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  • Is it possible for an adult to just suddenly have schizophrenia?

    Let's say the secretary at your office is 25 years old, completely normal in every respect -- she comes to work on time, she cracks jokes, she's well-groomed and keeps up with the fashion trends, etc. Then boom! One day she wakes up with schizophrenia. She comes to work with her hair looking like a bird's nest. She keeps mumbling, and nobody understands what she's saying. She seems to want something, but nobody knows what.

  • Clinical depression: anyone diagnosed for it or have a loved one diagnosed for it?

    1) Will someone with clinically diagnose depression ever be cured? 2) Is there anything you as a person can do to help lessen their burden? 3) Alternative medicine? Though I'm not sure it would work since it's clinical... 4) What triggers it? 5) Will smoking and alcohol (but not to drunken point) have adverse effect on it? I need to find out as much as I can about how I could help. My patience is running thin with it but I'm trying to hang on because everyone else seems to run away from that person too. I don't want to lose this battle just because I don't understand depression.

  • How has Celexa (citalopram) worked for you?

    I have been taking it for three days now and I'm just curious to hear how others have experienced this anti-depressant. How has it helped your depression? Has it helped or diminished your cognition in any way? Responses to these kind of questions are pretty much what I'm looking for, but any further details or feedback in regards this medication would also be much appreciated. Thanks

  • Somebody give me an example what is like to be a bipolar with a racing mind?

    What is the thought pattern like? What is the persons actions? What is it like functioning with the racing mind? How does it affect you? Is it controllable? I just wanna know what its like. What type of things your mind races about and how fast it races.

  • Adult ADHD?I am depressed,concentration is lacking,memory is poor,fits of anxiety,etc.?

    I've done some research and after reading the symtoms I believe that I have all of them.I'm now at a crisis point having lost my current job with looming responsibilities as a single parent.Running away or ending it all sometimes seem like the only alternative.Could someone please help.

  • Do you think it is odd for a ten-year-old child to be extremely fixated on death?

    With behaviors such as: Claiming she's afraid of being murdered at night by family members Staying up at night sitting by her bed praying and claiming her throat's closing up and dying Placing objects over her face, saying she wants to die, to choke Crying for no reason when hearing certain songs having absolutely no morbid themes Going from extremely hyper to selective-mute within extremely short periods of time Scratching her face, arms until they have red marks Saying that she wants to die unknown Saying that she's not afraid of death Saying that people can read her mind Obsessive over small things Not good in social situations, occasionally bullied at school Emotional abuse at home as well as occasional physical abuse (nothing life threatening nor anything physically severe) with police/social services having been involved, parents constantly fighting Siblings with eating disorders and severe depression, suicidal thoughts. Fights every day What are these symptoms of?

  • Am I bi-polar please help?

    Hii :) Well, basically, I think I'm bipolar. I strongly believe I'm not bipolar, that I'm only overreacting again. A while ago I thought that I had tetanus (or could get it) since I cut my toe on a rusty nail. I started getting few of the symptoms but it happened to be only because I was imagining it. I had serious anxiety causing me to believe I was ill but it was absolutely impossible for many strong reasons. Now, I believe that I'm going through this problem again with depression thinking I'm bipolar. The thing is, I have none of the symptoms but possibly one. Daily for the pass week or LESS, I've been having mood swings from being happy like usual, absolutely normal. To being depressed and feeling lonely. I'm usually happy when I'm around my family/friends then depressed and lonely when I'm not. It could just be loneliness. Main problem being that bipolar people and other people have explained that bipolar mood swings take periods of months to years not just daily emotion changes like I have every hour or two. Also being bipolar is genetic and no one in my family has or had bipolar disorder. There few other strong reasons that could prove to myself that it's impossible I'm bipolar and I'm only having an anxiety attack again. What do you believe?

  • What causes depression?

    i find myself slipping into depression again, i've had it so many times i can tell just by the fuzzy feeling inside my head whenever i try to think about anything... kinda. But normally i've been able to associate the depression i've had with something, but this time i can't find anything which could be the root of it, and now i wonder, what actually causes depression, and why do i seem to get it so much.

  • What other meds am I able to try for anxiety?

    OK so I have tried every single SSRI like paxil and meds like that, Ive also had clonipin,neurontin and vistirl. I was just told to try clonidin for severe anxiety. The ssri's were making me very tense and very angry the others just made me drowsy and stopped working for the iirritability What other meds are there to try. Oh and Yes I am in Therapy. Thanks

  • Can anyone tell me what specific disorder(s) I have?

