as having a. schizophrenia b. obsessive-compulsive disorder c. bipolar disorder d. hyperdelusional disorder ____ 5. Which of the following statements is not accurate in relation to depressive disorders? a. They are quite common and affect approximately 7% of the population. b. Individuals with depressive disorders often show insomnia and loss of appetite. c. Individuals with depressive disorders often show slowed thinking and speech. d. They are age related, with onset typically occurring during adolescence. ____ 6. In comparing different types of psychological disorders, schizophrenia occurs a. less frequently than anxiety disorders, but more frequently than mood disorders b. less frequently than either anxiety or mood disorders c. more frequently than either anxiety or mood disorders d. more frequently than anxiety disorders, but less frequently than mood disorders ____ 7. In schizophrenia, delusions involve a. perceptual distortions such as hearing nonexistent voices b. jumbled, vague, fragmented speech patterns c. false beliefs that are maintained even though they are out of touch with reality d. a deterioration in routine functioning and personal care ____ 8. Chester sometimes sits for hours in extremely rigid positions staring blindly at the wall. During these episodes, he appears completely unresponsive to external stimuli. Chester's symptoms are most consistent with those seen in a. catatonic schizophrenia b. paranoid schizophrenia c. undifferentiated schizophrenia d. disorganized schizophrenia ____ 9. One of the potential neurochemical factors that has been implicated as a possible cause of schizophrenia is a. reduced dopamine activity in the brain b. excess dopamine activity in the brain c. excess serotonin levels in the brain d. reduced norepinephrine levels in the brain ____ 10. MRI scans of schizophrenic and nonschizophrenic individuals have shown that schizophrenic patients may have a. shrunken brain ventricles b. an enlarged hypothalamus c. reduced activity across the corpus callosum d. enlarged brain ventricles

  • Diagnosing a mental disorder (hypothetical)?

    This is a person who is normally calm, thoughtful but a bit emotionally out of touch. He is charming and gets his way with anyone. However, this man occasionally goes into manic fits where he is sigmund frued's poster child. He is violent and craves sex and self sabotage. I'm not sure how to diagnose him. His manic fits seem biopolarish yet he has no depressive states nor are his fits cyclical. His fits arise from extreme stress (being highly embarassed, hazed, etc). It also bears mention that he has little emotion and a vertually non existant ability to love. I'm not sure to put him as a sociopath either because he is normally calm, controlled, and reasonable while exclusivly during the fits he is highly delusional. His choices are not fully conscious. any help? what would you say this guy has?

  • I'm really sad and don't know what to do anymore?

    My life just seems like a fail. I have minor bipolar disorder and severe depression. It is kinda like Bipolar Depression. I hate my few friends at one moment and want to have a sleepover the next. I'm not as smart as I used to be. My grades are falling from straight As to Cs. I feel stupid. I don't feel like eating or doing anything really anymore. My parents are worried, but I just don't care anymore. Nothing matters. Everything is a waste of time and money to me. I don't want to go anywhere. I hate myself completely and have started cutting myself again. I can't tell anyone about that and I want to stop, but I can't. It's hard to explain but a few minutes after I cut there's a burning feeling that makes me feel better. I think I deserve it, anyway. The only thing that makes me happy is music. That's all. Sometimes I think about giving up my friends and education and staying in my house and doing anything I want. More than once I have thought of dying but I would never actually go that far. I get pissed of a lot also because of some assholes i know. I sound stupid saying this stuff, but I don't think I'll ever get anywhere in life. I don't think I'll ever get married or have kids even though I really want to. It's my biggest dream but it'll never happen. I don't know why, though. No one seems to like me. I'm not ugly at all. Many people have said I'm pretty, but idk. My personality isn't that bad, once you get past the shyness and depressive behavior. Sometimes I'm really crazy and loud but it depends. A lot of what I said probably makes no sense at all. But anyway, what should I do? I need something to do.

  • Ocd,bi-polar,post tramatic,manic depressive.?

    I have all these disorders. The problems is I need strong medicine and a psychiatrist. My family Doctor has me taken two xanax every day just two stay somewhat calm. I cannot afford a private psychiatrist and the state run facilities with psychiatrist will not allow me to take anything addictive,But what they give me is not strong enough and I about go crazy. Does anybody know of a program where I can see a Doctor that I need and still take the medicine that I need?

  • Can you give me some idioms related to mental health?

  • Why does my life have to be so depressive &stressful so much ?

    I have bi polar disorder and i am often always manic depressive, i am always grouchy and mad all the time. I'm only 19 years old and i feel like my life is unwanted and underserving to live. Some of things i want seems i like i can never get any of the stuffs, like my friends has new digital cameras that can record in HD format and the video quality is very good, i can't even afford it even if it's on sale for $100 up because i don't have a job. I've tried applying at places but no one seems to want to hire me. I want to learn how to drive, so i took my driver's permit test, i failed the permit test 2 times since july of this year. Even the most beautiful thing in life is being in a relationship with a girl, having a girlfriend looks like i will never find anybody. No girls are intrested in me even though i am very kind when i'm talking to them. Why does these things that i would like to have i can't even afford or have anything ?? Why can't i have a girlfriend ??? I feel so depressed that i want to give up on my life. Can anyone please help me out ???

  • This isn't really happening to anyone i know but what does it sound like?

    Unresponsive at times, rocks back and forth, sits and stares, mumbles weird things, looks scared? all the time, sings/hums to herself sometimes. what could be wrong with her? what does it sound like? This is hypothetical BTW. also, they hold certain positions at times for quite some time. dont move around much. isn't eating or doing anything really...

  • Is it normal to feel depressed on a regular basis?

    Practically everyday there's always something that gets me down. I could be happy one minute but then I remember something that's been bothering me, and then I'll be like "Wow today SUCKS so much" for the rest of the day. If somebody asks what's bothering me, I can't really explain and I'll just say "It's just one of those days". Is this normal?

  • Can mental illness cause laziness?

    I have schizoaffective disorder. Lately I have been feeling a lot of lethargy, I feel like staying in one place, feel slowed down, unmotivated, don't care about showering, whats the point type feeling. I don't feel a sense of depression though. I feel incredibly lazy. Everyone professionally and family think I am in a psychotic phase too. Can my disorder make me lazy?