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  • I feel like i cant escape please help me?

    the hard thing for me is that i dont even have the motivation to type this question....i feel like a worthless person...and i dont know what to do... so much has happened lately that finally in this moment i feel like i cant handle it anymore...i am just sitting here crying and not knowing what to do.... -this year one of my best friends boyfrind who i knew killed himself -my grades have continued to falter even though i stress about them everyday and i just put it all off -my mother looks at me like im a failure and i know she loves me but she still is ashamed of me -i have severe tmj disorder and i have to get braces back on for over 2 years and there is no garuntee it will work, it is so much pain i cant bear it and i may live with it for the rest of my life - my dad is always gone on business and comes home and thinks he knows everything -i feel very selfconcious -an old friend of mine blames me for cuttting himself everyday i think about these things and just put a song on to motivate me but as of now i cant be motivated anymore all i want to do is be huggged and told everything will be alright but i knowit wont be every year with my grades i going to do this....but i have a 2.9 which is humiliating based on that im in honors classes and am very smart... every time i see my mom she tells me....your going to county....and yells we have no more money and braces will cost 6000 i dont know what to do

  • What 's wrong with me ? ?

    I'am a 38 yr old female with a no clear diagnosis it all started in 1998 with abnormal ecg(inverted T, occasional ST elevations),at the inferior lateral , elevated d-dimer ,eleveted reuma factor in 2001 to 2003 i had cronic bronchitis my immunoglobulines in subclass IGG1 and IGG3 were on the low side . but in 2004 i started getting shortness of breath first it only happened to me AFTER exercise . that same year my D-Dimer started to elevate, but I got no treatments . In 2003 and 2006 I did left side heart angiogram but no atherosclerosis found . in 2006 two heart echo showed elevated pulmonary artery pressure (may and august) , (42 and 50 mmhg ),But in nov 2006 i did rightside catherization , but my pulmonary artery pressure was not elevated ( pap was at 26 mmhg ). in 2006 my episodes of breathlessness , dyspnea , pressure in my heart , and weakness has become severe . i can not exercise any more , do any household work ,or get too emotional because afterward i will become out of breath . first (in 2007) My doctor gave me betablocker(concor) , but after almost 3 weeks my dyspnea got worst ,i will get very deep sleep and i will wake up and immediately i will get dyspnea (i do not snore !). always , my lung test shows a great lungs capacity (i can inhale more air than usually ), overinflated, high residual volumes (air trapping) , but no ephysema as yet . in September 2007 idid a stress test with blood gas measurement(finger test, blood vein ) before , during and after exercise showed a low ph (7.2), and low hco3 13.7 during and after exercise and my co2 (60) and saturation(92%) was low before starting the test and went up during and after exercise ( 96% after exercise ). they told me i had a mild metabolic acidosis , and should do more exercise , but when i do it, my dyspnea will become worst and with any physical activity my heart rate will go up to over 130 bpm (sometimes up to 156 bpm ), . I also notice that if I wear TIGHT CLOTHES (LIKE TIGHT JEANS PANTS ) ,OR IF I BEND DOWN , CARRY OR LIFT ANYTHING HEAVY FOR A WHILE , I WILL END UP WITH DYSPNEA THAT WILL LAST LIKE FOR EVER , WITH PRESSURE IN MY CHEST UP TO MY PALATE., I WILL ALSO FEEL REALLY WEAK . I FEEL like MY HEART HAS GONE THROUGH A SHOCK . LAST YEAR IN APRIL 2008 , I DID A CT ANGIO SCAN OF THE THORAX AND MY DOCTOR SAW RESTS OF TROMBOSIS IN MY LUNG ARTERIES . I WAS PUT ON WARFARINE MEDICATION ,BECAUSE THE DOCOTOR BELIEVE THAT I SUFFER FROM CRONIC PULMONARY EMBOLISM HE TOLD ME THAT MY DYSPNEA WILL DISAPPEAR FOR SURE AFTER A FEW MONTHS WITH THE MEDICATION AND THAT I MUST TAKE THIS MEDICATION FOR LIFE . BUT WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS FINALLY DIAGNOSTED AND GOT A CURE FOR THIS DYSPNEA , AND PRESSURE IN MY HEART , I STILL FACE THE FACT THAT MY DYSPNEA , PRESSURE IN MY HEART , AND ALL MY SYMPTOMS MENTIONED ABOVE ,IT WAS I BIG DISAAPIONTED TO NOTICE THAT UP TILL NOW MY HORRIBLE SYMPTOMS NEVER DISSAPPPEARED . NOW EVERY AFTERNOON AFTER 5 O”CLOCK , I WLL GET THIS HORRIBLE PRESSURE , THAT FEELS LIKE MY HEART CAN NOT HANDLE THE BLOOD AMOUNT IT GETS . MY DOCTOR GAVE ME OTHER MEDICATIONS FOR HEART DISEASE LIKE VASTAREL (FOR ANGINA PECTORIS) AND SINGULAR , BUT TO MY DESPITE THESE MEDICATIONS MAKES THE PREESURE I FEEL IN MY HEART WORST WORST , I Can not take them . I ‘am only taking coumadine(warfarine). i really don't know where to look any more for answers ,and though where i live(a small island in the Caribbean ) medical help is very poor .(TO DO MOST OF MY TESTS I HAVE TO TRAVEL ABROAD . last year IN JANUARY , I DID A CARDIOPULMONAR TEST , and the doc saw the ekg chances .i had a ST-T DEPRESSION IN V5 and paroxysmal auricular arrithmias . lately my doctor here tells me that it can be a type for vasculitis of my blood vessel ( i tested only one time positive for anti cardiolipine and anti ANA),but he don't give any sugestions o what to do next or medications i really need to know WHAT COULD THIS BE ! it it my heart , lungs , MY aorta , ANY BLOOD CIRCULATION PROBLEM ,OR AN AUTO –IMMUNE DISEASE?. PLEASE HELP ME , I NEED SOME MEDICAL ADVICE DESPERATELY ! MAYBE THERE IS SOMEONE OUYT THERE THAT GONE THROUGH THE SAME THINGS OR TEST AND KNOW WHAT THIS COULD BE ! I WILL ALSO LIKE TO GET A REFFERAL OF A GOOD DOCTOR OR SPECIALIST IN THESE TYPES OF COMPLICATIONS THAT KNOW EXACTLY HOW TO GIVE ME A DIAGNOSIS . so please help me out here ! I thank you all God bless you !