    I have several symptoms. I have some of them the majority of the time while others are just occasional. Major Symptoms: Mood Swings Irritability Uncontrollable worry Trouble falling asleep(because of uncontrollable thoughts) Inability to concentrate Fatigue Muscle Aches Uncontrollable need to please everyone(Not just a self esteem issue, is everyone is not happy I beat myself up emotionally and occasionally physically i.e. hitting fists and/or head against wall) A need to rehearse conversations in my head before having them. Less Frequent Symptoms: Paranoia Thoughts of Suicide In high school I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed Paxil but after the 4 weeks it caused a severe increase in panic attacks. They added Buspar to my daily medicines. That worked for a while. Then I had a nasty side effect in the form of heart palpitations so rapid that I would collapse. After a few episodes with that I decided it was best not to trust doctors. Now I'm not so sure. Help please...

  • I need a new approach to compulsive behavior - what can I do?

    My stories and symptoms are long, but I'll try to abridge. I'm 17. Three years ago my father died, and I became depressed. Before that, I had had several severe panic attacks. Since then, I have cycled through six or more medications for depression and anxiety, including Lexapro, Prozac, Seroquel, Cymbalta, Trazodone, and Xanax. I have never tried to kill myself, and was never a cutter. I tried it once, and couldn't understand how it made anyone feel better. Though none of my psychiatrists have diagnosed me with any sort of compulsive disorder, I do have several, sometimes severe, compulsive habits. Mostly it's picking. I pick at pimples or things that I think might be pimples, like ingrown hairs or freckles. I even do this on my breasts, on the areola, and even though it shames me I can't stop. I also bite the inside of my mouth, so that there are usually open sores in there.

  • What are some things i can do to relieve some of this stress i have?

    I have horrible headaches, my stomach is constantly hurting, and im always depressed and crying. i think my relationship with others is suffering as well. im just never happy anymore. i dread doing things i use to like doing. i've lost interest in everything as well.

  • What causes depression and what are symptons?

    how do you tell if someone has depression and what causes it

  • Depression or Bipolar?

    So I think I may be suffering from either depression or bipolar disorder - or both. i'm only 15 but i really want to go and see a doctor about this, could anyboy tell me whether my doctor would inform my parents about it?? say if i needed medicine or anything, would the doctor inform my parents? has anyone been in this situation before who could help me??

  • What to do if you think you bi polar?

    I think I may be bipolar and am not really sure what to do. I don't really think I can progress any further in my life until I find out for sure and learn to control it or whatever it is if it's not bipolar. I wanted to hear from other people to see what they did? Did they go to a doctor (particular if you're in Ireland) and what was that like? How did you tell people about it? Did it affect your work life/social life etc? Thanks!

  • Is bipolar a severe mental disorder?


  • Is manic the condition where the girl talks too much?

    is manic the condition where the girl talks WAY too much? What if she is just good looking and why does that combination seem to always happen?! What's the difference between that and borderline or bi-polarity? Which one goes through a hyper sexual phase and then a not wanting to be touched phase?

  • Name this syndrome / birth defect, if you can. Please provide references. Who dares to take up the challenge?

    During fetal development, the mother is overstimulated with neurotransmitters like serotonin as a byproduct of pain relief medication. The infantile brain in the womb grows to naturally expect similar dosage of such neurotransmitters after birth, and also becomes numb and/or immune to subtle doses of such neurotransmitters that the average human finds satisfying. Over several years growing up, the child develops major depression with uncontrollable periods of paralysis and catatonia; chronic complex anxiety with paranoid delusional tendencies; and hypertensive post traumatic stress disorder from chronic hypersensitivity, caused by severe concussion at a young age to the orbital cortex, and a genetic predisposition to high risk allele of the monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) gene. Psychiatric care of the patient trialed several anti-depressants, anti-epileptics, anti-anxiety and strong pain relief medication, including drugs from classes SSRI, SNRI, GABA, and opioids, all of which made the patient's conditions more prevelant, had no effect, or had no positive effects and several negative side effects, including an intense yet not life threatening display of serotonin syndrome. The patient complains about constant tension headaches, combined with flash migraines, with pain levels while awake never falling below 4/10, and regularly peaking at 9/10. periods of sleep can range from 4 to 36 hours, averaging about 10, and requires strong sleep aids every night to nod off. Suggestions anyone?

  • Does negativity have anything to do with borderline personality disorder?