  • How do you know if you're depressed or have manic depression?

    Do you talk alot ? do you act normal ? just at night does it kick in is it 24/7 ? do you eat normal ? mood swing problems l i just don't get it can someone tell me ?

  • What could chest pain mean in healthy teen?

    Sharp pains ( I can point where I have these pains) occasionally either at right side, center, left side and sometimes back, discomfort in chest area and heavy feeling (but not severe) during day... I've been scared that it is a sign of heart attack.. I've been experiencing these symptoms for the last 3-4 days. I want to believe it is anxiety, but can anxiety cause constant chest discomfort and sharp pains for such long period of time? I am a healthy weight, non smoker 17 year old girl with no history in heart problems in family, and I do suffer from depression&anxiety.

  • It is normal cramp during the period?

    here people says: don't eat cold things during the period? If u eat then that's why you have cramp, I don't know it is true or not?

  • What are the symptoms of tick fever in dogs?

  • What is Cymbalta perscribed for?

    what is Cymbalta perscribed for?

  • How Do I Explain My Severe Depression and Symptoms Of Multiple Sclerosis To My Significant Other. ?

    I suffer from Depression and Multiple Sclerosis. I have been in a relationship with my significant other for almost three years. Within the past 19 months I can't get up the nerve to see him. He thinks i'm avoiding him but I truly love him. Something just keeps me secure here in Maryland. What can I do to get him to understand that I do love him with all my heart? I'm in Therapy now, but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm more depressed now than I was almost two years ago. I don't go out much, I cry a lot ( which my significant other calls "Pity Parties"). He thinks it's him and it's not. It's me and fearing the worst will happen. I'm destroying our relationship with this extreme depression. Can anyone help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Is there such thing as a short term depression relief medication?

    I have been dealing with a depression for the past year now and it has been going really well now. I stooped taking my daily medication as recommended by my doctor. Now the symptoms are not a constant barrage as they where before. Now they tend to come out of nowhere and really strong some times, the way they behave can be compared with headaches. So I thought "hey if there is Advil for the headache of now and then, then there must be something for a depression that works in the same way." so I'm asking is there really such thing?

  • Weird Illness?

    My boyfriend has been suffering from an illness the last 2-3 days, and I have found nothing on the internet that sounds like it. His symptoms are - -sore throat (had that for 1 week) -headache -fever -stuffy nose -"stiff" and aching muscles all over his body -"cold bones" -no apetite -hurts to walk -VERY bad hacking cough To me it sounds like the flu except the aches pains and cough. He has been renovating a house with alot of old insulation, and some animal fecees.

  • What is depression and are these people faking it?

    Do apologize for any offence to people genuinely suffering from it. I do not understand depression medically. All I have known is that when you are in a downward spiral and there's no coming back, people seek medical help. I have got a colleague, from my place I see her and her life complete, secure and fulfilling. At 28 she's got a house, car, a partner to come home to and grow old with, great relationship with her parents and family members. I do not see any bumps or dents in her life, have known her last 3 years. She says she's depressed and on medication, she takes loads. She is very happy and lighthearted to talk to. Everyone at work like her, she's great at her job, very intelligent and sharp on her knowledge about books, music, politics, etc. So, its out of my mind and imagination to figure out why she's depressed or just doing it for some sympathy? Like her I have come across many people who have fulfilling and happy lives, with solid support system, but they claim they are depressed and are on medication or therapy. I should be depressed and bed-ridden, after what I have been through and still going, but I am not.

  • How severe is my depression?

    I i was diagnosed as having postnatal depression when my son was born, but i had an interfering doctor who wanted to see me every 2 weeks and as i am not much of a talker i found this intrusive and uncomfortable no matter how many times i told her. Anyhow, 12 months on my symptoms have become worse where i have constant aches and pains, head aches, tummy ache and feel stressed constantly....i feel so low i cant bear to be awake most days and sleep the 4hrs my son sleeps during the day as i feel so tired and drained ( hes a good sleeper at night) im always snapping at my husband and wish i was somewhere else every day. I adore my son and smother him with love and affection so i do love him dearly, i just hate my life and i am so jealous of my husband having a job and life, but i dont have anyone who can care for our son so i can do anything, my parents work full time and my in law is now a widow. I dont have any local friends, so i am isolated too, i cant join baby groups as an ex friend goes who has bad mouthed me to everyone local so all i get is nasty looks! I feel so glum and just want to pack my things and leave because i am so fed up of my life being dull, im 27 and cant bear to leave my son, but also cant stand to be a lonely wife at home doing nothing with my life!

  • Help with depression?

    answer what you can I have had depression for a long time now, it was quite severe when i was 11/12 but it's getting back there again, unfortunatly it's destroying me. My grades are really suffering from it though, i'm getting god aweful grades because of this due to a number of things caused by depression, how can i ask my teachers for support? i doubt they would believe me since my friend pulled this last year and got off half the work because of it (and did everything she could to rub it in my face) i don't want that though i just want support and them to understand why i will sometimes start crying or stop focusing, i'm rea;;y scared about my grades..... Can depression cause physical pain? for the past year and a half i have been getting horrid heart pains, i went to the doctor but he said it was just muscle spasms but earlier today it was bloody aweful, it felt like my heart was giving out. could the whole depression thing have weakened my heart? For anyone who has had depression, did it ruin your life too, i just don't want to feel alone in this, my friend who suffered from it got alot of pity trewatment so her life wasn't affected really in terms of grades and such but i just want to know......

  • Anxiety sufferers! scary i alone?

    Been diagnosed with mild anxiety. My anxiety stems from worrying that im a bad person and i might want to do horrible things even though i dont(want to do them) and never psychiatrist told me its just a symptom but i feel like im alone in this. Has this happenend to any other anxiety sufferers?

  • What are symptoms for lyme's disease in dogs?

  • After depression, I feel like I'm left with no personality?

    When I was 15 I was diagnosed with severe depression. I went through numerous traumatic experiences. I lost all my friends during this time as I know I was very difficult to be around. I'm now 21 and I've come off my anti-depressants and I'm actually feeling ok, except in social situations. I feel like I'm not me anymore, I don't know who I am, I don't know how to respond anymore. I feel like I have no idea what I should be doing in social situations, I don't know how to read people's emotions or the tones in their voice. I was never like this before I got depression, I was popular and had heaps of friends. Will this slowly come back? Or am I screwed?

  • Are there any lawsuits against the drug minocycline causing drug-induced lupus?

    I began taking Minocin or generic name Minocycline approximately five years ago for rosacea. In August 2009, I developed a rash on the inside of my forearms that spread to my legs and finally 90 percent of my body. I then started having severe pain in my joints and muscles, depression, fatigue, brain fog, blurred vision, hair loss, and my toenails are even coming off! Since this began I have seen four different emergency room doctors, four family doctors, two dermatologists an allergist, and a rheumatologist. Finally, after years of suffering, I have been diagnosed with drug induced lupus caused by Minocycline. Also, my liver enzymes and histone levels have went from moderate to severely elevated. I have been referred to Kelsey Seybold Clinic in Houston, Texas for further evaluation. My health has deteriorated extremely and I don't know how much longer I can work. I am single and have no other income. My question is why did it take so long before I was diagnosed, and why is this "bad drug" still being prescribed? How many more people have to suffer like me (as well as many others have), before it is taken off the market? I fear the damage to my liver and skin may be permanent. I have been off this drug for five months but I am still suffering. If you are suffering with these symptoms and take Minocycline, be sure your doctor orders blood work that checks for "drug induced" lupus. My first lupus panel was normal, and the only reason they found it was because addition tests were ordered due to abnormal liver tests. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you, Candy in Louisiana

  • I need help do i have SPD I've been diagnosed with Manic depression and schizophrenia?

    Sometimes i hear these voices in my head one tells me to kill myself the other tells me to kill other people. I'm depressed all the time and randomly i feel different like I'm not myself like I'm some one else i think differently and i act different i shake all the time i don't know what to do. Whats wrong with me

  • What are signs of severe depression in teenagers?

  • Did the antidepressant I'm taking trigger hypomania (bipolar) in me? Please help me!!?

    I'm 15 years old. I started off being mildly depressed, then began taking an antidepressant. Symptoms that developed in me over 1 week: - Insomnia (Difficulty falling asleep some nights/pulled all nighters because I just wasn't tired) - Very high energy levels (After no sleep one night, I went for a 1hr walk at 6:30am/Pretty much literally bouncing off the walls) - More creative than usual (Drawing/Writing more..even at like 3am in the morning sometimes..?) - More socially outgoing (Started up conversations with people I never would normally/Made my opinion heard more often) - Derealization (For short periods of time, not long) - Euphoric feeling ('I am amazing, I can do anything! I feel AMAZING!!') - Racing thoughts (Sometimes when talking to people I'd confuse myself because my thoughts got all mixed up and they'd become even more confused) - Higher self esteem than normal (My self esteem is usually non existent) - Occasionally I'd become insanely irritable (Every little noise would make me want to lash out/Hurt a friend's feelings because I told her I hated her and to not speak to me) - Wanting to do lots of things (I'd make plans in my head of things I needed to do - I now realise that shopping, writing a novel, cleaning my room and meeting up with friends to party is not all possible in one day.) - Impulsive/Sexual behaviours (Stripping on webcam for guys I don't know (I know, I'm embarrassed about it..)/Ordering things online I don't need/No thought went into the decisions I made) After this, I became suicidally depressed for a week. So did the antidepressant trigger hypomania in me, and if so does this make me bipolar? NOTE: I'm seeing a psychiatrist next week because my mum is very worried about me/I already see a psychologist but I haven't seen her since before I started the antidepressant. Also, my dad is depressed and has anger issues, so mental illness does run in the family, if that matters.